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A King of Infinite Space (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pain Scale (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cold and Broken Hallelujah (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Come Twilight (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Crime Plus Music(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Initially angling for a career in the police service like his late father before a godsend last-minute career switch while in college, Tyler Dilts is an American man of letters with several critically-acclaimed novels under his belt. Tyler Dilts, who was born in Los Angeles, in the US, was greatly influenced by American authors James Lee Burke, Michael Connelly, Lawrence Block, and Ed McBain. He has also co-author an anthology with a group of award-winning scribblers most notably Gary Philips. He is currently a lecturer at California State University.

Tyler Dilts would have become a law enforcer just like his father, who was a Los Angeles-based undersheriff, were it not for chancing upon theater when he went to college. Incidentally, for his undergraduate studies, Dilts pursued Acting and Directing, before a close friend encouraged him to study English Literature and Creative Writing. For his postgraduate studies, Dilts studied English Literature.

Tyler Dilts, whose father doubled up as a detective among other related occupations, was prompted to start writing by his penchant for juicy police stories. His father, who constantly supplied Dilts with the much yearned police stories, sparked his son’s interest in the police procedural genre. By then he merely wanted to have a grasp on whom and what his father was. Later on in life, Dilts kick started his writing aspirations by teaching himself about the justice system and studying books on police procedures. To make it more believable and authentic, he consulted real-life policemen.

Descriptions of Two Early Books
Tyler Dilts debuted in 2009. His debut book is the first novel in the serialized Long Beach Homicide. There are a few editions of the first book. Nonetheless, the first edition of the first book in the said series was originally published in 2009, titled A King of Infinite Space, and the series is shelved as crime, mystery, thriller, and detective fiction genres.

Another early book by Tyler Dilts is The Pain Scale. Published in 2012, this is the second book in the Long Beach Homicide series. The featured protagonist in the aforementioned series is Danny Beckett. Meet Beckett. Protagonist Danny Beckett is a homicide detective, working in the Long Beach Police Department, based in Long Beach upon California. His partner is called Jennifer Tanaka, a past master at martial arts. Beckett’s wife died in a road accident some years previously. Did you know that the title of his debut book is borrowed from William Shakespeare’s play titled Hamlet–in Act 2, Scene 2?

On the one hand, the first book in the series, A King of Infinite Space, revolves around the murder of a high school teacher and protagonist Danny Beckett’s quest for nabbing the perpetrator; what’s more, Beckett, who is still moaning his late wife, see it as an avenue for reparation. As such, he has a vested interest in the murder case.

Danny Beckett is winding down after an eventful week when he is informed that Elizabeth Williams, who is a teacher at the neighboring Warren High School has been killed in a gory incident at the institution. Beckett hurries off to the scene of crime wherein he is surprised by blood-cuddling site. Worse still, one of the hands of the victim has been chopped off by the mysterious murderer apparently as a souvenir.

Danny Beckett teams up with his partner Jennifer Tanaka and both of them start sleuthing. By and by, there is a series of murders. The case is complicated by their personal lives. Danny Beckett has emotional baggage while Tanaka is grappling with a cumbersome martial arts learner.

On the other hand, the second early book, The Pain Scale, is all about a homicide case involving the relatives of a high-profile politician. Hereby, protagonist Danny Beckett, alongside Jennifer Tanaka, is investigating the fate that has befallen the politician’s kin, hard on the heels of reporting to work after a year-long medical leave. Beckett is driven by a desire to demonstrate to his superiors that he still can make it–it is a test of his mettle.

The launching pad of this book is the gory murders of a mother, alongside her two children. These are not just normal murder victims. Why, they are close relatives of a Californian member of congress! The state and federal agencies are breathing down Beckett and Tanaka’s necks courtesy of the Congressman’s influence; this is coupled with the inquisitive media houses and amid their personal problems, the two detectives have to deliver.

Tyler Dilts Awards
In 2017, Tyler Dilts was nominated for the Edgar Award in the Best Paperback Original category, by virtue of his 2016 book titled Come Twilight, which is the fourth in the Long Beach Homicide series.

Best Tyler Dilts Books
A King of Infinite Space, A Cold and Broken Hallelujah, and Come Twilight are the best books ever published by Tyler Dilts. The first book has been described above. Published in 2014, A Cold and Broken Hallujah is the third novel in the Long Beach Homicide series. Hereby, protagonist Beckett responds to a call wherein a downtrodden and vulnerable person is lynched by teenage arsonists. Suspects have been apprehended and there is sufficient proof. So why else would one of the perpetrator’s brother be marked for assassination? Beckett thinks that there is more than meets the eye. In the book Come Twilight, homicide sleuth Beckett is summoned to probe a suicide incident which soon morphs into a murder case; no sooner has Beckett started sleuthing than a car bombing incident pulls him off the case and is placed under custody.

Other Book Series You May Like
Voracious readers of Tyler Dilts literary works also liked the following related series. The first one is the John Tall Wolf series authored by Joseph Flynn. John Tall Wolf is the protagonist in this series; Wolf is a detective with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The second one is the Paul Chang Mystery series penned by J. Gregory Smith; featured protagonist Paul Chang, who is a Chinese-American, works at the Wilmington Police Department as a homicide investigator.

The third series is entitled Nathan Heller and is penned by Max Allan Collins. The featured protagonist Nathan Heller is a former policeman but currently a Chicago-based private investigator; it is set in the 1930s crime-laden Chicago and in the wake of the Great Depression.

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