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Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World Books In Order

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Publication Order of Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World Books

The “Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World” Series is a set of urban fantasy fiction novels by Dianna Love, a bestselling romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance and urban fantasy author. The author started out as a photorealistic artist before she got into business as a seventeen year old needing to survive. She was working two jobs and living on her own and so she started painting murals and signs every free time she got. It was not long before she had a huge following, which allowed her to paint full time. Years later while she was painting murals hundreds of feet above ground, she started writing stories to keep the boredom out of her day. It was during this time that she wrote “Worth Every Risk,” her debut novel that would later win the Golden Heart and the Daphne Du Maurier awards. The novel would then get a publishing deal and later on win the RITA award. She wrote the first novel of the “Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World” Series in 2020. When she is not writing her novels, she can be found on a motorcycle adventure or fishing in the Gulf Coast.
Dianna Love likes to say that she was an artist right from the time she came from her mother’s womb. She built her career painting large outdoor murals and eventually graduated to electronic spectaculars and three dimensional projects. After years of hanging a hundred feet up huge buildings, she thought she had the mental space to paint and do something else. She started making stories to amuse herself never thinking of becoming a published author. It was in 2001 while flying back and forth between Boston and Atlanta, where she was working on a massive project that she started penning down her story ideas. Love intended to give the ideas to a real writer but soon realized that she had a passion for writing. She could not get enough of writing and once she published her debut she was hooked.

The “Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World” Series are a spinoff of the “Belador World” series and are set in the same world. The series is set in present day Atlanta, Georgia where chaos reigns when the residents learn that among them are preternaturals. The red dragon shifter which for two millennia had been believed to be dead is now under real danger of extinction. He needs to find the dragon impersonating him or else there would be an international war between the preternaturals and humans. He had once failed to protect his loved ones two thousand years ago but he is not about to repeat the same mistake again. In the second novel of the series, time is running out for Daegan the dragon to find the dragon impersonating him and causing chaos in the city. He also has to deal with the Immortiks who are draining him of his magical powers. In the third novel of the series Daegon the Red Dragon has to find and destroy the Grimoires that are a threat to him and his kind.

In the first novel of the series, Atlanta is hovering on the edge of pandemonium and chaos as rumors abound of supernaturals living in the society. These are deadly preternatural killers that had been kept at bay over millennia by formidable pantheons. One angry creature is tired of imprisonment and escapes to access the ancient magic of the grimoire, where he intends to let loose abominations that could take down the most capable of the supernatural protectors of humanity. Daegan is a Belador and dragon shifter king that has been making a living among humans. He has lived a tortured life ever since he failed to protect his loved ones two thousand years ago when he was kidnapped by a vindictive goddess. He had been granted a second chance at life and this time he had made a vow to destroy anyone that wanted to harm his family. But first he needs to find the different parts of grimoire magic hidden millennia ago. This is the only way to save his captured race and a world that is ready to fight preternaturals they believe are a threat to them. The human race is in great danger of extinction and the only way they can survive is by getting over the fear of the preternaturals who happen to be their greatest protector.
In the second novel of the Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World Series, Daegan is running out of time to locate and kill the dragon that has been using his identity to foster war. He also needs to find the woman named Casidhe who claims to be the squire of the Treoir family. She is in a race to find her best friend that has been taken by a deadly creature. Atlanta is still shocked over the revelations about the supernaturals. Meanwhile, the Beladors have been fighting to protect humanity even as they lose themselves to the Immortiks who are targeting and possessing nonhuman and human bodies as long as they are warm. Looking for answers in Ireland gets Tristan in a dangerous conundrum where he could be facing death. As for Daegan, he has been rendered weak by the Immortiks who have taken over his body and are draining him of his powers. Some Beladors have been captured in Atlanta and are set to be executed if Daegan cannot get to them in time.

In the third novel of the series, Daegan and Casidhe face new trials and need to find a way to work together. Thousands of lives are at stake and some people they know and love could die. Casidhe finally comes to the realization that the person she has been associating with in the recent past happens to be Dragon of Treoir. She believes the only reason he has not killed her is because he needs her help in accomplishing his mission. The red Dragon shifter insists on finding the grimoires who are a threat to him and his kind. But both are suspicious of each other’s motives but need to help each other of they are to succeed in their missions. Casidhe hopes that by telling him of her secrets and him reciprocating they can work together and even negotiate a truce. He happens to work with the Beladors many of whom are powerful but are reeling from having to fight the Imortiks and demons taking over the city.

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