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Publication Order of Tres Navarre Books

Big Red Tequila (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Widower's Two-Step (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last King of Texas (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil Went Down to Austin (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Southtown (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mission Road (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rebel Island (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Richard Russell Riordan is a bestselling author, widely known for the critically acclaimed Percy Jackson and the Olympian book series. The Percy Jackson book series revolves around a 12-year-old boy, who eventually discovers that he is Poseidon’s son. Rick Riordan’s novels have been translated into more than forty languages and have even managed to sell more than 30 million copies worldwide. The first two books in the Percy Jackson series have been adapted into feature films. The Big Red Tequila was Rick Riordan’s first full-length novel, and eventually became the debut novel in the Tres Navarre book series. The Lightening Thief was Rick Riordan’s breakthrough and was published in the year 2005. Ever since hitting the limelight, Rick Riordan has continued to churn out several other installments including The Heroes of Olympus and the Kane Trilogy.

Heroes of Olympias was a sequel to the critically acclaimed Percy Jackson book series. Riordan has also assisted Scholastic Press in the creation of the 39 Clues book series as well as its spin-offs. Rick Riordan’s most recent publications include the Gods of Asgard and Magnus Chase book series, which have been based on the Norse mythology. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Rick Riordan was admitted to Alamo Heights High school. Later on, Rick Riordan joined Texas University, where he majored in English and History. For more than eight years, Rick Riordan taught English History at Presidio High School. In the year 1985, Rick Riordan got married to Becky Riordan during their shared birthday. In the year 2013, Riordan and his family including his wife and Patrick, his older son started a college in Boston.

The Tres Navarre book series has emerged the winner during the Anthony, Edgar, and Shamus Awards. One day, Rick Riordan conceived the Percy Jackson stories as a bedtime story for his younger son, Haley Riordan. Haley Riordan had been diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexic and in the process making the protagonist Dyslexic and ADHD. Rick Riordan is one of the most decorated authors with more than 13 literary awards under his name.

Tres Navarre Best Books
Big Red Tequila
In Big Red Tequila author Rick Riordan introduces the readers to Tres Navarre, a loner who returns to his hometown to not only investigate but to also avenge a murder that is yet to be solved, despite the fact that it happened more than ten years ago. The supporting characters in Big Red Tequila are somewhat familiar; they include corrupt cops, a crooked construction company, and old adversaries who are not happy to see Tres back in town. Nonetheless, what makes Big Red Tequilla, a brilliant debut is author’s Rick Riordan voice. Big Red Tequila is a hard-boiled Tex Mex. The first person descriptions show a rather unbeatable flair for details, while the dialogue, on the other hand, is terse. More than ten years ago, Tres Navarre had left the town after the killing of his father. Now, Tres is back in town looking for answers.

As Tres continues to dig deep, while looking for answers, the fresher the old crime looks. Apart from construction site pay-offs, Tres Navarre also discovers that the killings were somehow tied to mafia connections and the local political circle as well. It is apparently clear that Tres Navarre has stirred a hornet’s nest and what follows is trouble. Tres not only gets attacked, but he is also shot at and eventually ran over by an old thunderbird. Tre’s longtime girlfriend eventually turns up missing. Eventually, Tres manages to rescue his longtime girlfriend and finds his father’s killer. With that said, Big Red Tequila is a brilliantly written narrative that is filled with believable and realistic characters.

The Widower’s Two-Stepper
The Widower’s Two-Stepper is the second installment in the Tres Navarre book series. Having a PhD in English, Tres Navarre is using his, similarly that many majors do; doing something that is related to their field of study. Tres has almost accumulated enough hours with his mentor to send an application for a Private Investigator License. However, as Tres was going about his business, the person that he had been stalking for quite some time is shot. Julie Kearns used to be a fiddle player and is the main suspect behind a series of breakings, where the suspect stole demo tapes for Miranda Daniels, an up and coming country singer. Tres Navarre’s boss is not a happy man and even challenges him to evaluate whether he wants to continue with that line of work or not.

Jackson Navarre, Tres Navarre’s father, used to be a Sheriff and thus, Jackson Navarre believes that it is in his blood. Tres Navarre’s mother organizes an interview with the local University, where he wants Tres to join and make use of the degree that he earned while in California. Now, Tres has been fully drawn into the case after the death of the fiddle player and the intrigue of the individual responsible for stealing the demo tapes. As the narrative continues, more and more bodies continue to pile up. Eventually, Miranda’s manager disappears without a trace. Tres is still sure, how he will be able to hunt down the suspects. In the end, things end up being solved, and the readers are going to be surprised by the plot twist towards the end.

The Last King of Texas
The Last King of Texas is the third installment in the Tres Navarre book series. In the Last King of Texas, a local university professor is brutally killed, and Tres Navarre decides to take up his classes for the remainder of the semester because he has a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature. Due to the fact that Tres Navarre is the third professor to take the classes within the same year, Tres Navarre cannot help himself but become a part of the investigations because the previous teachers had been issued with death threats. With that said, author Riordon delivers yet another highly entertaining mystery. The scenes that Riordan presents have been vividly drawn. All the characters in the Last King of Texas have been brilliantly developed. Author Riordon has done an exceptional job of including strong women such as Detective Anne and Elainya. Anne and Elainya are not only strong but also fearless and extremely resourceful.

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