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Publication Order of Tufa Books

The Hum and the Shiver (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wisp of a Thing (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shall We Gather (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Two Weddings of Bronwyn Hyatt (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Long Black Curl (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chapel of Ease (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gather Her Round (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fairies of Sadieville (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alex Bledsoe is a famous in the field of writing. He grew up in the west Tennessee. He is famous for his novels, books, and the genre he uses that is Fantasy. Besides writing, he is also a good editor and a photographer. He was a salesperson for a company that sold vacuum cleaners. His masterpiece is series of novels called Tales of the Tufa. This is a set of eight books and all the books are about a group of people known as Tufa.

Before discussing the series of books, we must get familiar with the term Tufa. The Tufa is the group of people belonging to a race whose history is unknown. No one knows who they are, where are they from, how did they come to the certain area. According to the writer, the Tufa people were already there when the white people discovered that place. They live in an isolated place that is away from normal people. They have dark hair and the writer links them with the mysterious or Celtic faeries, in easy words, with a fairyland. They look like humans this means that one cannot distinguish them from the common people but they can prove themselves different and prominent with the power and magic they have. Like other super creatures, the people Tufa also possess superpowers but their powers and magic lie in their historical music. Even their homeland is famous for the place of music and musicians dream to visit them to make new songs. They are different from normal human being that is the reason they live in isolation somewhere in a rural country but the world, that is modern, keeps on penetrating in their lives. Even though they do not want to deal with the other people, still they have to interact with them. The history and ancestors of the Tufa are unknown but we can get the hints from the music that they produce. Their truth of their background hides in the songs they make and sing. Their particular music is continuously transferring to the next generations of them. If someone wants to know who they are, he can get the idea from their creativity of music.

The series of the novels about Tufa is getting a lot of fame every day. They are famous for “The Series of Tufa” or “The Tufa Tales”. There are eight books and each book describing a story about different characters from the Tufa tribe. The writer has beautifully explained and maintained the character’s features throughout the series. One does not feel that any of the books is boring. The first novel about Tufa is “The Hum and The Shiver”. This novel lets us know who the Tufa people are. There is a character Bronwyn Hyatt. She is the daughter of this tribe who recently returned in wounds that were physical as well as internal. Physical wounds describe the injuries on the body whereas the internal wounds describe the how much hurt is she from inside, or her damaged soul. She is back from Iraq and she is getting the hints of a huge tragedy that is approaching her. However, the main thing that this novel contains is, on her return, she forgets her roots and the music that was the main source of her reflecting her history.

Then another novel of this series is “Wisp of a Thing”. This book also shows a great affection and attachment with music. Now the time comes when people start discussing the Tufa people and their hidden truth behind the music. Modern World comes to know that the Tufa people and their homes are a good source of making new music and getting new ideas. A singer who was hurt by a tragedy enters the world of Tufa in search of a song that was famous because it was written on a stone. He does not know a lot about them except what he read on the internet that they have black hair and a mysterious background. But, after entering their world, he comes to know the hidden secrets and sees a wild girl running through the forest making strange noises. In short, this book explains the mysterious world and lifestyle of the Tufa.

One of the latest books of this series is “Long Black Curl”. Again, this book focuses on the Tufa. This is an interesting one because it is about the two people who were exiled from the tribe. She was a girl and her lover. Because of a reason, both of them were exiled by taking their qualities of making music and made sure they never come back to their motherland. Somehow, the girl, Bo-Kate comes back to her tribe and wants to take over both of them. She brings a singer from the modern world and uses him as a weapon. He will take revenge from the Tufa people on behalf of Bo-Kate. She is now a frightening character who will conquer everything. Her lover Jefferson Powell gets the permission to come back and can live in the territory of the Tufa. He is the only person who can stop Bo-Kate from her frightening actions.

This series of books is now getting fame. According to the author Alex Bledsoe, the series of the same stories must have strong characters. Those characters play a great role in the story as their characteristics prevail until the last book. This is the most difficult task and on the same side, it becomes very interesting for readers. Now the series starts from The Hum and The Shiver and ends at the Two Weddings of Bronwyn Hyatt, the point to notice here is that various characters related to the Tufa were discussed but all of them share the same qualities and features. For example, all the characters have the same blood, same nature, same appearance, and same qualities. The writer used many symbolisms in the books, for example, the exile of two lovers, music, wounded Hyatt returning from Iraq etc. Overall, it is a great and addictive story to read.

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