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Tricia Leedom is an American author of fiction. Her hobbies include traveling and having fun in exotic locations. She also doesn’t mind a love affair with hot men, even if it’s in her fantasies. She enjoys writing romantic adventure novels that allow her to fantasize and imagine exotic locations, men, and romantic situations.

When she is not writing she is reading or spending time on social media. She also enjoys watching television and fangirling over one show, in particular, that was based on her favorite book series.Leedom attended the University of Tampa and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. She also received an M.F.A. from Seton Hill University.

She admires many authors and has even met a few of them! Leedom currently resides in the southwest area of Florida along with her two dogs, who, she spoils.

Tricia Leedom is the author of the Key West Escape series of novels. The debut novel is titled Rum Runner and it was released in 2017. The second is Bahama Mama and was released in 2018.

If you loved the writing of authors like Janet Evanovich, you will love this debut novel from Tricia Leedom! This is a fresh voice in fiction and contemporary romance writing that you’ll want to pay attention to. Rum Runner is the first of the Key West Escape series and this tropical romance novel is all about the love, adventure, and action right from the start.

The main character in this novel is Sophie Davies-Stone. She is a socialite from England that has wanted to meet her father ever since she can remember. It was her greatest dream as a little girl. She doesn’t even know if he is alive somewhere, but when she receives a strange medallion in the mail that is from him and he requests that she forward it back to him, Sophie does something that is quite out of character.

But instead of putting it in the mail as this person who says that he is her father (if he even is really being honest about that in the first place), Sophie goes with her heart and gets on the first airplane she can find that is going to Florida. Part of her hopes that he really is going to be there– but the reunion she wants never happens. What ends up going down is that her father still has enemies– and she is attacked and nearly kidnapped by them.

The only thing that stops the whole thing from going down as planned is one former Navy SEAL. He’s called Jimmy Panama, and he is as handsome as he is cocky. Sophie is happy to be rescued, but also totally annoyed. They could not be more opposite as people. Sophie is the upper-crust socialite that James finds to be uptight. It’s just his luck that he has been searching for ways to pack back his CO for years. He just never thought it might get him mixed up with such a snooty girl. But since she’s his English daughter, he’s going to have to find the silver lining here.

All that Jimmy wants is to put this spirited young girl on the first flight that he can find and be done with it and go back to his low-key life in Key West. Fate sometimes might have other plans in store, and the two are destined to be together a little longer. The two are swept up into an adventure that you would never believe that has the pair fleeing through all of Key West and even into the Caribbean. The more time that Sophie spends with the sassy ex-SEAL, the more that she starts to become interested in this snarky American.

Even though Sophie is starting to see the better sides of Jimmy, her head is saying that this guy is all wrong for her. Even worse, the more that she discovers about this guy and her father, the less she knows who to trust. But one thing is super obvious: she is definitely in way over her head, and the two of them might not survive this adventure. How will things end up for the unlikely couple? And can love forged in dramatic circumstances ever survive in the real world? Pick up Rum Runner to find out!

Bahama Mama is the second in the Key West Escape novel series. Molly McBain is the main character in this series of novels, and she is coming under a lot of trouble. She has to deal with the fluctuating and unpredictable moods of her teenage daughter, who is approaching a black belt level of sassiness. On her own turf, she’s struggling to deal with money issues. She also has to contend with the deadbeat dad of her daughter, and so at this point in the game, she really needs to reduce the number of problems in her life.

So when she gets the chance to go to her best friend’s wedding, she hopes to take it as a chance to relax and socialize after a long build-up to the big day and a big build-up of problems going on in Molly’s life. But little does she know that the brother-in-law to her friend is someone that she is a huge fan of and is totally famous.

It turns out she’s about to be married and the brother of the groom is the country music star Anders Ostergaard, of all people. Molly has been a huge country music fan for forever, and she wants to take the chance to really act cool when she meets him. She fails and acts like a fangirl, but that’s okay.

Anders is there to attend his brother’s wedding in Key West. It’s also hopefully a chance to stay under the radar after a tragedy in Vegas has put his face on the tabloid magazines for a while. Anders has a policy of not getting involved with fans. But when he meets Molly, he might have to make an exception. They seem to have a good dynamic between the two of them.

However, flirtation is put on pause when Molly’s daughter is the witness to a murder. She winds up in Jamaica and Anders offers up his own private plane so they can go to Montego Bay. A mad hitman is on the loose and cleaning up all the loose ends. Can these two find true love in the midst of a romance on fire? Or can fans and idols never truly be on equal footing? Read this action-packed story and find out!

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