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Trisha Das
Trisha Das is an award winning documentary filmmaker and has made over 40 movies in her career. She was UGA’s ‘International Artist of the Year’ and she won an Indian National Film Award.

Trisha has also written short stories and columns for Magical Women and publications like Hindustan Times, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Scroll, and Grazia India.

Trisha has always had a soft spot for the Mahabharata, despite being interested in both world and Hindu mythologies. This fascination comes from a combination of things: she grew up watching the epics on Doordarshan, along with the rest of her family. Her grandpa was very knowledgeable about the epics so he told her a lot of stories when she was young and she was gifted “The Mahabharata” by R K Narayan while she was a child and was hooked from there. After that, she read more versions and eventually, the English translation by K M Ganguly, studying the text just as a hobby, reading novels, articles, and academic papers and forming opinions of her own about it.

Even though she loved these stories, she realized that most of the female characters got penalized in some way if they chose to stand up for themselves. The lack of women’s voices in these epics led her to start experimenting with a feminist version. This lead to “Ms. Draupadi Kuru: After the Pandavas” which was a satirical take on the classic mythology story of Draupadi set in modern day Delhi, where she’s bored of heaven and finds herself on Earth.

While she was in college, she would tell her roommates tales from the epic at night and they were always amazed by just how layered and sometimes just how shocking these stories were. They insisted that she write a book about it one day, so while she was thinking about writing fiction, it was the very first thing that came to mind.

Trisha’s biggest inspiration for “Kama’s Last Sutra” was Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander”, a TV and novel series about a World War II nurse that time travels. She feels it is the perfect read for history buffs, with a lot of period politics and details, an action packed romance with a healthy helping of the erotic.

She is pretty sure that her own writing, which is unafraid to describe sexual positions in graphic, explicit detail, will offend somebody. She doesn’t care either.

Writing was not always Trisha’s first choice of profession. This unfortunate computer crash during college cost her 150 pages of the novel that she was working on. Dejected by this incident, she moved on to films, where she went on to flourish, winning a 2005 National Award for her instructional film “Fiddlers on The Thatch”.

It took her an immense amount of persistence and bravery to return to the word, and treats it like a hard won second chance, writing each day, even when she is not in the mood. There is a Post-It on her laptop. It says that inspiration is for amateurs.

“Kama’s Last Sutra” is a stand alone novel that was released in 2018. Tara Singh (a budding archaeologist) has been excavating the ruins close to Khajuraho for two years now, hoping she can find a new temple. In the process, she has found that she’s got a slight crush on her boss, Hari Varma, the eminent archaeologist. However the man Tara’s really fascinated by is the Chandela King Vidyadhara, who built the crowning jewel of the entire complex: the Kandariya Mahadeva temple (‘the one with the most sex stuff upon its walls’).

Tara’s curiosity is going to be satisfied when she runs into Kala Devi, this tantric that sends her back in time to 1022 CE. Now, Tara (armed with just her wits and this unwieldy sword) finds herself being stuck in this medieval world of concubines, queens, courtiers and the King himself, who’s everything that she had imagined, just sexier. While she scrambles to figure a way back home, Tara starts wondering why she was sent here to begin with.

A heady cocktail of history and romance, this is a delicious story which will leave readers thirsting for more.

“Never Meant to Stay” is a stand alone novel that was released in 2023. A bighearted romantic comedy about family and finding that perfect match set against the exuberant backdrop of contemporary Delhi.

Home has always been just a temporary arrangement for Samara Mansingh, the daughter of a diplomat and a wayfaring wedding photographer. When her dad gets uprooted yet again, Samara needs to have a place to stay in Delhi. Next stop: the Khanna family. Samara’s memories of the Khannas are only vague at best, however she does not recall their home ever feeling so much like a war zone. And the very last thing that Sharav, their surly eldest son, wants is for a houseguest to eavesdrop on any of this chaos.

Sharav has got this melodramatic sister that pushes back on an arranged marriage, a widowed mom that hides her grief in the garden, and a withdrawn lead singer brother that will not sing. Sweeping into the house like a tornado, irrepressible Samara proves to be practically a perfect distraction. She’s got a mind to help a girl out in finding her true love, push a young man into finding his voice, and bring one loving and lonely widow out of mourning. Samara might even be able to get on Sharav’s ruggedly handsome good side.

Only sure thing is that the Khanna family is never going to be the same again. Neither is Samara, who just might finally find what she has been missing her whole life: a home.

Trisha delivers a novel that is filled with lovable and quirky characters and sexual chemistry which is so smoking hot it will leave you breathless. This is a sumptuously layered feast for the senses (part romance, part fam dram). She portrays Indian family dynamics with tender and thoughtful care, particularly the ways in which love gets all tangled with past hurts, romantic relationships, and societal and familial expectations

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