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Publication Order of Secret Life Of Trystan Scott Books

By: H.M. Ward, Melanie Bussière

Trystan Scott is the main character in a series of books by New York Times bestseller, H.M. Ward. The series begun in 2012 with the first novel Collide’. Four more of these popular novels have since been written and released, with the last one being 2013’s Revealed’. The highly anticipated series of books sees Trystan Scott as the central character, and the series is a steamy, contemporary romance based affair. All five of the novels published in the Trystan Scott series offer tension and romance, which has earned the series a strong fan following of mainly young women. What is it about these book series and this character that makes everyone want to have them? Let’s find out.

The books begin as a Young Adult genre and slowly shift into the realm of New Adult as the series and books go on. This means as the books develop, the romance gets steamier and a bit more full-on as each novel ends.

The raunchy series began with Collide’. This introduces us to Mari and Trystan. It begins with Mari accidentally overhearing about Trystan being in love. Mari can’t believe it because Trystan is something of a player, and has a steady flow of girls flocking towards him. Unbeknownst to Mari, this playboy lifestyle that Trystan lives is just to mask his constant loneliness and to conceal how messed up he actually is.

To further show the reader how blind Mari is to her crush Trystan, it’s actually Mari he’s in love with. He’s trying to work out how to tell a clueless Mari just how he feels, in a way that will mean she believes him. This is because Mari knows about all of Trystan’s conquests – all his broken promises and insincere words to other girls. They have been friends for a very long time, so Mari is very much in the loop about all of Trystan’s antics. Because of this, he’s struggling with himself as to how to get Mari to believe she’s the one, not just a notch on his bedpost.

Meanwhile, a very clueless Mari is trying to figure out just who it is that Trystan is deeply in love with. It’s clear to Mari that whoever this girl is, he is totally in love with her. Slowly but surely, Trystan’s façade is slipping and Mari is beginning to see the man behind the mask – and she is as equally in love with Trystan.

As with all good romance novels, the course of true love never runs smoothly, and in a desperate bid to make Mari see it’s her who he loves, Trystan uploads a love song especially written for Mari. Surely this should do the trick? It perhaps would, but the video then goes viral – people are dying to know who wrote this song, but Trystan is hidden by his account name and lots of shadows hiding his face in his video. The perils get worse by this point as Trystan becomes vulnerable and should he be exposed the results could be disastrous – and he knows that Mari won’t believe that she’s the girl for him in a million years.

The second book in the series is called Backdraft’ and sees Mari eventually realise that Trystan is the internet sensation whose video went viral. She listens to the song – meant for her – and is overwhelmed by feeling. Everybody knows that song. However, in as twist, Trystan has vanished due to the overpowering response to his video upload and is seriously avoiding the plentiful offers from agents and record labels. Under the YouTube name Day5705, Trystan can remain anonymous – except Mari knows who the internet superstar really is.

Mari is happy to keep this a secret for Trystan, who undoubtedly regrets uploading the video. However, he does enjoy singing the song to Mari face to face and within those moments he finds himself happy and is desperate to cling onto those times of joy. Trystan is more than bewildered as to how Mari doesn’t realize that the song is about her – so Trystan slowly prods her in the right direction, but this then causes him to push her further away from him. The last thing he wants to do is push Mari away entirely.

Disaster strikes when the pair have an encounter, which then shatters their already fragile relationship, thereby taking a great toll on them. A more than disheartened Trystan then has the difficult task of trying to convince an oblivious Mari that she’s not simply just another conquest. However, actions can speak louder than words and this is difficult for Trystan. To make things even worse, it comes to Trystan’s attention that Mari wants to hook up with somebody. He’s torn between two options – should he stop her and try and win her heart, or is he just going to let her go?

This book also adds the element of the race against time as the world is getting closer and closer to uncovering the real person behind the YouTube account Day5705. As well as this, graduation is creeping up and Trystan feels that if Mari still doesn’t know how he feels by then, she’s never going to. So the clock is really ticking in this book, adding suspense and more drama to the already romance and angst filled book.

The first two books were hugely popular and so three more in this series were spawned. The series does a good job of crossing over age appropriate genres, and grows with it audience – beginning with Young Adult and finishing in New Adult / Romance. The series, and the character of Trystan in particular, made this a very popular set of books. This meant in 2014 the series of books were released as a collection and had all of the titles available in one packaged set. From the first two books mentioned above, a further three followed; Riptide’, Shattered’ and Revealed’.

Basking in the books’ popularity, author H.M. Ward brought out Broken Promises’ in late 2015, and it’s a very big transition from the first book in terms of character development. The books have the unique ability to grow with the reader and have an organic growth that lends to the success of the series.

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