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Troubletwisters Books In Order

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Publication Order of Troubletwisters Books

By: Garth Nix, Sean Williams

Garth Nix and Sean Williams are the authors of the Troubletwisters series. The series is made for young adults and features the characters of Jack and Jaide Shield. The series is designed for middle school aged readers, but anyone can read this fun fictional series!

Garth Nix was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1963. He left at an early age to go to Canberra, Australia, the federal capital. He stayed there and then left when he was nineteen years old to drive around the U.K. in a car with a bunch of books in the boot and a Silver-Reed typewriter along for the ride. Even though a wheel fell off the car, he survived and came back to Australia, where he studied as a student at the University of Canberra.

Nix graduated with his degree in 1986. After graduating, he worked in a bookshop and then in many other positions in the literary field, including a book publicist, editor, and publisher’s sales representative. He also served in the Australian Army Reserve as a soldier part-time. He served for four years in an Assault Pioneer platoon.

Nix eventually left the publishing world to work as a P.R. and marketing consultant for three years. Nix became a writer full-time in 1998, worked as a part-time literary agent a year later, and then went back to full-time writing in January of 2002. He resides in Sydney with his wife and two children as well as a lot of books! In addition to writing the Troubletwisters series with Sean Williams, he has written several novels and series, including the Old Kingdom series, the Seventh Tower series, the Keys to the Kingdom series, and Have Sword, Will Travel with Sean Williams again, among others.

Sean Williams is a New York Times bestselling author of books for adults and young adults. He is the co-author of the Troubletwisters series along with Garth Nix. Born in Whyalla, Australia, the author has written several books and been nominated for several awards. His novel Saturn Returns was nominated for a Philip K. Dick Award, and he has been lauded for his work on several thrilling Star Wars novels in three different series.

He is a resident of south Australia, which he says is a lovely place. Williams admits that he is obsessed by the idea of traveling somewhere else instantly by stepping into a booth and the implications (socially, psychologically, and morally) of utilizing such a technology. He enjoys eating chocolate and can occasionally be found doing so.

He is the author of several fictional novels, including the 1994 book Metal Fatigue, The Resurrected Man, and Cenotaxis. Williams is also the author of the Twinmaker series, the Have Sword series, the Broken Land series, Astropolis series, and more.

The Troubletwisters series started in 2011 with the publication of the first novel, Troubletwisters. It was followed by the sequel novel, The Monster. The third novel came out in 2013 and was titled The Mystery and the fourth book in the fictional series for young adults is titled The Missing. It was released in 2014.

Troubletwisters is the first book in the young adult series Troubletwisters by Garth Nix and Sean Williams. This exciting debut novel features the main characters of Jaide and Jack Shield. Their lives used to be pretty normal, but now they are definitely suspicious that their lives are changing in an unusual way.

For instance, the weather seems to be totally turning against them. Disasters of a magical nature seem to happen whenever the two of them are around. Not to mention the fact that a strange explosion just destroyed their home from the inside out. Things are going crazy.

The twins want to know what’s going on but are stolen away so that they can live with a relative that they’ve never even met before. Grandma X’s house is weird. The weather vanes turn, but they end up pointing the opposite way that the wind is going. Doors not only appear out of nowhere but fade away just as quickly. Animals can even talk, which is never supposed to happen. Just ask the cat.

Jack and Jaide have no idea why all of these strange things are occurring. They also don’t even suspect that they could be troubletwisters. When the time comes for them to find out about their powers and the real truth, can they handle it? Will they be ready to defend the world? You’ve got to pick up the first book in the exciting Troubletwisters series by Sean Williams and Garth Nix in order to find out!

The Monster is the second book in the Troubletwisters series by Garth Nix and Sean Williams. The twins are back, and Jaide and Jack are more empowered than ever now that they have found out the truth about their destiny. They were born troubletwisters, which means that they have powers that other people don’t. Together they share a secret about what they are truly able to do.

Jack and Jaide were surprised when they were sent to live with the relative that they had never met, Grandma X. Her house is very strange and on her property, things happen that don’t happen in the rest of the outside world. Cats can talk to people. The weather vane doesn’t show the true weather. The weather can go from sunny to something else totally strange in the blink of an eye.

When Jack and Jaide Shield learn that they are in fact troubletwisters, everything starts to slowly make sense. At least they have a reason for why everything is being weird. But with their powers comes a good deal of responsibility. Can they harness their powers in time to stop an evil force from taking over the entire world, or are they unprepared to be troubletwisters?

The two were able to stop the Evil force before through sheer intuition and a hefty helping hand from luck. But luck won’t last them forever, and the twins have to learn to use their powers quickly while they prepare for the next showdown. Can they win, or will Evil be too strong? Pick up the second book in the Troubletwister series by Sean Williams and Garth Nix to find out!

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