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The Eiger Sanction (1972)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Loo Sanction (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Main (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shibumi (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Summer of Katya (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Incident at Twenty-Mile (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Crazyladies of Pearl Street (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Hot Night in the City (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Trevanian was a pseudonym used by one of the prominent American authors named Rodney William Whitaker. He is believed to have written a number of successful novels over the course of his writing career. Trevanian used to write in a variety of genres and had achieved the status of a bestseller author. He was born on June 21, 1931, and died on December 14, 2005. In addition to writing under his original named, author Trevanian also used to publish his book under a few pen names, including Benat Le Cagot, Edoard Moran, and Nicholas Seare. As Rodney Whitaker, he has written a nonfiction book called The Language of Film. Between the years 1972 & 1983, Trevanian’s five books sold over a million printed copies each all over the world. Because of such a huge accomplishment, Trevanian was described at that time as the only author of the airport paperbacks, who could have compared with the likes of Ian Fleming, Chaucer, and Zola. Author Trevanian did not appreciate the publicity at all and avoided it for most parts of his life adamantly. In fact, he had kept his real name as a close secret until the year 1998. It was finally published by a reporter from the Austin American Statesman. Author Trevanian’s birth had taken place in Granville, New York, U.S. As a small boy, he was always enthralled with interesting stories. His family was very poor and struggled a lot with poverty. Rodney lived for a considerable amount of time in Albany during his youth. His experience during this time is described in one of his recently published works. Trevanian studied at the Washington University and earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees. While he was studying there, he penned a 3 act play called Eve of Bursting. The author himself directed this play and used it as his thesis for Master’s production in the university’s Playhouse. Later, Trevanian went on to obtain his doctorate in films and communications at the Northwestern University.

After earning the doctorate, he was involved in teaching at the Dana College, located in Blair, Nebraska. Later, he the communication department’s chairman at the college. Trevanian has also served for some time in the Navy at the time of the Korean War. He was given a Fulbright Scholarship because of which he got a chance for studying in England. When he had written his first couple of books, he was serving as the chairman of the TV, Radio, and Film department at the Texas University, Austin. Rodney continued teaching at this university for some more years. He was married to Diane Brandon. The couple had 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters. They used to live in the countryside of Basque in France for several years. Rodney died in the West Country of England. In one of his interviews, author Trevanian had said that the pseudonym Trevanian was chosen by his wife, which is taken from the name of the English historian named G.M. Trevelyan. Many of the novels that Rodney wrote in various genres became bestsellers and they received quite favorable reviews from the critics. When his first book got published, he was 40 years old and was still teaching in Texas University. It was a thriller novel called The Eiger Sanction. Soon after its publication, the book became a bestseller worldwide. Following the immense success, he was chosen to be adapted into a film in 1975 directed by and featuring Clint Eastwood in the lead role. In one of his later novels, Trevanian described the film as vapid. On his request, he was given the screenwriting credits for the movie as Rod Whitaker. In the later years of his career, there was rumor that Robert Ludlum was the actual Trevanian because of Trevanian’s disapproval of giving interviews. But, he came out later and rubbished off the rumors.

One of the popular books written by Trevanian is entitled ‘Shibumi’. The Broadway Books released it in 2005. The author has introduced the lead character in this novel as Nicholai Hel. He is described as most wanted all over the world. He was born at the time of the First World War in Shanghai. His mother was a Russian aristocrat while his father was from Germany. A Go Master from Japan had taken Nicholai has his protege. He goes on to survive the Hiroshima destruction and emerges as an artful lover and a well paid and accomplished assassin. Also, Nicholai is a mystic and a genius. Nicholai Hel has mastered culture and language, and has a secret determination to excel in Shibumi, which is a state of perfection. It order to attain this perfection, Nicholai starts residing in a fortress on an isolated mountain. He is also joined by his mistress. Nicholai has always tried to prevent himself from getting drawn into his previous life that he has left behind. But, when a young and beautiful stranger comes at his fortress and seeks refuge and help from him, Nicholai is forced to get drawn to it unwillingly. Soon, he clearly understands that his sinister enemy is keeping a track of his activities. This enemy seems to be a super powerful international espionage called as the ‘Mother Company’. As the battle is set, Nicholai Hel is up against corruption and ruthless power. And he has the support of only the self attained Shibumi. He knows that Shibumi can help him defeat the enemy.

Another famous book written by Trevanian is titled as ‘The Loo Sanction’. It was released by the Three Rivers publication in 2005. The lead character described in this book is Jonathan Hemlock. At the beginning of the story, Jonathan Hemlock is shown as a mercenary and an art professor. He goes through an interesting adventure as the plot progresses. As soon as he moves to England on a vacation, he gets summoned by the head of the British Intelligence. They seem to be aware of his skills and therefore need his services desperately. The Intelligence asks Jonathan to take over a mission from an agent who gets murdered. The murder was so much terrifying and bizarre that other agents refused to take up the incomplete mission. When Jonathan joins the mission, he is tasked to locate several secret films that show numerous high ranked British officials incriminating. For this, he had to target a deadly figure from the underworld. Jonathan faces a great threat to his life as he enters into the network of depravity and intrigue. Later, as Jonathan Hemlock becomes successful in bringing together the pieces of the dangerous puzzle, he finds himself trapped and drugged fatally. In the end, he is forced to make a daring attempt to escape and save his life.

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