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About Travis Baldree

An author of primarily fantasy novels, Travis Baldree is an American fantasy novelist with a huge sense of scope and imagination. Really pushing at the boundaries of what can be achieved with the genre, he sets himself apart from other writers within his field, taking his work to bold new heights. Drawing the reader in he immerses them there, holding their attention for the entire duration of the novel and not letting go. Giving readers what they’ve come to expect, he also provides plenty of twists and turns, ensuring his audience are constantly kept guessing as to what’s coming next.

Previously an audiobook narrator as well as a designer of popular video-games such as ‘Torchlight,’ ‘Fate,’ and ‘Rebel Galaxy,’ he’s no stranger to the fantasy genre. Laying out rich and vivid landscapes for his readers to explore, he allows them to find their way through these worlds at their own pace. All this while telling unique and idiosyncratic stories that really stand-out, saying just what it is that he wants to say in the process. Getting to the heart of what he wants to say almost immediately, he delivers his stories in a highly accessible and easy to follow format.

Another key aspect of Baldree’s work is that of his characters, as he really manages to bring them to life upon the page. While many of protagonists may be orcs and other such fantasy beings, he grounds them with a sense of reality making them easy to relate to for the reader. This sense of relatability extends across much of his work, as he infuses it with a feeling of authenticity and realism, despite the fantasy settings. With so much more still to come as well, he’s definitely a writer to watch in the years to come, as there’s a lot more planned upon the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a keen fascination for storytelling, Travis Baldree would become heavily interested in the fantasy genre from an early age. Seeing what it could really do and offer him, he would seek to find his own unique style and voice within the genre as a whole. Working as a voice narrator, he would be inspired by the work of the late actor Frank Muller, going on to narrate countless audiobooks himself.

In time Baldree would turn to video-game development, working for and creating some well known titles, gaining decades of experience in the industry. As the co-owner and CEO of Double Damage Games, he remains a respected figure, and he’s now turned to writing fantasy stories himself. Currently living in Washington State with his wife and two children, he continues to write on a regular and consistent basis.

Writing Career

Starting out in game development, Travis Baldree would gain a unique insight into world-building on a vast level. This experience would help him when it came to creating stories and novels, as he would establish entire worlds of his own. One of the first novels that he’d write was titled ‘Legends and Lattes’ and this would be a fantasy novel coming out in 2022.

He’d go on to follow this up one year later with ‘Bookshops and Bonedust,’ which would be another fantasy novel, this time released in 2023. Both would seek to make a name for him, as he would fast become a permanent fixture on the bookshelves of many around the world. Lending his voice to many audiobooks and stories, he’s a New York Times bestselling author, as he maintains a profile both online and off.

Legends and Lattes

Nominated for the ‘Best Fantasy’ award from Goodreads in 2022, this would be a stand-alone fantasy title with a self-contained narrative. Published through the ‘Tor’ publishing platform, it would reach a worldwide-audience becoming a New York Times bestseller fast. Combining fantasy and romance, it would come out in 2022 on the 7th of June, and would be aimed at a primarily adult audience.

Hanging up her sword finally, Viv is looking to settle down after her lifetime as a battle-weary Orc, tired of all the bloodshed and bounties. Opening a coffee shop in the city of Thune, she must put her old ways behind her, which may be harder that she’d initially anticipated. Standing in the way of her path to success are some old rivals rearing their heads, as she finds partners in travellers on the road, who may eventually become something else. Will she be able to finally find the peace of mind she’s looking for, can she settle down once and for all, and what will become of all the legends and lattes?

The book itself is fun and engaging, taking the well-worn tropes of the fantasy genre and ultimately turning them on their head. With engaging characters, the reader can really root for Viv and her relationship, while also hoping everything works out for the best. The setting is cozy and inviting, making for a story that’s extremely easy to get lost in, not wanting to put it down at any point.

Bookshops and Bonedust

This book provides a prequel to the previous novel ‘Legends and Lattes,’ providing a background story on the character of Viv. It would first be published in 2023 on the 7th of November, published through the ‘Tor Books’ publishing imprint once again. Providing a further story for the character, it’s another story set in the same world, but it has a self-contained narrative, meaning it can potentially be read as a stand-alone fantasy novel.

Wounded while hunting for a powerful necromancer, Viv is sent to take time out from the mercenary group Rackam’s Ravens. Now recuperating in the sleepy little seaside town of Murk, the young battle Orc Viv is spending her time stuck in the bookshop of a foul-mouthed proprietor. While this turn of events may not have been what Viv initially wanted, it may be just what she needs, as she seeks to make a change. How will her journey change from all of this, can she turn things around, and what will happen among all the bookshops and bonedust?

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  1. Priscilla: 4 months ago

    Enjoyed both books. The characters are well developed and I found the books very engaging. Please write more!

  2. Karolyn: 6 months ago

    I’ve just started reading these books & really enjoy them. I truly hope he writes more about Viv & all the wonderful characters. I’ve recommended both books to everybody I know because I want them to discover this very talented writer. Keep writing them Mr. Baldree, and I promise I will buy, read & recommend faithfully.


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