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Publication Order of Twilight, Texas Books

The Sweethearts' Knitting Club (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The True Love Quilting Club (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The First Love Cookie Club (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Welcome Home Garden Club (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Valentine's Day Disaster (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas at Twilight (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
I'll Be Home for Christmas (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wedding for Christmas (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy, It's Cold Outside (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Christmas Key (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Undercover Cowboy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Christmas Dare (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Christmas Backup Plan (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Second Chance Christmas (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cowboy Cookie Challenge (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Christmas Brides of Twilight (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Twilight, Texas series is a series of cozy romance mysteries by award-winning American novelist Lori Wilde. Wilde published her first novel in the series “The Sweethearts, Knitting Story” in 2009. The novel was an instant bestseller, quickly moving up the romance mystery chart. With the first novel in the series garnering so much popularity, Wilde would go on to published several more titles in the series at about a novel a year. Set in the small town of Twilight, Texas, the novel is a set of romance novels with different characters and different stories, meaning you can read the novels as standalones. The characters in the series are men and women that have been separated from the people they love through circumstances that they could not control. The novels plot stories of ambition, hope, and lost romance of characters that had high hopes of a life together that were dashed when they were forced to leave town to pursue other interests. The most prominent characters in the series are either women that had romantic relationships with the love of their lives, which were unexpectedly cut short, to be reawakened years earlier with unexpected meetings. Writing from the perspective that dreams can sometimes come true, the novels are well-paced and intriguing narratives with interesting characters that would have any romance fan on the edge of their seat.

The characters in the Twilight Texas Stories are forced apart through a variety of circumstances such as one partner going to prison, following their dreams of becoming a star, seeing their loved one marry another, among other disparate circumstances. After many years of being apart, circumstances once again bring the two together for one last chance at love. For some of the narratives in the novel, the women and the men had been in relationships with their love interests while some had yet to declare their love interest. The aspect of the unending love that still burns for their romantic interests over the years is very prominent over the course of the series. What makes the novel even more intriguing is that most of the characters had lost all hope of ever being with their lovers even as they kept the fire burning for years. Coming back to Twilight, Texas, the lovebirds can be together, but most of the time they find that their loves are either unavailable or they are not sure if they would still be a great fit. Spending time together, their feelings of love and desire come flooding back and they realize that they should be together. It is not long before the sparks start flying even as they now have to decide between their career ambitions, other relationship commitments, and interference from friends and family. The decision is not made easy given that they have been apart for years, and they cannot be certain that the person making them feel so good is the same person they used to love.

The series of novels are set in Twilight, Texas, described as a quirky, quaint place and the perfect place to fall in love. They are cute love stories about trying to beat all odds in the quest for love. The men in the stories are mostly upstanding men that would do anything to protect their loved ones and fight for justice. Ranging from men that went to prison only to be let out for their good deeds, to men that are ready to take care of children they knew nothing about; Lori Wilde writes highly emotional novels that would be perfect garden reads for any small town romance fan. From their kind attitudes, to admitting their mistakes and taking responsibility for them, more honorable men do not exist. As for the women in the series, they not only have to deal with the men they love and desire being married to other people, but in some instances they are committed to other people or they have obligations to friends and family. Some of the biggest influences in these women’s lives include people such as their fathers and their Garden and Quilting Clubs that discourage them from following their hearts. Ultimately, the central theme of the novels is that soul mates as an idea is very much a real thing, at least in the small Texan town of Twilight.

“The Sweethearts Knitting Club” the first novel of the Twilight, Texas series of novels is an roller-coaster narrative of love and romance. Jesse Calloway has just come back from prison where he had been for the last 10 years after a wrongful conviction. Released two years early, he plans to go back home to get justice and get back with Flynn MacGregor, the woman he has always loved but had never declared his love for. Meanwhile, Flynn just got engaged to the chief of police who has been her sweetheart since high school. Bumping into Jesse after almost a decade, she is full of love and desire for the man she had always held the candle for. Now that she is engaged, she is torn between the commitment she has made to her fiancé, and the love she feels for Jesse. But as soon as Jesse turns on the charm, showing her how to have fun in life and to be the woman that she knows she should be, she realizes she needs to make a decision – fast. Will she choose Flynn a man that knows her inside out, or the police chief the man who comes with a good name in the community and the prestige?

“The True Love Quilting Club” is the heartwarming and sweet romance of the Twilight, Texas series of novels by Lori Wilde. Trixie Lynn Parks has had a very difficult life during her childhood. While she was about fourteen years old, her mother had left her to go pursue her dreams of being a star on Broadway. Leaving her with her father, Trixie was moved all over the country but she still remembered Sam Cheek her boyfriend, who had taken her to the theaters and told her she had a bright future. Now all grown up, she has moved to New York City and has spent the last twelve years trying to make it big with no success. Getting nowhere with her quest, she heads back home, to Twilight Texas, where she believes she just may find happiness again. Back home she bumps into Sam Cheek who is now an adult and a single father. Rekindling their romance, he takes her to the movies. Sam is known all over town as an honorable man who lives his day without any craziness having been left a widower a few years earlier. But even as Sam intends to do good by her, she gets the call from a big producer in Los Angeles, who wants her to take a role in a movie. Will she choose the love and stability that Sam offers or will she forget him if she finally gets a chance at fortune and fame?

