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Publication Order of Tubby Dubonnet Books

Tony Dunbar pens the stories of Tubby Dubonnet, which began in the year 1994, when the first novel (“Crooked Man”) was released. The series is from the genres of legal, thriller, and mystery (it has also been described as witty yet hard-boiled noir mysteries); Tony draws on his years of practicing law to write the books in the series.

Tony Dunbar says that Tubby Dubonnet is the city of New Orleans itself. Like the author, Tubby works as a New Orleans attorney. He is a divorced father of three children (all girls); he collects odd clients and odd friends. Ethical dilemmas often besiege him. He is simply big, but not fat and is a former jock. Tubby also likes to take part in off-track betting, drinking Old Fashioneds, and enjoys fishing.

The series has been nominated for an Edgar Award and an Anthony Award.

“Crooked Man” is the first novel in the “Tubby Dubonnet” series and was released in the year 1994. Tubby Dubonnet is supposed to take on Darryl Alvarez as a client, who was caught unloading a lot of marijuana (fifteen bales worth) from a shrimp boat.

When the two first meet, Darryl has Tubby look after what appears to be just an ordinary blue gym bag. It really has a million dollars in it, and when Darryl is shot at a nightclub, Tubby has to tighten his grip on the bag.

He cannot just give the cash up. He will go to jail, if caught. If the wrong people get a hold of him, he will wish he could go to jail.

Fans of the novel found that the liked the way you see New Orleans, the humor, and action in the book; the entire thing entertained readers throughout. There is a fast pace to this short book that make sure that you will finish it quite quickly. Tubby has a great sense of humor that resonates throughout the whole entire book. Some have fallen in love with the book and it makes them want to read more from the series.

“City of Beads” is the second novel in the “Tubby Dubonnet” series and was released in the year 1996. Tubby has gotten bored. He wants more excitement and something different, more than just making money to pay his ex-wife alimony and make sure her daughter’s tuition is covered.

He does not care that he is working for the mob, when he is hired to look into licensing requirements for the city’s money making and new gambling casino. At the same time, he plays executor for an old friend’s estate that controlled some dock leases on the wharf. He even agrees to help the environmental group that his daughter is a part of stop the illegal dumping into the river that is going on.

Tubby finds that he is to be the fall guy so that the casino can expand its operations; he knows this because the three cases he is doing are connected to each other. The leases on the dock, the toxic dumping, and the great casino job. He is running for his life, and now no longer wants more excitement.

Fans of the novel does a great job of taking you to New Orleans; it is obvious that the author is a native of the town and knows how to write about it quite well. He is able to take you there and describe things so you can imagine them clearly; he talks about all the great dishes one can have while in New Orleans. Readers enjoyed the mystery, feeling that it is not quite clear how everyone is connected at first, but gets clearer the more you read. The characters keep readers interested as does the colorful town of New Orleans. Some felt that this was even better than the first book in the series.

“Trick Question” is the third novel in the “Tubby Dubonnet” series and was released in the year 1997. Cletus Busters (a janitor in a medical lab) is caught with the frozen of a woman named Dr. Whitney Valentine, who is one of the lab’s biggest researchers. He was in the restricted section at the time, and will only say that he is innocent of all charges, that is all. He has a conspicuous record and even spent time as voodoo guru; this looks like he will be spending the rest of his life in jail.

Busters’ lawyer goes to the bar for more and more Wild Turkey and begs Tubby for his help. This, with the trial getting closer and closer to getting started.

At the same time, he has taken on a female boxer who is having problems with her boyfriend. This boyfriend is abusive towards her. Tubby also has to deal with the romance that is going on in his daughters’s lives and his ex-wives. Danger mounts in Busters’s trial as the jury is whetting their appetite on all the evidence. Revealing who the killer is could be Tubby’s biggest win or his final case he will ever work.

Fans of the novel like the atmosphere, humor, and the fast pace. Tubby is a character that makes it easy to like him, this comes from his laid back attitude and the way he is a champion of the underdog. He is the one that you want defending you, should you need help in court. Once again, this author writes a wonderful book that is great to relax while reading. This book is even better than the previous books in the series.

“Shelter From The Storm” is the fourth novel in the “Tubby Dubonnet” series and was released in the year 1997. Willie LaRue (who is an out of town kingpin) thinks that Mardi Gras seems to be the best time for a heist in New Orleans. Nobody will be thinking about anything but partying, chaos, booze, and parades. Is anyone really going to be concerned with a heist? A flood threatens the French Quarter, which comes from a frog flogger (happening out of season). This makes the heist not go at all as planned.

Thieves and revelers both are made to tough out the storm together. LaRue’s gang plots its escape, while Tubby is about to shut them down. More people get killed when the storm ends. He fights both for his life, but also for the very city he loves too.

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