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Ty Patterson is a bestselling American author that writes thrillers. Patterson is best known for the Warrior novels which feature the ex-special forces operative Zeb Carter.

Ty Patterson doesn’t get nearly as much love as he deserves, or so some of his fans will argue. Ty might be a bestselling author but people have been known to confuse him with James Patterson.

Not that Ty is at fault in any way. Rather, he merely has the misfortune of sharing a name with a massively popular author. If you’ve ever tried looking Ty Patterson up online, then you will have noticed that the results featuring his name are often littered with mentions of James Patterson.

Of course, you won’t find Ty complaining. No one ever came off worse from being compared with a juggernaut like James Patterson. And Ty Patterson has done rather well for himself over the years, cementing his place on the literary market as an author of fast-paced, action-packed thrillers with a fanbase that spans the globe.

Success for Ty in the publishing game wasn’t a given. The author tried his hand at a litany of odd jobs beforehand. His resume includes stints as a leather goods salesman, a trench digger and even a tea vendor.

The husband and father has been writing all his life. When he first set out to pursue publishing, he did so by experimenting with shorter pieces of fiction. Most of his creations were humorous in nature and some readers probably encountered them in magazines.

It was Ty’s wife that actually pushed him to produce longer fiction. She noticed that Ty was spending a lot of time on social media, and she didn’t approve. She thought he was better off using his time to pursue more productive activities, so she challenged him to do just that.

And to his credit, Ty met the challenge head-on. He started out slowly, writing a few chapters here, a few pages there, but mostly uncertain as to what he was trying to craft. Over time, a picture began to take shape, an idea that Ty Patterson attacked with fervor, his efforts eventually giving birth to ‘The Warrior’, his first novel and the story that introduced Zeb carter to readers.

Ty’s decision to write thrillers wasn’t that unexpected. His favorite writers, which included Joseph Finder, Brad Thor, and Robert Crais, were all authors of thrillers.

Like most amateur writers, Ty Patterson was pretty confident in his ability to succeed. The author knew that his novels wouldn’t be the first thrillers on the literary market to feature a badass of a loner taking on the country’s biggest villains and delivering justice.

He set out to separate ‘The Warrior’ from the pack by making Zeb Carter merely one member of a team; the lead operative, obviously, but not a one-man army like most thrillers tended to present.

Zeb wasn’t much of a conversationalist and his team spent a lot of time pulling his leg. He, in turn, was completely loyal to them, their cause, and his country. And Ty Patterson assumed that all those attributes would combine to make ‘The Warrior’ an immediate blockbuster success.

In fact, the author was convinced that Hollywood would be foaming at the mouth for a chance to adapt his story. It didn’t take him long to realize how wrong his expectations were.

In the months that followed, Ty came to understand that his success or failure lay firmly in the hands of the readers and that he, as an author, had no say in the matter. It took him an impressive eight novels before he finally landed a spot on the USA Today bestselling list.

That was three years after his first novel was released. Ty Patterson has considered the possibility that his decision to self-publish might have slowed his success, though you won’t find him complaining.

Even as an amateur writer trying to get his first manuscript together, Ty knew that he would never go the traditional publishing route, not when it meant spending hours, days, weeks, months and even years sending out hundreds of emails and queries only to be met with rejections.

The author knew that Indie publishing was the way to go because it gave him ultimate control over his destiny. He knew that his success and failure would be determined by his writing talent and hard work, not the whims of an editor.

Ty will be the first to tell you that indie publishing is a journey, not a race. The author’s writing style hasn’t changed since he started. He has merely increased the frequency with which he releases his novels.

But it is the business side of indie publishing that has affected his ascent to bestseller status, not only the effort and resources he has injected into designing book covers and hiring editors but also the promotional tools he has learned to utilize, this including giving books away for free.

According to Ty, there is no easy path to success in indie publishing. But the arena offers far greater opportunities to aspiring writers than they will ever find in traditional publishing.

+The Warrior
Zeb Carter has seen it all. He started out as a Special Forces Operative. Now he walks his own path, one that is devoid of romance and friendships. When Zeb witnesses an act of barbarism in the Congo, he realizes that he does not have the capacity to detach himself from the situation.

He simply cannot walk away. Joined in his efforts by an intelligence analyst called Broker, Zeb is going to break all the rules. His determination to deliver justice will take him from Congo to New York and into a shadowy world were nefarious forces will do everything in their power to keep a controversial incident buried.

+The Reluctant Warrior
William Shatner did a bad thing a long time ago. It cost him everything. Now he works in a garage in Brooklyn that barely pays him enough to take care of his two children.

William’s life is about to intersect with that of Broker, the leader of the Warriors, who has been charged with finding and stopping a mole in the FBI.

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