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Publication Order of True Believers Books

True Believers is one of those unique New Adult Romance series that actually has a decent following; while most such series tend to crash and burn, with only a few books every manifesting any real success, the True Believe series is one of those rare ones that seems to have burrowed into the hearts and minds of lovers of this genre.

+The Story

The True Believers series falls strictly within the New Adult Romance genre. And the novels within this series do not stray far from typical romance tropes. Erin McCarthy’s approach in almost every one of these novels is to basically take two characters that would otherwise never cross paths, or really interact in any meaningful manner, and then forge some sort of relationship between them.

While that sounds like any other romance novel, Erin works to set the characters apart from typical romance tropes by making them relatively interesting individuals. Even the innocent girls struggling to fight their attraction for bad boys often have a few interesting demons hidden in their closets.

They must overcome certain personal complications before they can truly give into their new burgeoning relationship with an individual that is often represented as the worst possible match for them.

While it might seem, from the outside, like the True Believers series is just a disparate collection of romance novels, these books are actually related by more than the series title they all share.

Each new book works to build upon the personal lives and relationships of characters introduced in a supporting role in previous books. For instance, the brother of Book 1’s male protagonist takes center stage in book two, this while Book 3 focuses on the best friend of a major character in the previous books.

In this regard, it could be argued that the True Believers series is just one massive story, with each book merely working to expand on the different faces of Erin McCarthy’s world.

+The Author

Erin McCarthy is a USA Today Bestselling Author. Erin’s bibliography is massive; with her first novel published in 2002, Erin was produced several dozen works over the years, this including novels and novellas for teens.

Erin primarily operates within the genres of New Adult Romance, Paranormal, and Contemporary Romance. Her work has garnered her many accolades over the years.

She was a RITA finalist at some point, this along with receiving the ALA Reluctant Young reader award. While Erin publishes within traditional avenues, she has also dabbled in the indie publishing arena.

Erin loves tattoos, high-heeled boots, beaches, and martinis.


Rory Macintosh has always been shy; as such, when her friends learned that their roommate had never been with a guy, they saw fit to remedy the situation by helping her lose her virginity.

Tattooed bad boy Tyler Mann was the guy of choice, in this case, hired to get the job done, though Rory wasn’t made aware of this particular arrangement. Tyler never thought he could ever be good enough for Rory, not when she was so smart while he was barely making it through his EMT program, not even when his young brothers were looking to him to save them from the hell their druggy mother had left them in.

He, none the less, determines to seize upon Rory’s roommates’ proposal in order to get to know her better, infatuated by her honesty even when he knows he should stay away.

Common sense clashes with desire as these two souls strive to understand the passionate relationship brewing between them. When his family drama begins to threaten Rory’s future, Tyler must choose between cutting ties with Rory for her sake or pursuing the relationship at all costs.

Readers tend to disagree when it comes to ‘True’, the first novel in the True believers series. While the novel seems to elicit a lot of positive opinions, there are people who really hate ‘True’.

For some, Rory stands apart as a fresh and somewhat unique protagonist, her catty and sarcastic attitude giving her a fun spark often absent in New Adult Romance Heroines. For others, however, Rory’s attitude becomes a little excessive as time goes by, Erin working too hard to beat readers over the head with regards to Rory’s sassy and intelligent personality instead of allowing her attributes to organically shine through.

Fans of New Adult Romance seem to gravitate towards ‘True’ with relative ease, amused by the way the Rory/Tyler dynamic develops and the new elements Erin throws into the mix.

Readers for whom New Adult is something they barely tolerate seemed to frequent this book at one point, primarily because they heard that Erin upended the New Adult formula by throwing a few unexpected components into the first Novel in the True Believers series.

However, most such readers have tended to express disappointment, deriding ‘True’ for being just another New Adult novel with little substance.


Jessica Sweet’s foray into college has made her realize that she cannot afford to return to the confinement of her strict parents and play the chastity role expected of her at Church events.

In order to avoid being a hypocrite, Jessica instead finds an excuse to stay at school over the summer, eventually crashing over at Riley Mann’s house.

Sarcastic, cocky and full of opinions, the tattooed stud is definitely not the right guy for Jessica, and she isn’t even looking for a relationship. The burden that Riley bears, raising his younger brothers draws Jessica in as she tries to help him get the house ready for a custody hearing.

It doesn’t take long for the two to fall hard for one another. Jessica is eventually thrown into the corner and forced to confront the truth about herself, her overwhelming fear of rejection through which she could lose the best guy she has ever met.

Most of the crowd that hated the first book in the True Believers series seems to have a more favorable view of its sequel, ‘Sweet’. Jessica, the heroine, is partly responsible, annoying and bratty yet hiding a heart of gold within her.

Her wit carries the book in most places; the first half of the book seems to carry a lot of favor while the second half falls apart for some readers. Readers with no interest in the NA genre won’t care much for it, but ‘sweet’ should appeal to fans of these kinds of stories.

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