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Publication Order of Tweed & Co. Books

Colin Forbes was the main pseudonym of British author Raymond Harold Sawkins. Sawkins wrote over 40 books, generally as Colin Forbes. He was most famed for his long-running series of thriller stories in which the main character is Tweed, Deputy Director of the Secret Intelligence Service.
There are Total of 24 Books in Tweed & Co (Series by Colin Forbes). Some are described below
Shockwave (1990)

‘Brace yourself. I’m going to be blamed of murder plus rape. A lovely young girl I have never seen beforehand…’ Target of a merciless frame-up, Tweed is required to flee into snow-bound Europe. Paula Grey claims on accompanying him on his trip into the unknown. The persistent manhunt is directed by Lance Buckmaster, anew appointed Minister for External Sanctuary. Europe’s top security commanders, once Tweed’s friends, are warned to arrest the escapee. The unidentified enemy appoints Armand Horowitz, Europe’s top murderer. His assignment is to: kill Tweed. Racing down Germany’s authobahns, Tweed plus Paula face deadly ambushes. Why it is vital Tweed not ever returns alive? Is the key to these strange events shockwave, sheet anchor of Western Europe’s defense? Transported overseas the Lampedusa, cruising Britain, the giant PC could guarantee the security of the world. And Tweed was in charge of its uninterrupted passage. Joined by foreign columnist Bob Newman, Tweed pursues desperately to escape his secretive pursuers. Arriving at his Swiss refuge via the ice-Cole Black Forest, Tweed hears of the disaster.
The Janus Man (1987)

This novel was a blockbuster in England, leading one to query current British principles for spy thrillers. British spymaster Tweed considers one of his four European segment chiefs is a double agent as well as possibly a sadistic mass killer. Tweed hikes to Germany, wherever one of his top agents was murdered, obviously deceived by the traitor. The Russians in addition to East Germans, eager to kill Tweed, lead him to Lubeck, home of furtive philanthropist Dr. Berlin. Purposely using himself as lure to flush the two-faced “Janus,” Tweed is saved from murder in Lubeck only with aid of British agent Bob Newman. Ultimately Tweed exposes a Russian plot fostered by a hard-talking Gorbachev to overflow England with heroin, which the Soviets undertake will abolish the country.
Cover Story (1985)

“Adam has to be halted….”This was the previous message his wife constantly sent, and even as he read it, foreign columnist Bob Newman identified she was dead. The murderers had sent a movie of her murder to London with the cautionary – tell other persons to keep away from Procane…Procane, a topmost Washington official, is around to defect. With the Presidential election two months away, it is the last thing the Americans want. Worry is, until they know precisely who he is, they could do nothing to halt him. In London, Tweed of SIS watches in addition to waits. Four highly suspicious Americans have by now passed over en route to Scandinavia – the Deputy Head of the CIA, the National Sanctuary Adviser in addition to his wife, and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. Any one of them might be Procane. In the meantime Newman has slipped off to Finland, bent on avenge. It’s phase for Tweed to act.
Deadlock (1988)

The countdown to deadlock has started….. It must have been a tranquil, if unwelcome trip for Tweed. However six fresh graves in a remote Norfolk churchyard mark the start of one of the dead list manhunts ever assumed. A hostile masterplanner has gone missing. He hasn’t defected. He has disappeared – with sufficient explosive power to take out an excessive city, leaving no survivors. Now the Russians, shocked that detente might be demolished, are asking Tweed to track him down. Someplace in Europe, a ruthless cold-blooded murderer is moving to his unknown target, a near-mastermind for whom ‘terror is the eventual weapon’. He has planned a ruthless act of violence which would bring Europe to its knees. With Bob Newman, foreign columnist turned undercover mediator, and Paula Grey, his associate, Tweed must find the renegade beforehand crisis becomes holocaust. The last confrontation would be one of the most frightening they have ever confronted.
Whirlpool (1991)

Reporter Bob Newman discovers his girlfriend Sandy Riverton hanging from a deserted belltower on the East Anglian shore. Sandy’s separated husband Ed, a top managerial in INCUBUS (the world’s biggest bank), has been killed in Helsinki on the very similar night. Tweed has to find out precisely what INCUBUS is up to and what portion Evelyn Lennox, sister of Sandy, in addition to the deceitful Peggy Vanderheld have to play. The single problem is that the spectators sought by Tweed keep being removed one by one.
By Stealth (1992)

Paula Grey has her first suspicion of danger while a boat disappears in fog off Lymington, its sole inhabitant drifts ashore, deceased. Then a British marine commander cautions Tweed that vessels are vanishing. How are these in addition to other factors linked? By the author of “Cross of Fire”.
Cross of Fire (1992)

France is in disaster. A right wing general with leanings to neo Nazism is calling-on the French persons to rise up alongside refugees. Rioting-breaks out in towns, but is it actually what-it seems? Is somebody engineering the disaster to alter French-leadership? Then to-top it all,the French President as well as his ministers are murdered when their T.G.V train is fire-bombed on a bridge plus plunges in to an abyss.

Who can, save France, in addition to eventually the steadiness of Europe?

Rene-Lasalle, head of French-counterespionage sends for Britain’s greatest S.I.S agents Tweed,Paula Grey plus global foreign columnist Bob-Newman, along with faithful rifleman,Marler. Can they halt the general in time beforehand tanks-roll on Paris armed with chemical weaponry?
The Power (1993)

In this thriller, Tweed, Paula Grey as well as Bob Newman face the most specialized enemy they have ever met. Subjected to irresistible and fatal pressure, Tweed’s distracted task is to identify this secretive opponent beforehand it is too late. A nightmare situation unfolds.
Fury features Tweed, Paula Grey in addition to Bob Newman contending their most distressing enemy. Their coworker, Philip Cardon, flees Britain to track downcast the man who killed his wife, Jean. Racing from Chichester’s streams to Bavaria plus Austria, Philip hears of Project Tidal Wave, a strategy to overpower Europe.

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