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Publication Order of Tucker Wayne Books

By: James Rollins, Grant Blackwood

Tucker Wayne Series
Tucker Wayne is the main character in a series of books by New York Times bestselling authors James Rollins and Grant Blackwood. Rollins and Blackwood began Tucker Wayne series in 2014 when The Kill Switch was published.

You may be familiar with James Rollin. He is a famous and best-selling author. On the other hand, Grant Blackwood apart from co-authoring with James Rollins is the author of a series featuring a lead character Briggs Tanner. Blackwood has co-authored with Clive Cussler.

The Kill Switch

The Kill Switch is the first in Tucker Wayne series by Rollins and Grant Blackwood. The book introduces us to Captain Tucker Wayne and his intelligent military dog named Kane. If you enjoy reading about a canine cop in action, you will definitely love The Kill Switch.
We have such strong connections to our pets. It often astonishes us how well the pets read us and yet we are capable of understanding them as well from the tones of their sounds and the stances they make. That’s, but the beginning for the military trained dog in this first book named Kane. He is a fantastic dog that understands what his masters say to him.

Kane is professionally trained such that it thinks and acts what a human soldier would do- and the authors agree that they were quite careful with the abilities they the dog.

A dog can venture into places that a man cannot. Even when visible, a dog isn’t considered to pose the same risk as a soldier. Watching Kane the dog search go stealth, hide and do much more is quite fascinating. Additionally, Tucker is professionally trained, but since a horrible event that cost him his dog, he is not worried to kill. He values life though he wouldn’t think twice before ending one. Additionally, he is loyal to his canine partner, Kane.

In The Kill Switch, we find Tucker and Kane in Russia escorting a wealthy scientist to the United States. What seems to be just but a simple mission turns out to be unlike what they expected. Getting out of Russia, difficult with all the betrayals turns out to be the easiest part of the assignment, but once out of the country, the team is ordered to escort the Scientist on a mission to find a plant that is thought to be the very origin of life.

The map the scientist has stored in his mind leads to huge caverns, water tunnels and a place so awful that it threatens the certainty of the mission itself. The plant thought to be the origin of life may be used by the bad guys for biological warfare.

It turns out that the United States wants the scientist, and so does the Russian government. Additionally, other people are determined to beat the scientist to the discovery, and each move that Tucker makes with his team is followed, and soon everything turns out to be a race to a thrilling finish.

The Kill Switch kicks off at a slow pace but soon switches into a rapid pace to keep readers turning pages to see how Tucker and his team would survive each betrayal along the way.

Given James Rollin’s background knowledge as a veterinarian, he is the perfect author to put his readers in the “mindset” of the canine cop. This fact alone adds more credibility to the story.

The plot itself is some kind of a roller coast adventure with Tucker’s team rocketing from one near death situation to the next. From shootouts, femme fatales, to traitors, to discovering the plant with life origins, The Kill Switch is a true page-turner.

What makes the story different from other books of the same genre is the Military dog, Kane. He is intelligent and extraordinary trained. The dog understands more than 1000 words and commands, and he is genuinely loyal to Tucker.

War Hawk
War Hawk begins when a Jane Sabatello asks Jane for help in finding those who have killed her former co-workers and want her dead. Tucker’s investigations lead him to see that a villainous CEO is behind the killings and a dark conspiracy. He is using Alan Turing to change how modern warfare is fought.

Jane is now working with the Defense Intelligence Agency, and she fits in perfectly with Tucker and his canine partner Kane. She has a closeness to Tucker and Kane both professionally and personally. They are what one would call kindred spirits, they are all no-nonsense, sturdy and have a moral code to adhere to and yet they are secretive in their undertakings.

Through his characters, Rollins explores the issue of moral injury- the new form of PTSD. Both Jane and Tucker experiences adverse inner conflicts thanks to a betrayal that puts them at loggerheads with their moral and ethical beliefs.

According to Rollins, Tucker’s betrayal is related to his war dog Abel which he couldn’t save. He has been running away from his problems but always come back haunting him. Both Tucker and Jane have been traumatized, and their similar issues make them find a way to heal and reunite.

As with other books by James Rollins, War Hawk explores the relationships between partners Kane, Tucker and Belgian Malinois. From their interaction, it is evident that they have a special bond as they are willing to sacrifice their lives for each other. What makes the story more interesting is how the author writes what any pet owner does, interpreting the pet’s thoughts in humanistic form.

The story’s theme is centered on warfare. On the basis of Alan Turing’s work, the novel explains in detail how Alan laid the foundation for the today computer that resulted in drone warfare. Distinct aspects of modern warfare are carefully examined, from political coup to insurrection and the use of drones.
In general, War Hawk has a fascinating story, including information what anyone would want to know but afraid to ask. The relationships between Jane, Kane, and Tucker are well developed. War Hawk is one of the few books with not only an intriguing plot but also plenty of information exploring different subject matters.

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  1. Glenn Gouthro: 2 months ago

    I’ve read Warhawk twice (intentionally) to remind myself of the love and connections I had with my dog Chance who passed away a year ago. I could envision and feel the bond between Tucker and Kane! I hope to hear more from Kane.

  2. Diana johnson: 5 months ago

    I also love these books especially the way the the author humanized Kane so we know his thoughts as he aids his partner tucker the bond between dog and man is wonderful to behold the words “whose a good boy that’s right you are” should be immortalized I say that to my dog all the time now!!

  3. Gloria N Wheeler: 2 years ago

    I love these audio cd books. Hope there are more to come.

  4. sally bell: 2 years ago

    i enjoy reading about tucker and his dog kane .please keep writing about them

  5. David Butterworth: 2 years ago

    I love reading about Tucker and especially Kane. Are there going to be more books coming? I am almost finished reading the latest book I need more Tucker books.


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