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Are you a novel fanatic who just can’t get enough of well told emotional romantic stories? If so, then the “Treading Water” book series is a must read for you. This article is going to introduce you to a unique family love story with numerous unpredictable twists and turns that are not only likely to keep you begging for more, but also going to make you develop an involuntary long lasting attachment to the characters as well.

About Treading Water

The Treading Water book series, which consists of four main book titles is an interesting family based contemporary series written by none other than “Marie Force” the creative queen of love-at-first-sight romance stories. Marie Force who has authored various New York Times best-selling novels in the Mystery & Thriller and Contemporary Romance genres has managed to weave a unique love story that has increasingly become a favorite of many romance novel lovers.

This story introduces the reader to the Jack Harrington family and how one major life-threatening accident on a particular person ends up changing the lives of all the other family members both for the better and the worse. It is advisable to read the novels in their original chronological order as although some of them may be read as standalone novels, one has to have some background information to best enjoy the story. The Treading Water love story does not only entirely on the romantic relationships of the parents, but also that of the children as well.

A description of some of the book characters found in the Treading Water book series

Andrea Walsh

Andrea Walsh is a divorced single mother of a hearing impaired son before she meets jack and becomes his lover and then finally marries him. She is hot, beautiful, understanding, kind and soon becomes pregnant with Jack Harrington’s twins.

Jack Harrington

Jack Harrington who, also happens to be Claire Harrington’s husband and father to her three daughters is a loving man with a kind heart. This is demonstrated when he consistently takes care of his loving wife for over one and a half years until his family intervenes. He is also human as he is forced to adapt to various changes that force him to make various undesirable choices.

Clare Harrington

Claire Harrington is Jack Harrington’s wife comatose wife and mother of his children.


Kate is Claire and Jack Harrington’s eighteen-year-old daughter who is both a talented songwriter and a singer. She is depicted as a sweet, loving character that fights for what she believes no matter how risky or unpopular it is. Kate is also depicted as careless in various situations.

Novels in the Treading Water book series

“Treading Water”

The “Treading Water” novel, which is the debut book in the Treading Water book series is an introductory chapter in the lives of the Harrington family members. Claire Harrington, who has been married to Jack Harrington for 20 years, is hit by a car, forcing her to go into a coma for an unspecified period. Her loving husband stays by her side for almost one and a half years without giving up on her until his family intervenes and instructs him to take control of his life so as to take care of his three beautiful daughters.

The daughters are also completely traumatized as they witnessed their mother’s horrid accident. In an attempt to “join” the living Jack sets to meet with Andi Walsh, who is the newly hired interior designer tasked with decorating his company’s new hotel that is being constructed in Newport, Rhode Island. This meeting ends up changing his life forever as he immediately falls in love with Andi. He knows that he has a responsibility to his wife, but he is keen to embrace the opportunity that promises to save him from his disastrous marriage.

Jack Harrington and Andi Walsh become an inseparable item with time as they embark on a complex, long distance relationship full of inevitable challenges. Jack continues caring for his comatose wife while treating Andi as the other woman. He soon realizes how much she means to him and asks her to move to his house. When he thinks everything is over his wife wakes up from her coma creating a new set of challenges. The Treading Water novel can only be best described as a lovely, complex and enthralling love story full of difficult decisions and a lot of wonderful characters.

“Marking Time”

The Marking Time novel is the continuation of the debut Treading Water story. Marking Time basically focuses on two main characters, namely Claire and Kate Harrington. Claire Harrington is determined to start a new happy, fulfilling life while her daughter is determined to make one wrong emotional decision after another, forcing both of her parents to set aside their difference and join hands in preventing their daughter from “ruining” her life. The Marking Time love story starts with the miraculous recovery of Claire Harrington.

She wakes up only to receive the disturbing news that her husband plans to wed soon and his wife to be is expectant of not just one but two babies. This turn of events breaks her heart even more forcing her to embark on a healing and self-discovery journey to Stowe, Vermont where she hopes to fully recover. She arrives at Stowe only to end up meeting Aiden O’Malley, who is a sweet, incredibly handsome man who had worked for her previously. Just like her, Aiden has also suffered a great deal of misfortune and pain. They both fall in love and actively try to help each other forget the painful memories.

Kate is allowed by her parents to go to Nashville where she intends to pursue her musical career for almost a year. All is initially well until she decides to fall in love with a 45-year-old man by the name Reid who was his father’s college mate. This does not go well for her as both her father and mother decide to stop the relationship at all costs as they deem it to be an unwise decision. Marking Time is definitely a story of new beginnings that provide each and every character with a chance to start afresh and forget or the painful memories of the past.

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