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Treasure Hunters Books In Order

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Publication Order of Treasure Hunters Books

By: James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein
Treasure Hunters (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Danger Down the Nile (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secret of the Forbidden City (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Peril at the Top of the World (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quest for the City of Gold (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
All-American Adventure (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Plunder Down Under (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ultimate Quest (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Treasure hunters is a series of action-adventure novels written by James Patterson. The books follow the exploits of a family that traverses the world finding treasures and foiling the machinations of pirates, ninjas and the like.

+The Story
The Treasure Hunters series began publication in 2014. The books follow the adventures of the Kidd family. Thomas Kidd is a legendary treasure hunter that has garnered a reputation for facing danger and unearthing long lost treasures.

Most such figures tend to have very problematic personal lives, primarily because they spend so much time away from their homes seeking action and adventure that they neglect their family.

However, it is immediately made clear that the Kidd family is a wholly different beast, what with Thomas dragging his wife and kids around on his crazy trips. By the time the Treasure Hunters series begins, Thomas Kidd’s four children are explorers and adventurers boasting a wide array of skills, talents, and abilities.

They have spent their childhood diving into shipwrecks and traversing labyrinths. Their luck takes a terrible turn when they lose their parents.

It starts with Thomas who disappears in a storm. Before the family can comprehend the loss, their mother is kidnapped by pirates. So now the Kidd siblings are on their own. Bick, Storm, Tommy, and Beck have two problems on their hands.

They have to find their father, a feat that will require them to delve into the minutiae of his disappearance, retracing the steps of his last job and collecting any clues that might shade light on his possible whereabouts.

If that task wasn’t difficult enough, the Kidd siblings must also negotiate with their mother’s captors. That particular undertaking proves to be both more straightforward and more dangerous.

The kids discover that the pirates in question will gladly give their mother her freedom but only once the Kidd siblings acquire the artifacts the pirates want, artifacts of considerable value and importance, artifacts that are either well hidden or well defended, artifacts that the Kidd siblings must use to buy their mother’s freedom.

The first few books in the Treasure Hunters series follow the Kidd Siblings’ trials as they try to free their mother and find their father. They are guided in their efforts by a string of clues their parents left behind, primarily videos from their mother whose cryptic messages they must decipher if they want to save her.

The books go to great lengths to prove just how resourceful the kids have become as a result of their adventurous upbringing. However, even with all the skills that have been beaten into them, the siblings encounter several dangers that exceed even their own abilities.

They have to grow, to learn, to adapt, to become better explorers than even their parents could have hoped for if they want to beat back the tide of villainous threats that keep manifesting and threatening to stop them from finding their parents.

The Kidd siblings must also learn to work together, driven to do so because they each hold a piece of the clues that they need to decipher to reunite with their parents.

Each Kidd sibling is a unique individual with a distinct personality and talent. Bick and Beck are twins and they are powerful fighters.

They are also the youngest of the bunch and rely on the guidance of their older siblings when things get tough. Storm is best known for her amazing memory. She never forgets the things she sees or reads and that comes in handy for the siblings whenever they have to decipher particularly complicated clues.

Tommy is the oldest sibling. He is also the leader. Tommy takes the role of captain of their ship when their parents disappear.

The Treasure Hunters series is written with children in mind. Most young readers you speak to have nothing but good things to say about these James Patterson books. They commend the simplistic writing style, the straightforward storytelling, and the adventure.

Indeed, Patterson keeps things very simple. He avoids using overly complicated vocabulary, a fact that makes these books accessible to readers of most ages. This is on top of the illustrations included in the books, illustrations that give the stories at play a colorful spark.

Parents with avid readers for children will also appreciate the fact that these books are designed to be good, clean fun. They do not feature any sex, nudity, gratuitous violence or even strong language.

If you speak to adult readers, though, they will complain that the kids in the Treasure Hunters series are unrealistic. They are a little too smart and a little too sarcastic. But such adult readers also accept that these novels were not meant to be taken seriously, which is why they feature several scenes in which teenagers and pre-teens face off against ninjas and pirates and come out on top.

+The Author
James Patterson is an American author that has written numerous bestsellers for children. Having sold hundreds of millions of copies of his books, the author has also become a prolific philanthropist.

Born in 1947, Patterson has a passion for reading. His goal is to make the habit a priority in the United States, which is why he is an avid supporter of reading programs in schools.

+Treasure Hunters
The Kidd Siblings are in a bit of a pickle. Their parents are gone and they have to fight pirates to get them back. The Kidd siblings were born to explorers and adventurers. Their father was a legendary treasure hunter and he always took his kids along on his many wonderful trips.

When Thomas disappears and his wife is kidnapped, the Kidd Siblings must step up to the plate, undertaking a massive treasure hunt to find the relics necessary to buy their mom’s freedom.

+Danger Down the Nile
Bick, Storm, Beck, and Tommy are back, and this time they have set their sights on Cairo. The Kidd siblings’ lives took a difficult turn when their parents disappeared. Now it is up to the siblings to make things right.

That means traversing jungles in Africa to locate King Solomon’s mines. The kids hope that their success will bring them one step closer to finding their parents. But there are bad guys in their way.

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