The Twilight, Texas series is a well known book series written by one of the most popular American novelists named Lori Wilde. It is based on the romance fiction and contemporary genres. This series is comprised of 7 novels and 2 novellas in total, which were released between the years 2009 and 2016. The plot of each and every book of this series is set in Twilight, Texas, The United States. Author Wilde has described the stories in a quirky and quaint manner. The romance stories depicted by her prove very well that Twilight, Texas is a perfect place to come and fall in love repeatedly.

One of the most successful books written in the Twilight, Texas series by author Lori Wilde was published under the title of ‘The Valentine’s Day Disaster’. It was published by the Avon impulse publication in the year 2014. Author Wilde has introduced the main characters of this book as Sesty Snow, Josh and Langtree. The book opens by stating that a real disaster can take place on the Valentine’s Day also and a town like Twilight can also experience such disasters. In the starting scene of the book, Sesty Snow is introduced as a hard working and dedicated event planner. She seems to be so much dedicated in her work that she does not have any for love or romance. Because of the increasing load of event planning, Sesty Snow seems to have turned herself into a woman who does not seem impressed by flowers, hearts, etc. at all. She does not even like to goo goo eyes during dinners. Over the years, she has learned how to keep herself, her life, and emotions in control. And the responsibility of running the annual bachelor auction on Valentine’s Day in Twilight seems to be well within her alley. But, when she learns that her sweetheart from the time of high school days has returned back into the town, things begin to work differently in her life.

Sesty Snow finds him to be still as handsome as he was when he left the town. But still, she does not seem to have changed his daredevil habits that had caused the end of his relationship with her. After returning back as an injured driver of NASCAR, Josh Langtree also does not appear to be much interested in becoming anyone’s sweetheart at this time of the year. He just wants to find a relaxing and peaceful place to live and get his wounds healed as soon as possible. Later, a misunderstanding situation happens that ends up making him to do community service in the auction of Sesty Snow. And the handsome Josh Langtree discovers himself in front of a huge crowd of women cheering and screaming for him. But, when his eyes stop at Sesty Snow, she looks like as tempting to him as ever. And when the two of them finally meet, Josh tries to explain Sesty that he has really changed after the injury. This causes Sesty unable to suppress her feelings for him that she has been suppressing since the days she saw him return to town again. As a result, sparks of love begin to fly between them once again in a fast and furious manner. But, before taking any step further into trusting Josh again, she wonders whether he will keep his promise and drive her into a future world that has dreamed becoming possible so far.

One of the other interesting books developed by author Wilde in the Twilight, Texas series is titled ‘Christmas at Twilight’. It was also released by the Avon publishers in the year 2014. In this book, author Wilde has included the lead characters in the role of Hutchinson ‘Hutch’and Meredith Sommers ‘Jane’. The plot of this novel begins by showing that it is the time of Christmas in Twilight. The whole town is being decorated for the occasion and the responsibility of baking the cookies is taken by the Cookie Club. At the time of such happiness and joy, Hutch returns to his home reluctantly. He gets some time off his work as an Operator in the Delta Force and so, he decides to head back home for Christmas. As he reaches home, Hutch finds that his house has been taken over by a stranger. Seeing her standing in front of him, Hutch is not able to say anything and just keeps looking at her beauty. He finds her to be a delicious looking lady and gets pepper sprayed by her beauty. Instead of asking her what she is doing his home, Hutch just stands at the door and appreciates the stranger’s beauty. The stranger introduces herself to Hutch as Jane and accepts the fact that it is his home. She even requests him to let her stay for a few more days, after which she will leave the house on her own. Hutch agrees to it and seeing clearly that he is falling for her, Jane sets down some important rules between them. The first of which is that they won’t indulge in any touching with each other.

This seems to be the priority for Jane, but for Hutch it does not seem easy as he was injured in action and wanted someone like Jane to stay beside him and help him recover soon. His heart begins to pound for Jane’e love and desperately longs for her touch. After a little while, Hutch comes to know the whole truth about Jane and understands why she does not allow him to touch her. The frightening secret that she harbors in her heart is that her real name is Meredith Sommers and she is running from her dangerous former husband. Jane seems to be in a desperate need of safety that Hutch can provide very well. But, she does not realize this. When Hutch knows clean and clear, he promises Jane that he would do anything in her capacity to keep her safe and protected from her ex-husband. And as Christmas comes nearer, the two discover their love for each other and realize that their true love can help them to conquer all their problems of past life. Both Jane and Hutch extremely determined to overcome the obstacles with their growing closeness. However, to do so, it appears that they have to pay a huge price and be ready to face bravely whatever comes ahead in life. The book was well appreciated by the readers and critics alike. They also praised author Wilde for her unique writing style in developing the story. This helped the book to become even more successful and motivated Wilde to write many more such interesting books in her writing career.

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