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Publication Order of Ultimate Books

Ultimate is a romance series by Lori Foster. The series introduces a number of martial art fighters and the women currently in their lives. First is the story of Cannon Colter, one talented man, and Yvette, the woman he has found hard to forget since their first encounter. Next is Denver and Cherry, another lovely couple that has to deal with family drama and trust issues before they can enjoy their relationship. Characteristic of Foster’s writing, the themes of family and friendship is prominent in this series. The writing is also outstanding, and there is enough action throughout the pages, so you can be guaranteed that there will be no dull moments here.

No Limits

No Limits is the first book in the Ultimate series. The story stars Cannon Colter, a martial art fighter and Yvette Sweeny, the damsel in distress he rescued three years ago. Cannon saved Yvette from her kidnappers, which led to some form of hero-worship. While Cannon is quick to notice that Yvette is head over heels in love with her, he pushes her away since he thinks that she is too young. Now, Yvette is twenty-three, and Cannon feels that she is ready for a relationship. Yvette has grown smarter and is determined to accomplish everything she sets her mind to while Cannon now feels that this young girl was well worth the wait.

Yvette’s grandfather left Cannon half his house and pawnshop, so now these two are forced to live and work together. In a letter to Cannon, Yvette’s grandfather explains his desire for Cannon to assist his granddaughter in coming out of the shell she has been living in for the past few years. The reasons why he chose Cannon was because he had helped keep the pawnshop safe and his work in ensuring that the community is free of drugs and criminals had not gone unnoticed. Cannon notices that the past wounds still haunt Yvette. Also, danger still lurks in their town, and Cannon will protect Yvette at all costs.

This is a heart-pounding and wrenching story starring two people who went through a traumatic experience together. Somehow, this experience makes them connect on a higher level. This bond remains three years later, and now that Yvette is back in town, deep emotions are brought to the surface. Yvette is grieving the loss of her grandfather, and Cannon is there every step of the way. Things slowly shift from grief to yearning, and it is not long before these two are deeply in love again. Cannon is determined to give Yvette the security she deserves, and he tenderly listens to her as she works to exorcise her past demons.

No limit is a beautiful story of love and friendship. It is the story of an honorable man who is willing to go to great lengths for the woman he loves. Yvette will leave you in tears as she struggles to overcome past traumas. It is sad that she doesn’t believe that Cannon has feelings for her at first, and he has to work twice as hard to win her. The tension between the lovebirds will keep you turning the pages as the growing desire and wanting ignites them. If you are in the mood for a perfect romance story with characters that will stay in your mind for a long time, this book is ideal.

Holding Strong

Holding Strong is the second book in the Ultimate series. This book focusses on Denver Lewis, a heavyweight fighter and the girl he loves, Cherry Peyton. Cherry works as a teacher aide, but the beautiful woman is well-known for her curves. She can also be a flirt, especially when it comes to Denver. This man, who is a combination of muscle and tenderness, literally drives Cherry wild, and she cannot understand why Denver tries to avoid her, yet his reputation with the ladies precedes him. Well, it is not long before Cherry’s dreams come true, and she has Denver where she wants him. Unfortunately, old troubles threaten to kill her dream of a happily-ever-after.

Cherry knows that she cannot go on acting carefree while her past continues to haunt her. With Denver by her side, she knows that she has a man who will fight to ensure her safety. The only thing she has to do is learn to trust him. Denver has enough troubles of his own. There are family issues he needs to confront. Follow these two as they work to resolve their past for the sake of their present and future. Their romance develops slowly, but Cherry and Denver start enjoying mind-blowing sex right from the beginning. Cherry had to confirm if that rumor about Denver’s size was true.

The theme of friendship is quite prominent in this book. It is admirable how the fighters stand up for each other and protect all the women in their lives. There is also some entertaining banter between the brothers that will leave you feeling all warm inside. Aside from the main characters, the stories about the rest of the cast do a lot to keep things interesting. It is hard not to imagine what will happen to Armie and Rissy and Stack and Vanity in subsequent books. The backstories on the main characters are well done, making it easy to understand where they are both coming from. How will the story end for these two lovebirds? Will love win in the end, or will their personal challenges remain in the way of their happiness?

Holding Strong is a great addition to this series. While the author references characters introduced in the first book, this will still work as a standalone. It is great interacting with Cherry, a fun, loving, and open-minded character. Denver is everything a woman wants in a man, sexy, protective, and strong. The chemistry between the two main characters is admirable, and the steamy moments are simply out of this world. If you are looking for a beautiful love story where love is put to the test over and over again, this book is ideal.

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