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Publication Order of TrueColors Books

Dark Blue: Color Me Lonely (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deep Green: Color Me Jealous (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Torch Red: Color Me Torn (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pitch Black: Color Me Lost (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burnt Orange: Color Me Wasted (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fool's Gold: Color Me Consumed (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bitter Rose: Color Me Crushed (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Faded Denim: Color Me Trapped (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bright Purple: Color Me Confused (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moon White: Color Me Enchanted (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Harsh Pink: Color Me Burned (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Melody Carlson is an American author of fiction. She was born in 1956 and has become a prolific generator of fiction, penning dozens of fictional novels for her readers to consume. She has won several awards and in addition to writing creative stories for adults has also taken some time out to write books for teen readers as well. There have been millions of copies of her books sold over the years.

Melody first became an officially published author in 1997 with the release of her cute book about a squirrel in the forest who is afraid. The book was titled Tupsu. It is a colorful picture book that is filled with wonderful illustrations, an engaging story, and lessons for the reader. The squirrel lives a simple life in the forest, which is filled with sunlight. However, there is more danger than one would think, including a crafty fox that exerts its influence on the innocent little mammal. When the little animal meets another just like him, he is inspired and may have found a companion in the world of the forest at last.

Carlson’s first series that was published was called the Allison Chronicles. The book series has four novels in it. It was a series that she wrote to appeal to young teens from middle school to high school age. The stories feature a young girl who is feeling lost in the days that follow W.W.II. Without a father in her life and with her famous mother being far too busy to pay attention to her daughter, Allison must find out what the love of a family is really about when she discovers an old letter and sets out on a fantastic adventure.

She is also the author of the very popular TrueColors series. The series kicked off in 2003 with the release of the first novel in the fictional series for teens, Dark Blue. Each novel in the series is named for a color. In the first installment of the series, the main characters are a young girl named Jordan and her very close friend, Kara. Even though the two have known each other since they were little, it seems that new conflicts in what the girls want as they grow up may mean the end of their friendship.

The series has been hailed for its ability to cover everyday topics and issues that teens across the nation and the world face nearly every day. These can range from conflict with parents to wanting to do well in school to friendship issues, troubles with body image, wanting to fit in, figuring out their identity, and their religious affiliation and spirituality. With an incredible twelve novels in this series, you will enjoy reading them or even passing them onto your teen to check out for sure! Each book brings new characters and situations you will be sure to relate to– or if not, be able to learn from.

Dark Blue is the very first novel in the TrueColors series. Jordan and her friend Kara have been best friends for a very long time. They were friends even before first grade hit, Together they grew up and shared stories and secrets. But things have slowly started to change from how they have always usually been.

Jordan has started hanging out with a crowd that could easily be considered cool. She has started hanging out with people that are popular, and suddenly Kara has no idea where she fits in. It seems that Jordan has totally forgotten about her former best friend. Actually, it’s even worse than that. Her former best friend does remember her, it’s just that she is actively rejecting her in favor of her new friends and looking as cool as she can be.

Even though the rejection of someone she thought she could trust is turning Kara’s world upside down, she knows that she is going to be able to survive all of these lonely days somehow. Now that she is a threat to Jordan’s ascension to popularity, Kara is going to have to figure out how she can deal with being dismissed and thrown away like yesterday’s newspaper.

Kara is more hurt about her best friend’s lack of interest in their friendship and goes through some tough times as a result. However, these challenging days might just pay off as they may potentially lead Kara to a breakthrough that might just change her life. With some tough choices ahead of her, can this young girl rise above the pain and find inspiration in the darkest of places? You will have to read this exciting and fun first novel by Melody Carlson to find out!

Deep Green is the second novel in Carlson’s popular published series of fiction. If you enjoyed the first book in this series, then you will no doubt find the sequel worth checking out. Jordan is back again in this novel for teens, and this time she is trying out a new hobby. She is thrilled when she gets onto the competitive cheerleading squad at her school and it seems like everything is going great.

She even makes a new friend named Shawna, who has a boyfriend named Timothy. But it seems that their new rapport is destined to go south when this guy suddenly dumps Shawna. Even worse, the reason is apparently that he is interested in going steady with Jordan instead. Suddenly, this teenager finds herself the main topic of all the hot gossip that is suddenly spreading around the school like wildfire.

When it comes to her social life, Jordan wants everything to be as smooth as can be. This whole situation means that she is no longer pals with Shawna– instead, she has become the target of her revenge. Can this new cheerleader survive what her former friend has in store? Will Shawna be able to steal her old boyfriend back by tempting him with something he cannot resist?

You’re going to have to check out the second installment in this series for young adults, Just like the debut novel, this sequel is intriguing and with a moral message behind the story. If you need to find out what happens, then check out this book and the rest of this celebrated series for yourself!

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