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Something like Normal (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where the Stars Still Shine (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil You Know (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
In a Perfect World (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Start Here (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Float Plan (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Trish Doller is a dog rescuer, traveler, and author best known for her young adult and romance fiction novels.

She published “Something Like Normal” her debut novel in 2012 and has been writing ever since. She is now best known for the “Beck Sisters” series of novels that she launched in 2021 with the publishing of “Float Plan.”
For the most part, she does her writing from home on her favorite couch and sometimes from her home office, which once used to be her son’s bedroom.

While working at libraries and coffee shops is fun in theory, she has often found that she does her job when she is all alone and no one is watching.

She currently makes her home in southwest Florida with an ex-pirate and an opinionated herding dog. When she is not penning her novels, Trish can be found camping, ailing, and trying to avoid housework.

Similar to many authors, she has been writing for a long time and began as soon as she could write. Nonetheless, she never made a conscious decision to be an author until a few years before she published her debut.
Trish Doller was born in Germany but spent much of her childhood in Ohio. In her teenage years, she went to Ohio State University for college before getting married. She would then bounce between Michigan, Maine, and Ohio before moving to Florida.
Over the years, she has worked as a newspaper reporter and radio personality, and while in college, she used to spend her summers working at an amusement park.

This gave her much-needed life skills including jumping off a moving train, directing traffic, counting money fast, and making cheese on a stick.

While she has now become an accomplished author, she still works a 9-5 at a Very Big Bookstore. Doller can sometimes be found hanging out with her fans on Instagram and Tumblr, which is her favorite place in the world.

Trish Doller began writing while she was in kindergarten but she developed a love for writing when she learned how to form letters into words.

For most of her life, she lacked the confidence to share her writing with others but started getting some, as newspaper reporting pushed her through the fire.
Working as a newspaper reporter made her realize two things: her writing was not that bad and she was not that great of a reporter.

When it came to her her road to publication, it was quite bumpy. Trish sold her manuscript to a publisher but then her editor was laid off leaving the deal dead in the water and she never sold that manuscript again.
During this time, she began working on the manuscript for her debut work “Something Like Normal.”

“Float Plan” by Trish Doller is a riveting work that introduces the lead as a girl named Anna Beck who is in a lot of grief.

It has been several months since the love of her life and boyfriend committed suicide. She has hardly been leaving her bed since then and her only form of social life is getting to work at a Hooters-like establishment.

Just before Thanksgiving, she gets a notification about a sailing trip that she was supposed to take with Ben her fiance. She suddenly feels an urge to go despite her better judgment, as she believes sailing the Caribbean will get her out of her rut.
The first few days of her trip don’t go according to plan and she realizes that with so little experience, she will not be able to do it all alone. She puts up an ad at a local beach resort asking for anyone who will assist her sail to Puerto Rico.
In walks the Irishman Keane Sullivan, with his scruffy beard, Irish accent, and heart of gold. The man is also dealing with his loss and together they establish a heartwarming friendship.
Ultimately, this is a gentle low-stakes romance with a vivid setting in the Caribbean that will have you enthralled from the first page to the last.

Trish Doller’s novel “The Suite Spot” is a charming work all about taking a chance at new love and new life.

This is the story of Rachel Beck who is a single mother who lives at home and struggles to keep a dying relationship alive.

Aside from her kid, the only thing she loves about her life is her job working at a Miami Beach luxury hotel as a reservations manager.

But things get worse when she is let go for something she never did. Impulsively, Rachel phones into a brewery hotel on Kelley Island in Lake Erie asking for a management position.
She is fortunate enough to get the job and she gets everything she owns and takes her daughter to move across the country to start her new job.

Her new boss is a moody, handsome man named Mason who knows nothing about running a hotel and everything about brewing beer.

It is not a perfect job but at least Rachel has an opportunity to rebuild her life from the ground up.

It is an interesting romance fiction novel that is fascinating despite the meaningful and serious themes such as family, sexual harassment in the workplace, friendship, the death of a child, custody mediation, and single parenthood.

“Off the Map” by Trish Doller is the story of Carla Black, who believes that she is on Earth for a good time and not for a long time.

For nearly a decade, she has been traveling the world in her ancient Jeep Wrangler and only stops long enough to refill her adventure fund. She never goes home and does not do relationships.
On the other hand, there is a modern-day cartographer named Eamon Sullivan who is a maker of digital maps. While he is the best at helping people find their way he does not seem to have any sense of direction.
Recently dumped and unhappy at work, he does not seem to be going anywhere until fate connects him with Carla.

She had just arrived in Dublin to attend the wedding of her best friend and he is the man charged with picking her up and driving her across Ireland.
But what should have been a simple drive turns into an explosive chemistry field trip with all manner of detours and unexpected emotions.
It is an inspiring and dreamy work that is all about dreaming big and taking chances in life.

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