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Publication Order of Tudor Warrior Books

Griff Hosker is a published British author known for writing historical fiction novels.

Hosker was born in 1950 in Lancashire, St. Helen’s. He went to a grammar school for boys when he was younger at Cowley Grammar School. When he grew up, he decided to be a teacher and qualified to teach English and drama. He got a job teaching in the North East area of England instructing students on English and the art of drama. It was a career path that suited him and he would go on to continue teaching for thirty-five years.

His gig teaching also served as a creative outlet as he wrote his own original plays and musicals for the students to produce and act in. He wrote a musical called Shakespeare the Musical and his play The Journey was put on in 2000 at the Millennium Dome. Hosker left teaching so that he could start up a consultancy firm. He also worked as an advisor at various schools and colleges. This eventually came to a close, something Hosker attributed to a conservative new government.

Suddenly, the former teacher found that he had a lot of time to fill and not sure what to do with it. He did know that having worked since he was fifteen years old, he didn’t really care for sitting around doing nothing. Hosker preferred to have something productive to do to fill the hours. So he decided that he was going to finally start a historical novel and began doing the research for it at the local library. Looking into the time period with the Roman invasion of Britain, Hosker transformed what he researched into a full-fledged fictional novel that would end up being The Sword of Carmandua.

It sparked what would become a full-on career in writing historical fiction. Hosker found that he liked writing books and kept going. He also enjoys reading other historical fiction novels. His stories are set in specific time periods and are all extensively and carefully researched by Hosker to make sure that they are accurate to those times. He also makes sure that his characters act of the time period as well. Hosker says that the decision to become a writer was the best one that he ever made.

Hosker also enjoys reading, finding out more about history, and visiting castles. He has written books for adults but also made forays into writing for younger audiences, such as with his children’s book Great Granny’s Ghost. Hosker visits schools that have bought the book and speaks to the students there. He has spoken at awards ceremonies and plans to continue doing public speaking.

Tudor Warrior is the first book in the Tudor Warrior series by Griff Hosker. If you enjoy historical fiction and want something new to check out, give this debut in the series a try!

It’s said that young men can become wild when they do not have a father around to guide them growing up. James of Ecclestone is a young man whom you could say fits this description. He runs away to become a billman who will fight the Yorkist pretender known as Lambert Simnel. Through the course of this process, he will set out on a journey that shapes him from a young man into a fully grown man and from a wild youth to a true Tudor Warrior.

Set against the early years of the reign of King Henry VII, this story will take the reader from the Battle of Bramham Moor to the Boulogne siege. Starting with the battle of Bosworth field and concluding with the Skirmish of Glastonbury Tor, the reader witnesses an England changing over from Yorkist to Lancastrian. Will James of Ecclestone become the famed strong warrior that he hopes to be? Read this book to find out!

Tudor Spy is the second book in the Tudor Warrior series by Griff Hosker. If you liked the story of the first novel, dive in all over again with this exciting sequel!

Main character James of Ecclestone returns again for another action-packed historical adventure. He thought that when Perkin Warbeck got executed, he could finally end his days of serving as a spy. That turns out to not be the case.

Kings are perceptive and do not often forget the men that have proved to be useful to them. James was good at what he did. Now, however, he simply wants just a peaceful life spent living with his new family. But as he is thrown into the storm of politics, intrigue, and violence, can he survive it and make it out alive? Read this book to find out!

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