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Publication Order of Travis Books

Sugar Daddy (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blue-Eyed Devil (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Smooth Talking Stranger (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brown-Eyed Girl (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lisa Kleypas born 1964 in Texas, USA is an American author majoring in Romantic and historic genres of written literature.

Lisa is a New York best selling American writer with on of her greatest work being a contemporary romance series ; Travis (Series by Lisa Kleypas) published between 2007 and 2009.Lisa studied political science at Wellesley collage publishing her first book at age 21yrs. Her work has got her a nomination of Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Romance.

Travis (Series by Lisa Kleypas) consist of :

i)Sugar daddy which was published in 2007 revolves around Liberty Jones(orphaned when her widowed mother Diana dies in a road accident) , Gage Travis the son of a rich tycoon Churchill Travis who is now liberty’s employer and Hardy Cates a childhood crush whom they grew up together whose driven by ambition and later rises to riches. Gage Travis at first thinks that Liberty is a digger, one would be surprised how their strained relationship later blossoms to romance, a sugar daddy one might think. Hardy who is now a business man is now rich and an enemy of the Travis family reappears just as Gage and Liberty’s relationship is budding. Liberty now torned between her past and present she has a huge decision to make which affects her future greatly. This brings about tension and the revelation of the Travis’ well guarded secret which affects Liberty .

ii) Blue eyed Devil a continuation of Travis (Series by Lisa Kleypas) the Sugar daddy published in 2008 is an impeccable contemporary romance book, truly one of the best sellers, its about Hardy Cates and his vendetta against the Travis family. Haven is Travis daughter,her rebellious soul draws her closer to Hardy as she breaks off from her former husband Nick Tanner who abuses her. In her state Haven seeks solace from Hardy whom he had met at his brother’s wedding.Hardy is portrayed as a bad boy but the million dollar question is, will Haven soften him? Is he truly interested in Haven or is she just a tool for vengeance? How will the Travis react to their relationship knowing Hardy dubbed them off a business deal? This is very messy, no one knows how it will all end.The articulation of romance, temptations,betrayal pain and hope portrayed in this book by Kleypas is with out a doubt very compelling and intriguing.
iii) Smooth talking Stranger is the last of the Travis (Series by Lisa Kleypas) that was published in 2009 takes o Ella who seems composed focused and with a child and a boyfriend but upon meeting Jack Travis a womanizer all this falls apart as the attraction grows stronger, the stakes are to high for Ella. The fear, pain, deceit,attraction and betrayal will cut so deep you can almost feel it. Who gets hurt and how can this be fixed, Kylepas has a way of putting all this together you just want to keep going, the suspense will keep you turning t o the next page.

Travis (Series by Lisa Kleypas) is a contemporary fictional romance series well written and a masterpiece, Lisa Kleypas other contemporary romantic series include Friday habour running from year 2010 to 2013 with books like; christmas eve at friday habour published October 2010,Rain shadow road and Dream lake both of 2012. Crystal cove was published later in 2013.

It is amazing how Kleypas has written alot of books and maintained a flow of the story and events, developing each character with uniqueness, create a twist in events and still maintain the flow and storyline.
Christmas with Holly movie is derived from Klepas Christmas Eve at friday hobour, this goes to show that Lisa is an exemplary author, Blue eyed devil has also been pitched for a screen shoot.

Lisa Kleypas has been nominated and won various awards like Romance Writers of America, Publishers weekly, Waldenbooks Award for Greatest Sales among others.
Senior vice president and publisher Liate Stehik of Avon Imprint at an interview acknowledged that no one writes romance like Kleypas does.

Travis (Series by Lisa Kleypas) has had high ratings such that Brown eyed girl the 4th of Travis (Series by Lisa Kleypas) is set to out in bookshelves august 2015, a compelling romance between Avery and Joe whose attraction is triggered at their most vulnerable state as they are both in distress and they only have each other. What happens when Avery realizes that Joe was responsible for his father’s demise? Will she resent him? She knows she wants to see him,but what will she do?

Travis (Series by Lisa Kleypas) is on contemporay fictional tale that will keep you going, the romance, drama and suspense is well cultivated and illustrated. Lisa Kleypas has a way of writing that will keep you captivate.

Apart from Travis (Series by Lisa Kleypas) wallflower series,the hathaways,capital theater and Berkeley-Fulkner series are among the works of Lisa Kleypas that are also very good and outstanding.

Unlike any other author Lisa Kleypas stays true to her funs by providing them with quality,well written and planned novels that never leaves you disappointed. Both her historical and contemporary writing is well thought and laid out, its one experience you would not want to miss. Other genres that Lisa has ventured include Novellas and anthologies which include;Promises published in 1995,surrender running from 1991 to 2006, i will published in 2001 and against all odds published in 2003. This too she has shown an impeccable standard and wisdom. She has been associated with other authors like Loretta Chase,Claudia Dain,Judith E French among others.

Travis (Series by Lisa Kleypas) has been voted on of the best romance novels both on New York times and IMBD. The continued romance series has seen both support and critics. Critics claim the story is developed from new characters that one would find in most cases did not or they rather appeared very briefly from the previous story, that has however not deterred the writing prowess of Lisa to amaze, entertain and surprise us.
Travis (Series by Lisa Kleypas) is a force to reckon with.

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