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My Life: Growing Up Asian in America(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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About Trung Le Nguyen

Trung Le Nguyen, who also goes by the moniker Trungles, is quite a creative force in the realm of comics and graphic novels. A Vietnamese-American artist, he adds a unique cultural perspective to his work. His storytelling prowess was showcased in 2020 when Random House Graphic published his graphic novel, ‘The Magic Fish.’ Trungles’ ability to weave together diverse narrative threads has positioned him as a standout writer and artist in his field.

What sets Trung Le Nguyen apart is his knack for creating characters that readers can’t help but root for. His protagonists are fleshed out with depth and complexity, making them resonate with a wide audience. The worlds he crafts are not only visually stunning but filled with layers of meaning that enhance the reader’s experience. It’s his storytelling method—rich in emotion and humanity—that makes his work such as ‘The Magic Fish’ not just a read but an experience.

Moreover, Trung Le Nguyen’s gift for storytelling is evident in how engaging and entertaining his narratives are. He manages to weave in elements of fantasy and reality in a way that is both captivating and thought-provoking. This ability to create compelling stories is what makes his work a must-read for fans of graphic novels. Through his unique lens, Trungles invites readers to embark on journeys that are as enlightening as they are enjoyable.

Early and Personal Life

Trung Le Nguyen—born on the 2nd of June 1990 in Palawan in a Vietnamese refugee camp before moving to the US in 1992—has made a significant mark in the realm of comics. After earning a bachelor’s degree in studio art and art history from Hamline University in 2012, he shifted his career focus from arts administration to comics. His work, celebrated for its intricate traditional inking and references to Vietnamese culture, shōjo manga, and classic literature, reflects a rich blend of influences including Rose O’Neill, Harry Clarke, and Heinrich Lefler.

Nguyen’s journey in the comics industry has been marked by varied projects, from his coloring book ‘Fauns & Fairies’ to contributing to the ‘Twisted Romance’ anthology. These experiences have shaped his unique storytelling style, blending diverse influences into stories that resonate with readers on many levels. His storytelling is as diverse as his artistic inspiration, engaging audiences with its authenticity.

His debut graphic novel, ‘The Magic Fish,’ released in 2020, stands out as a poignant narrative weaving together his personal history and cultural heritage. The novel touches on themes of family, identity, and the power of storytelling, mirroring Nguyen’s experiences as a gay, non-binary person.

Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nguyen continues to inspire with his work, showcasing the universal power of stories and art to connect and uplift.

Writing Career

Trung Le Nguyen is a celebrated writer and illustrator, known for his graphic novel ‘The Magic Fish’ published in 2020. His portfolio includes works for notable publishers such as Image Comics and Boom! Studios, showcasing his talent in both writing and illustrating across diverse projects like ‘Twisted Romance #4’ and ‘Adventure Time Marshall Lee Spectacular.’ Additionally, he has ventured into unique projects, including creating the ‘Star Spinner Tarot’ and the ‘Fauns & Fairies: The Adult Fantasy Coloring Book.’

Nguyen’s contributions to literature and art have earned him significant recognition, including a nomination for the 2021 Eisner Award for Best Writer/Artist. ‘The Magic Fish’ distinguished itself by winning two Harvey Awards in 2021 and was acknowledged by the American Library Association, The Globe and Mail, the New York Public Library, and Nerdist as one of the best books of 2020. With these accolades, Nguyen continues to build his impressive career, promising more engaging and creative works in the future.

The Magic Fish

‘The Magic Fish,’ by Trung Le Nguyen, was released on October 13, 2020, by Random House Graphic. It earned nominations for the Lambda Literary Award for LGBTQ Young Adult (2020), Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award (2022), British Fantasy Award for Best Comic/Graphic Novel (2021), and Goodreads Choice Award for Graphic Novels & Comics (2020).

Tiến cherishes his family and friends, yet harbors a secret that could alter their dynamics significantly. He finds solace in sharing his beloved fairy tales with his parents, a bonding activity made challenging by their difficulty with English and his struggle to find the right words to express his identity.

Communication is tough for Tiến, not only because talking to parents as a kid is inherently hard, but also because there’s a linguistic barrier that complicates his desire to come out as gay. He ponders if there’s a term in Vietnamese that captures his experience, contemplating how to reveal his truth.

Its critical acclaim, including several award nominations, attests to its impact and relevance. This graphic novel invites readers on a captivating journey, promising an enriching experience for those who dive into its pages.

Star Spinner Tarot

The ‘Star Spinner Tarot’ deck and guidebook, created by Trung Le Nguyen, was brought to the public in 2020. This unique tarot set is published by Chronicle Books. It merges Trung Le Nguyen’s artistic vision with the traditional symbolism of tarot, providing an innovative tool for self-discovery and reflection.

The Star Spinner Tarot, crafted by the renowned indie comic artist Trungles, offers a fresh take on traditional tarot cards by showcasing diversity and inclusivity through its captivating illustrations. It invites you into a magical realm where mythology and fairy tale blend seamlessly, serving as a guide for personal exploration.

This set includes 81 vibrant cards, among them several versions of the Lovers card to mirror a spectrum of romantic relationships, alongside a detailed 160-page guidebook, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned tarot enthusiasts and newcomers.

With its unique art nouveau style that reimagines and broadens the classic Rider-Waite symbolism, the Star Spinner Tarot stands out as a thoughtful and inclusive gift for anyone interested in tarot or personal growth.

The inclusion of multiple Lovers cards to represent various romantic expressions, along with a comprehensive guidebook, makes this set a welcoming choice for both newcomers and seasoned tarot readers. The ‘Star Spinner Tarot’ stands out as an innovative and inspirational tool for personal growth and insight.

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