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Tricia Fields is a well known author of thriller and mystery novels, who hails from Honolulu, The United States. She is particularly popular for writing the Josie Gray Mystery series. Author Tricia was born in Honolulu and currently lives along with her husband in a cabin made of logs on her small farm. She and her husband love to keep a wide variety of animals on their farm. Tricia spent most of her time growing up in the small town of Indiana. Author Tricia’s husband works as an investigator for the state police. She says that she has a great love of the desert southwest and Mexixo, which inspired her to write her first mystery book, The Territory. This novel went on to win the Tony Hillerman prize in the category of the Best Mystery book. Following this, the career of author Tricia saw a great rise. She continued to write mystery books in her career after her immensely successful first book and so far she has penned a total of 5 books. Tricia’s husband’s name is Todd, who is a popular investigator. The parents of author Tricia also live nearby her farm and like to be in the company of Tricia’s animals. Author Tricia’s love for pet animals does not know any bounds. She has a hound dog called as Griz. Tricia finds Griz as a lazy, but lovable character. Author Tricia has used Griz’s character in her books, which is the only character in all her books which is based on an actual being. Tricia and Todd are blessed with a couple of daughters named Emily and Molly. They also like to live on their family farm. Author Tricia has traveled to a number of places in America. Once, she went on a research trip in West Texas and then took the ride to different parts of Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. One of the daughters of author Tricia has joined the Purdue University, while the other is in Air Force. Tricia believes that both of them have achieved great heights in life.

While explaining the series, author Tricia says that the Territory is a long strip of land spread over 300 miles along the Mexico-West Texas border. The area also crisscrosses Rio Grande. It is said about the place that the families on each side of the border used to cross at will. But now, the place seems to have lost its importance because of the cartels and drug traffickers. The region of the Territory is described in the debut novel of the Josie Gray series and it also sets up the plots for the other books of the series. Author Trica has mainly described what it is like for the people to live among the criminals. The good people want nothing but the safety of their families without the fear of the interference from the cartel. The plots are mainly fiction, however, author Tricia has created them with so much detailed work that it seems the such situations can arise in the future. Tricia has also showered a heavy praise on the law enforcement agencies and the Border Patrol for the kind of brave work they do to keep help bring peace in the border region. They do a great deed by providing security to the US Citizens. Author Tricia has given the example of the crime statistics in El Paso and Juarez, where the cops have helped to keep the crime rate to a minimum. Author Tricia dislikes politics and also hates to talk about it. She does not have any desire to mention this element in her books. Tricia is more concerned about the people living in that region, who face a hard time trying to save themselves from the cartel’s activities. The elements that mostly feature in all the books include the illegal sale of guns, conflict, drug trafficking, kidnapping, human trafficking, etc.

The Josie Gray Mysteries series written by Tricia Fields is comprised of 5 books in total, which were released between the years 2011 and 2016. Every novel of this mystery series features the lead character as Josie Gray, who is described as a police chief stationed at the Mexican border. Josie Gray always fights against the illegal activities of the cartel and keep the people in the border region safe from them. The first book of this series is entitled ‘The Territory’. It was released by the Minotaur publication in 2011. Author Tricia has set the plot in Texas, United States. At the start of the plot, author Tricia has given the description of a town named Artemis with a population of 2,500 people. It is located at the far end of the 170 State Road. The people of this town had chosen this remote place in West Texas with the hope of living independent and peaceful lives. But, they did not realize that their town would go on to become a favorite spot for the drug runners from Mexico. The turf battles among the drug traffickers have turned the region into a deadly war zone. Still, a large number of locals look to deal with this matter on their own instead of taking help Josie Gray, the police chief. They do not fear for their lives while standing up against the private army of the cartels. Josie Gray kills a hit man from the cartel and arrests another and by doing so, she puts her life in a great risk.

Even though people expect her to quit, she remains adamant that she will perform her duty until her last breath. Soon, a self appointed protector of the town gets murdered and his bag of weapons also disappears. This causes Josie Gray face attack from both sides of the border. Tricia has described the story in a beautiful and dangerous way. Her writing has captured the current issues going on near the border areas through the viewpoint of a compelling and tough heroine. The next installment of the series is called ‘Scratchgravel Road’. The Minotaur Books released this novel too in 2013. In this book, the central characters depicted are Josie Gray, Cassidy Harper, and a few others. At the beginning of the book, it is shown that Josie Gray spots the car of Cassidy Harper out of pure luck. It was left abandoned on the road’s side. She realizes that if she had not spotted the car, she would have never located Cassidy Harper. Cassidy was almost dead due to heatstroke and was lying beside the dead body of an immigrant from Mexico. Upon being questioned, Cassidy is not able to explain the reason for going out for walk in the desert heat and also how she ended up near the corpse. When Josie sees the wounds on the victim’s body, she realizes she has to get the answers as quickly as possible or her own life might be put in danger.

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    I have read the entire series, I really like them and would like you to write more of them. Once I start one of the Josie Gray series, I have a hard time putting the book down.

    • Bonnie Keasling: 2 years ago

      I have read the whole Josie Gray series and love it. Also read Young Blood. Are you going to make this into a series? Would love to have you back for another book discussion at the library.


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