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Publication Order of Tyrone Swift Books

The Lady Vanished (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Secrets (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two Lovers, Six Deaths (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Watching You (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Low Lake (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Your Last Lie (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Lost Sister (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in Pembrokeshire (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death By the Thames (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Brother (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Tyrone Swift series is a set of bestselling crime fiction novels by Gretta Mulrooney. The author was born to Irish parents in London, which is the city where she spent much of her childhood.

Later on, she would attend The Univerity of Ulster, where she studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English. She would also study and qualify for a course in Social Work.

Thereafter, she proceeded to become a secondary school teacher of English and also worked for many years providing social care in London.

Working in London with its mix of cultures, nationalities, poor, and rich inspired some of the settings in her Tyrone Swift series of novels.

It was while she was in her thirties that she got into fiction writing. During this time, she got accepted by Poolberg Press with whom she published five children’s fiction works.

Gretta published “Araby” her debut adult fiction novel under Harper Collins.

Gretta published “The Lady Vanished” the first novel of the “Tyrone Swift” series of novels in 2015. It was this novel that would spawn the very popular series that by 2021 had 9 titles.

Mulrooney has since then gone on to write several other novels that have been just as popular. In addition to two series, and several single-standing novels, she has also written a short story collection.

Several of her short stories have also been adapted and commissioned by Radio Four in the United Kingdom.

As for how she came to love storytelling, she has asserted that she was always a huge reader of crime fiction and psychological thrillers.

When she retired she thought she could turn her passion for such stories into a new career.

The Tyrone Swift series of novels introduces the lead as a former police detective that now works in the private sector. He is a survivor as he had to live through his fiancee eloping with another man and being stabbed several times.
He has a very complicated private life as he still regularly communicates and seems to be involved with Ruth his ex-wife. The complication is that Ruth is pregnant with his child, even though she is now living with another man.

He has recently been getting interested in Nora Morrow, the newest police detective at his station. His professional life is just as complicated. When he quit the police officer to become a private investigator, he did not think the criminal world would be so dank.

He now has to deal with all manner of crimes ranging from drug dealing, gang crime, human trafficking, and racketeering among other despicable crimes.

That is not all as he soon discovers that betrayals in the business are the name of the game and that people can be vicious particularly when money is involved.

He usually has his hands full with the many problems of his clients but things usually get messier when his private life intrudes into his work.

The first novel of the Tyrone Swift series “The Lady Vanished” opens with Tyrone Swift having to find Carmen Langborne who has gone missing.

She is a wealthy widow that is devoted to her three felines and is keen on offering her support to animal charities.

She has been hired by Florence the stepdaughter of the missing woman. Right from the start, it is very clear that Swift and Rupert her brother have no love lost for their stepmother.

They believe their stepmother is deceased but even though they will not be shedding any tears, they are hoping her body will be recovered so that they can get their hands on the money she left behind.

Carmen had gone missing from her home and had not left any provision for her three felines making her disappearance very suspicious. At the moment Mrs. Farley her cleaner has been feeding the cats.

As Tyrone investigates the history of the Langborne family, the mysterious disappearance becomes even more suspect.

“Blood Secrets” the second novel of the “Tyrone Swift” series continues to follow the life and times of ex-metropolitan police officer turned private investigator Tyrone. He is currently investigating the death of a young man named Teddy Bartlett.

More than two decades ago, he had been severely beaten and left behind a suicide note. Since there is too much evidence to dig through Tyrone tries to separate the wheat from the chaff by talking to everyone.

He talks to his family including his addicted brother, his absentee father, and Sheilah his sister. He also talk to his school teacher, his old friend, and the detective that had been in charge of the case.

As he dives into the investigations, he has to confront his demons including his obsession with ex-wife Ruth, an ailing attorney, and a cunning vandal that seems to have a vendetta with him.

Elsewhere, one of his closest friends is planning on with her life as she has found a new partner. She has recently approached Tyrone and made a very personal request.

With the case progressing, Tyrone has to move on with his life and also find peace with his past.

The third novel of the Tyrone Swift series “Two Lovers, Six Deaths” is the story of Dominic Merrell who stabbed and killed his girlfriend. He had then written a confession note before hanging himself.

It seems like an open and shut case but is it? Dominic’s wife believes that he was a mild-mannered man that could not hurt a fly and could not have been responsible for the murder.

She engages the services of Tyrone Swift as she believes the police never bothered to look deeper into the case and made wrong conclusions.

When he talks to the dead man’s coworkers and friends, they say that he was an upstanding man, a devoted husband that loved his children until he met the woman he allegedly killed.

So if he was not responsible for the killing then who was? And why would he confess that he killed her when he is innocent?

However, everyone has secrets and Dominic and the victim are no different. The more Tyrone investigates, the more deaths come to light and he becomes even more determined to find out the truth.

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