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Publication Order of Tyrant Books

Tyrant (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Storm of Arrows (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Funeral Games (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
King of the Bosporus (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Destroyer of Cities (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Force of Kings (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Tyrant series is a series of popular historical fiction books written by the world famous Canadian author named Christian Cameron. It is comprised of 6 historical books in total, which were published between the years 2008 and 2014. Author Cameron has set this historical fiction series during the era of the great conqueror named Alexander. The central theme of the series revolves around the Euxine area’s history and describes the relation between the Scythians and the Greeks. Author Cameron says that he began writing the series in the year 2008. In his first attempt, he penned down and published its debut novel titled Tyrant. The success that he received following the publication of the first book gave him the necessary boost to write a few more books in the famous novel series. Currently, the series is believed to be still going on as author Cameron is working on the plot developments of several more books in the series. Other than the 6 books, one of author Cameron’s standalone books titled ‘Alexander : God of War’ is also believed to have ties with the historical fiction series. Author Cameron has said that the first few plots of the series took birth in the classrooms of the Toronto University’s Classics Department, where he decided to develop a series based on historical novels in the year 2003. In the initial parts of the series, author Cameron has depicted the prominent characters in the form of Srayanka and Kineas.

Kineas is introduced as a cavalry officer in the Athenian army, who fought alongside Alexander against the Persian army. But, after returning home, he comes to know that he is not glorified and is rather made to feel shame and exiled, in spite of being extremely loyal and dutiful. In the middle of this extreme crisis situation, the only ray of hope that Kineas receives is in the form of the deep love from a Scythian noblewoman named Srayanka. Kineas knows that he will have to continue serving his duty for the tyrant ruler and be loyal to all his men. He also has to do justice to love given to him by Srayanka. Therefore, he decides to use all his battlefield skills, Athenian guile, and the help from the gods for surviving during the hard times. According to author Cameron, Kineas refers war as the greatest tyrant. The first 3 books of the series center around the interaction between the Greeks and the Sahks or the Scyths, as they were called by Herodotus. The Scyths are described magnificent people who like to ride horses. They are shown as dominating the steppes located in the northern region of the Baltic sea. They refer to this region as the Sea of Grass. Overall, the novels appear to be a wide description of the warfare and action during the ancient historical times. The series is very much full of interesting characters that appear lively and colorful. They helped to attract the readers in huge numbers and thereby helped the series to become immensely successful. The main characters of this series appear to be engaging and their stories also seem gripping. After the release of the various books of the series, author Cameron was praised on each occasion for his rich setting of the plots.

One of the popular books published in the Tyrant series by author Christian Cameron is titled as ‘Destroyer of Cities’. The Orion publishers released this book in the year 2013. The story of this book revolves around Demetrius, who is the son of one of the former comrades of Alexander named Antigonus One-Eye. Demetrius is depicted as being the most charismatic and dashing successor of the Macedonian generals, who were believed to have engaged in a bitter fight for the spoils of the short lived empire of Alexander. At the start of the interesting story, Demetrius is shown as still trying to overcome his epic defeat against Ptolemy. This time, he has his eyes set on something which is considered as a rich price in the ancient world, Rhodes naval superpower. The Rhodians know the fact that if they get defeated, they will be annihilated. Demetrius plans to engage in 5 naval battles over the course of a few years before beginning his attempt to breach the wall of the city. If he succeeds in doing so, he will able to employ some of the most fantastic war machines. One among the super weapons is a gigantic lens made of polished bronze that can set ablaze the wooden ramparts of the whole city. If Rhodes wants to survive such a merciless assault from Demetrius, all her rulers must get as much as help from their allies as possible. One of the allies on whom Rhodes highly depends is Bosporus’ new King named Satyrus. He is joined by his fiery twin sister named Melitta to help save Rhodes from the devastating attack of Demetrius.

Another well known book published in the Tyrant series by author Cameron is titled as ‘Force of Kings’. This book was also published by the Orion publication in the year 2014. Author Cameron has depicted the story of Satyrus and Mellita in this book. The starting sequence of the book shows Melitta and Satyrus as the twin monarchs, who have worked very hard, seen a lot of friends die and much blood spilled in order to secure their kingdom nearby the Black Sea. They know that a colossal conflict has arisen between the former generals of Alexander to inherit the vast empire left behind the great conqueror. The twin monarchs also know that sitting idle in such unsteady conditions is not going to help them stay protected. They realize that they must join forces with one among the contenders if they want their kingdom to have a safe future. But in doing so, they must be careful not to make any wrong decision otherwise they might end up getting destroyed. The stakes rise higher as Ptolemy, Demetrius, Antigonus, Seleucus, and Lysimachus gear up for the last battle. Satyrus and Melitta find themselves caught entangled in a web of intrigue as other contenders also make their armies ready for the battle. If they are not able to take a better decision soon, they fear that they might end up losing everything they have.

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