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Publication Order of Tucker Mysteries Books

Ray Daniel is an award-winning author, who mainly pens down Boston based crime fiction novels. He is widely known for the Tucker mystery series. Ray Daniel’s short story, Give Me a Dollar, emerged the winner during 2004, Deringer Awards and Driving Miss Rachel was selected as a distinguished short story by the editor of 2013, Best America Mystery Stories, Otto Penzler.


Six months before the commencement of the narrative, Tucker, a computer geek engineer is fired from work that he truly loves, only to head home and find his wife murdered in cold blood. Kevin, his best friend who works for the FBI as a cybercrimes investigator, has a lead. Kevin asks Tucker to find a way of getting his old job back to assist him in finding the killer. The obtuse but often brilliant Tucker follows clues which lead to drugs, danger, murder and sex trade as well. In the town of Wellesley, no one is safe, from the characters that the readers instantly loathe to the ones that they instantly like as well. Tucker’s old company is the eye of the storm, and thus, Tucker applies the one skill set that he knows and in turn sets to debug it. The only problem is that the closer Tucker gets to the truth, the shorter his life expectancy becomes.

Tucker also has an unfortunate habit of getting drunk with wrong women at the wrong time. With the amount of alcohol consumes, the biggest danger that he faces is getting close to an open flame. Author, Ray Daniel combines tension and humor to design a riveting plot, which will have the readers nursing paper cuts that they got from whipping the pages of the book.

Corrupted Memories

Corrupted Memories is the second book in the Tucker Mystery series. In this book, we meet again with Alosius Tucker who has decided to take a high school teacher, Lucy, to watch a Red Sox game on their first date. However, all the fun and entertainment of watching the Red Sox crush their opponents come to a sudden end when Tucker receives a Text Message. The message is in the form of an image of a dead man, and the dead man happens to be his father. This int turn comes as a huge shock because Tucker knows that his father passed away so many years ago. Upon rushing home, Tucker finds his friends from the F.B.I Detective Lee who works for the Boston Police Department and Bobby Tucker waiting for him. The two police detectives break the news that the dead man is not his father but rather his brother.

With that said, Corrupted Memories is a fast moving story. The author, Ray Daniel manages to use the least amount of words possible to tell an excellent narrative of a father’s betrayal tied to a terrorist plot that involves the destruction of America’s exceedingly sophisticated war preparations. Ray Daniel has created a book that is full of superb characters. The plot has been well thought-out as it raises the question as to whether we truly know the people that we live with. The action is realistic while the dialogue is realistic. The setting in Boston and other western and eastern Massachusetts is very realistic.

Child Not Found

Tucker, the protagonist, makes a comeback in this highly entertaining and adrenaline rushing installment in the Tucker Mystery series. The book begins as Christmas is approaching and from the look of things, it appears to be another regular Christmas in Boston. Tucker has just been invited by his friend Sal Rizzo over for lunch. Later on, Tucker volunteers to take Sal’s daughter sledding and this is where the mayhem starts. Maria is abducted, while her mother Sophia is strangled and Sal is arrested. Due to the vacuum that was created by Sal’s arrest, the vultures spotted an opportunity since Sal used to be the local crime boss. Everyone now wants Tucker dead, since he is the only person who possesses a threat and an obstacle for them to climb to power. Furthermore, several people believe that Tucker had just turned on his cousin. Just like the previous installments, Child Not Found, has everything from kidnap, to murder, to gunfights and sex as well.

Apart from Sal, we also meet with Jael, an exceedingly beautiful and deadly Israeli assassin, Bobby Miller, Tucker’s colleague who now works with the F.B.I and several characters from the previous installments. With that said, the writing style in this book is minimal. The author does not use flowery descriptions or exceedingly long passages of text. Instead the abbreviated and clipped dialogues create the Boston Winter atmosphere. To cope with the cold and icy conditions, the characters in Child Not Found, save their strengths. In the same manner, the personality of each of the characters in the book is displayed through the style of the dialogue instead of using superfluous descriptive words. From what the author, Ray Daniel has presented in the book, he shows that he has a clear understanding of Boston as well as his craft. Daniels has woven a plot with realistic and believable characters that will keep the readers guessing with the right amount of explosion.


In Hacked, we meet with Maria, Tucker’s niece, whose life had just been destroyed online. Maria’s personal Facebook account had just been hacked. After finding out that Maria’s Facebook account had been hacked, Tucker decides to take a personal investigation to establish who had hacked into Maria’s account and make the person apologize online. It does not take long before Tucker locates the bully and even convinces him to apologize online in a video so that he could have his identity preserved. However, before the hacker could make the video, he is found dead, with Tucker being the main suspect in the killing. From here onwards, Tucker’s life becomes a mess, and he finds himself at the center of a serious F.B.I investigation. With that said, Hacked is a fast read. The storyline is not only well constructed but it has also been well written. Ray Daniel’s ability to create tension and to also evoke human emotions is outstanding.

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