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Publication Order of Tyler Locke Books

The Ark (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vault / The Midas Code (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Roswell Conspiracy (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Loch Ness Legacy (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tyler Locke is a series by Boyd Morrison a former Army combat engineer who later on turned into an author. Boyd is an American citizen born on February 17, 1967. Boyd Morrison is also a bachelor’s degree holder in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University. He also holds a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in Industrial Engineering. Before venturing into the field of writing, Boyd joined and worked for Lockheed. Under Lockheed, he was posted to a space station, Freedom Project at the Lyndon B. Space Center. Boyd later moved to Seattle where he joined Microsoft in the production of Xbox games where he received credit for the PC and Xbox games including Flight Simulator 2004, Forza Motorsport, Racing 2 and Gotham.

A few years later, Morrison resigned from the Microsoft group in 2005 and began his writing career. His area of specialization includes thriller novels, actor write-ups, and jeopardy. Boyd’s first book, The Noah’s Ark Quest was self-published but was later on re-published by Simon and Schuster in 2010. It became among the top 15 bestselling books in the UK. Also known as, The Ark, The Noah’s Ark has been translated into more than 22 languages. The Noah’s Ark became the first installment in the Tyler Locke book series. Other books in the series include The Vault, which was published in the year 2011, The Roswell Conspiracy published in 2012 and The Loch Ness Legacy published in 2013. Morrison has also co-authored two books with the New York times best fiction writer, Clive Cussler. The books are Piranha, and The Emperor’s Revenge was published in the years 2015 and 2016 consecutively.

The Noah’s Ark Quest

Also known as The Ark, Noah’s Ark is the first installment in the Tyler Locke book series, by Boyd Morrison. This book is highly recommended for lovers and readers of general fiction. The book begins as Dilara; an exceedingly talented and expert archeologist is meeting up with her colleague, who is expected to land in her father’s airport. The two, however, have always met in life and death situation. A few moments after her friend arrives; he is attacked and unfortunately succumbs to death due to the attack. The friend had come to inform her of his father’s discovery of the secrets of Noah’s Ark. His last words were a series of cryptic names and phrases that would later guide her to find the ark and answer questions about the mysterious disappearance of her father a few years earlier. Before dying, the friend also informs her that the only person who could be of help is a former army combat turned engineer Tyler Locke.

Dilara sets out to search for Locke amidst running for the safety of her life. She finds herself in northeastern waters, headed towards an oil rig in the American/Canadian borders. Here, she has high hopes of connecting with Tyler Locke whom she anticipated can help. Locke is famous for his vast knowledge and skills which are the source of his immense wealth. However, as her helicopter goes down to land, something seems off, and it crashes into the waters around the rig. With his engineering skills and quick thinking, Locke manages to rescue her and other people on board.

Dilara believes that the helicopter crash is not by accident. She knows that there are bad guys who want her death just like her friend. The main cause of rivalry being the secret in Noah’s ark which is believed to contain keys to salvage humans. The bad guys are after it with an evil plan to destroy the world with a super plague, floods, similar to the biblical narration. Dilara narrates the story to Locke, but he is skeptical about it. He, however, comes to believe it when the oil rig comes under attack by terrorist bombers hoping to hinder Dilara from spreading the information.

Hasad Arvadi, Dilara’s father, had spent his whole life seeking to unlock the secrets of the ark but disappeared before he could conclude his findings. However, what her father had found out tied up with the recent happenings including a helicopters crash in the desert with a celebrity on board and attack on the world’s newest and largest cruise ship. Having realized this, Dilara and Tyler, with a small cast sets out to sort everything before the worst happens. They begin by focusing their attention to Sebastian Ulric, a billionaire engineer with questionable ethics.

The novel does not fall short of actions and adventure as the two lead their cast in unwinding the secrets amidst facing several challenges and setbacks in their escapade. Dilara and Tyler realize that they are one step ahead of Uric, who leads the bad guys. The pair continues with the race that builds up the suspense towards the novel conclusion. The story creates an equal balance between science and religion in a not only interesting but also fascinating way.

The vault

The vault is the second installment in Tyler Locke series by Boyd Morrison. This is yet another contemporary thriller with fascinating scenes. Tyler, the champion, and saver in the first book, the Ark, is again in trouble. The book introduces Jordan Orr, the bad guy, who sets up Tyler Locke and a new character Stacy Benedict in a thrilling situation in a bid to convince them to resolve an ancient puzzle and valuable artifact with a great premise linking Archimedes and King Midas. Jordan has all the necessary items except two important pieces that will complete the puzzle. The two pieces are expert in ancient civilizations and an engineer to decode centuries old mechanisms. These two pieces can be completed by Tyler and Stacy. He, therefore, puts them in a compromised situation by setting a twenty-eight-minute bomb in a ferry the two were commuting on.

Since the two are out of options, they had to help him. At this point, the reader will be asking as to whether Locke can outsmart Jordan. The vault uses diffuse and popular myths to base and justify treasure hunts using ancient artifacts and Greek coded texts. The story is set in a very exotic European setting where heroes defuse bombs, commit a heist, translate dead languages, escape a mafia as they race a deadline-dodging a lot of bullets. Scientific content, unlike the first installment, takes a back seat to the historical and archeological details.

With that said, Boyd Morrison takes another part in story narration. Whereas other writers focus on contemporary terrorism and combat novels, Boyd indulges in the lore’s of old. Morrison’s pieces not only plot driven but also highly entertaining and fast paced. This in turn places him in the exceedingly short list of intelligent and historical thriller writers such as Steve Berry and James Rollins.

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