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Tyrell Johnson is a horror fiction author from Kelowna, Canada even though he was brought up in Bellingham, Washington. He went to the University of California from where he majored in poetry and fiction and graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing.

His thesis was in the use of magic in modern speculative fiction and in producing it, he worked with Mark Haskell Smith and Jill Alexander Essbaum the New York Times bestselling authorS.

Once he graduated with his MFA, he went on to have several of his works published in literary magazines including “Autumn Sky Poetry,” “Mirror Dance” and “On Spec.” Johnson published “The Wolves of Winter,” his debut novel in 2018.

The novel would go on to be published in several jurisdictions across Europe, won several awards and made the top of several lists. It was also a beselling title in Canada and was on the “Toronto Star,” “Mail” and “Globe” bestseller lists for several weeks.

Before he became a bestselling author, Tyrell Johnson was an editor for many years and worked on all manner of manuscripts. He has worked as an editor for several literary companies including Standout Books, Scribendi and Kirkus Reviews. He is thus experienced in developmental editing, copy editing and line editing.

He always loved that he could look at the whole picture of a novel and then help authors come up with believable and intriguing characters. During his time as an editor, Johnson has worked in a wide variety of commercial and literary fiction including fantasy, crime fiction, science fiction, young adult and thriller fiction.

While he became an editor, writing was something that he always wanted to do ever since he was in college. This is why he studied English and Creative Writing. After several years working as an editor he thought he could also write.

While he initially got started with fantasy he became interested in post apocalyptic fiction as it provided the freedom to create her own world in modern settings.

Tyrell Johnson knew that she was better with post-apocalyptic fiction since he loved reading works in the genre.

She likes the questions post apocalyptic fiction often poses about people and how they would change if all of the luxuries of the modern world were wiped out. He was also a new father during this time and thought the emotions and experiences would make for a great dynamic in his novel.

Prior to writing his debut, his manuscripts featured male protagonists as lead even though his favorites have always been the females. As such, when his wife urged him to make his lead protagonist a female he thought why not try it out.

Writing the novel, he had to do a lot of research on the fauna and flora of the Yukon in which the novel is set. He also has to watch a ton of YouTube videos on things like how to gut a wild animal and how to construct an igloo.

Still for Johnson, it was not about reading or watching but about internalizing them so that he could accurately and vividly describe them.

Tyrell has also been influenced by all manner of movies and books she read, friends and family which she combines with her preferences, personality and experiences to write her novels.

“The Wolves of Winter” by Tyrell Johnson is a novel about surviving and what it takes to survive. The novel is set in a dystopian world struggling to keep going and stay alive. This is the setting in which Lyn and her family find themselves as they try to survive.

The Yukon is a tough place to survive and what had once been deemed normal and expected is now a luxury or a dream. Even more interesting, it does seem as if the world is trying to come full circle, trying to recreate the world that is seemingly gone to the dogs.

Lynn hates her new life but finally gets resigned to it. But things change when Jax, an interesting character, comes into town and into her life. From that moment, she discovers exciting things from the depth of her heart.

Both raw and bloody, the novel explores how the future of humanity could change in an instant. Tyrell writes of a pessimist future but the sun still shines even when the sky is covered by the darkest clouds.

The best thing about this novel is that Lynn McBride gets her hands bloody and dirty in order to become successful. Through the tough conditions, she comes up with a novel way of surviving.

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  1. Linda Yablonski: 2 years ago

    Tyrell Johnson has a third book now – “The Lost Kings” described on Penguin Random House website.

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      I believe there are only two books by Tyrell at this time which are both listed above – including The Lost Kings.


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