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Trevor Eve
Author Trevor John Eve was born July 1, 1951 in Sutton Coldfield, England. He is the son of Stewart and Elsie Eve, his dad was English and his mom was Welsh. Trevor was educated at Bromsgrove School, and did not have much acting experience during his days in school.

Since Trevor’s dad was a drinks wholesaler from Birmingham, he didn’t want his son to act. He had been b orn in the year 1900, and the idea was out of this world, about like if he had wanted to become an astronaut or something.

He studied architecture for three years before getting quickly disillusioned due to its lack of creativity. He had never been to the theater, but hanging out on the groovy King’s Road and would sneak into plays at the Royal Court during the interval and he wound up catching the theater bug.

He later went to The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art where he received the Bancroft Gold Medal. He applied after he found the number for the place in the Yellow Pages.

After finishing up at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he played Paul McCartney in the 1974 play called “John, Paul, George, Ringo… and Bert”. It won The Evening Standard Award and London Critics Award for the Best Musical.

Upon graduating, Sir Laurence Olivier took him under his wing, and introduced him to many of the greats of the time. During this time, Trevor did a play with Laurence’s wife, and then he penned some letters of introduction for Trevor and got him his Green Card. The two also acted in “Dracula” together, released in the year 1979, and was Trevor’s first major film role. Laurence directed also him in “Hindle Wakes” in the year 1976 as a part of “Laurence Olivier Presents” television series.

Trevor Eve has been in acting in film, stage, and television since the seventies, enjoying a long and successful career. As an actor, he is best known for being in “Shoestring”, and “Waking the Dead”.

While Trevor was performing in a West End production of “Filumena”, he met Sharon Maughan, who also had a part in the play. In the year 1980, they got married. They have three kids: Alice Sophia (born in the year 1982 and an actress), Jack (born 1985 and a writer and director), and George (born in 1994 and lead singer for Two Bottle Jump). As they were raising all of their kids, they divided their time between the United States and Britain.

Alice, Trevor, and Sharon played daughter, father, and mother respectively in “She’s Out of My League”.

Trevor wanted his kids to become a brain surgeon or lawyer or something like that, and not get into acting or filmmaking like he did as he finds it tough for them to make money at it.

When he was in his forties, he had an emotional collapse. During this time, he was able to inform his imagination about all the extremes mental breakdown is able to go to. At first, he needed daily therapy sessions, and was able to scale it back as he improved. This actually helped him while writing his first novel. Trevor understood Ever entirely, but still had to research Lomita, the female protagonist.

Since he began writing the novel, though, he has not needed a session with a therapist. He says that while writing the novel, he was able to explore some things, to think and sort them all out. This has helped him deal with the problems he had.

He often thinks about stories of one incident, just a brief moment that is able to determine someone’s life forever. Trevor wanted to try and see what would happen to someone if they made a mistake there is no coming back from which lead to their mental disintegration.

Even though he used his experience of having a mental breakdown and borrowed certain things from his childhood, the sin committed is entirely imagined.

Trevor’s interest include architecture, golf, tennis, and painting. In the year 1995, he fell badly off of his pony while playing polo and was seriously injured. He is a supporter of Chelsea F.C. and he is also a patron of the charity Child Hope UK.

He has also won two Olivier theatre awards, once for his performance in “Children of a Lesser God” and again for “Uncle Vanya”. For his performance in “Uncle Vanya”, Trevor also received The British Regional Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actor. Trevor’s career has spanned more than forty years in television, theatre, and film. In the year 2014, he was given an Honorary Doctorate from Newman University.

His debut novel, called “Lomita Forever”, was released in the year 2019, which is from the mystery genre.

“Lomita Forever” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. Ever Millen is currently in Los Angeles and is losing his mind. He has arrived in the City of Angels trying to find out the truth about the death of his dad, who was an abstract expressionist painter whose work fell out of favor. He quickly finds that revenge does not come easy.

By chance, he meets Lomita Nairn, an enigmatic and beautiful woman that is close to fifty years older than him. He finds his world is changed forever and realizes what he has to do in order to save both of them.

Trevor Eve does a fantastic job of delving into the workings inside of a disturbed mind, and gives you a glimpse just how another person sees their world as well as the consequences. There are also some surprises and twists and turns happening here, to keep things interesting. Readers found this to be coolly knowing, audacious, wryly funny, and extremely observant. Fans of the novel found themselves loving these characters and being open to spend a lot more time with every single one of them. The novel is part oddball-romance, part noir-thriller, and part philosophical investigation into the nature of the human soul and is rich with both sympathy and wisdom.

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