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U.S. Marshals Books In Order

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Publication Order of Cold Ridge/U.S. Marshals Books

The U.S. Marshals Series is a fictional series of novels in the romantic suspense genre written by Carla Neggers. An American author, Carla Neggers is also known by pen names Amelia James and Anne Harrell. She is a New York Times bestselling author and has written over seventy novels, selling millions of novels internationally.

In addition this series, she is the author of different series including the Sharpe & Donovan series, the Swift River Valley series, the FBI/Ireland series, the Carriage House series, the Black Falls series, and more. Growing up in Massachusetts with six brothers and sisters and a Dutch father and southern mother, Neggers fell in love with storytelling and developed an eye for detail She uses her imagination to great effect and enjoys creating fast-paced plots, complex relationships, and a sense of place in her novels.

There are six books in the U.S. Marshals series. It starts with Cold Ridge, published in 2003. Night’s Landing was the 2004 sequel, followed by The Rapids, Dark Sky, Breakwater, and Abandon, which was published in 2007. They all involve U.S. Marshals in some way.

The first novel in the series as mentioned before is Cold Ridge. The main character in this book is the plucky Carine Winters. She makes her living as a photographer, but when she accepts a job in Boston she knows that she is taking a bigger risk than she would like. The gig involves taking shots of Sterling Rancourt’s historic home and capturing the beauty of this graceful estate. So what is Carine so worried about? She’s concerned that she could run into Tyler North while she is there– it is his turf.

Tyler also happens to have rescued Rancourt’s life– the very man who owns the home she is supposed to photograph. He also was the man who was supposed to show up and marry her one year ago, and he fled and left her standing at the altar instead. So feelings are running a bit raw for Carine, but she would like the money and the opportunity, so what can she do?

Carine decides to go ahead with the job, but when she shows up and discovers a dead body in the house, she’s shocked. This is not the job she signed up for. And as things start to evolve, the only suspect that the police are putting front and center is Tyler’s best friend. Tyler couldn’t have committed the murder because he was on a rescue mission in northern New Hampshire on Cold Ridge at the time. He is coming back to town when news of the murder reaches his ears and the fact that his best friend Manny is the prime suspect.

Naturally, Tyler is surprised that Manny is in trouble and that he is a prime suspect, so he goes to see him. He thinks that his friend is going to ask him for help. But instead, he asks Tyler to protect Carnie instead. His best friend is concerned for her and wants him of all people to take her to Cold Ridge and out of the way of the murder investigation. Manny is convinced that she will not be able to resist getting involved. He thinks that Carine may also be a target of whoever killed the individual in that house.

Carine seems to be at the center of a strange, invisible target. But when the only person she thinks that she can trust is the one person in the world she also promised herself she would not trust again, what is Carine supposed to do? With a limited amount of time to make a choice, it may not matter. The killer is still out there, and when they travel to Cold Ridge it may appear that the last person they want behind them may have followed them there.

Will Carine and Tyler be able to stay safe, or is the killer’s murderous plan one that is too foolproof to ignore? The stakes are higher than ever in this exciting debut novel from bestselling author Carla Neggers. Carine and Tyler are up against someone who wasn’t afraid to kill– and won’t be afraid to kill again. What happens? Pick up this adventure thriller and romance to find out!

Night’s Landing is the second book in the Marshall series. Readers are plunged into an arena of adventure, romance, intrigue, action and more as the series is back with more fast-paced action. Main character Sarah Dunnemore is an archaeologist and likes to think of herself as relatively evenly keeled. So she is ready for anything as she makes her way back to her family home all the way in Night’s Landing, Tennessee.

But even she isn’t ready to hear the news that her twin brother was wounded as a result of a Central Park sniper attack. Sarah flies to New York to be with Rob but instead runs into fellow injured U.S. Marshal Nate Winter. He is no-nonsense and tough, always willing to follow the rules to the letter in his work. But in real life when he has a shot at tracking down the killer, he’s willing to bend or even break the rules.

Nate thinks that the official investigation will not be enough to break the case. He also thinks Sarah has information once he learns she was considered a friend and listening ear to the president of the U.S.– their famed neighbor in Night’s Landing. With this information in mind, you can’t blame Nate for wanting to follow her to her hometown. Nate is attracted to her, but he’s not going to let anything get in his way of finding out the truth and bringing a killer to justice.

With danger lurking around every turn and his feelings for Sarah growing stronger, Nate must push on in his quest to find the truth. But will his pursuit of justice be enough to get him all the way to the finish line? Or will the people working against him in the shadows win? Pick up this exciting sequel to the first U.S. Marshals novel and find out for yourself!

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