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The “Unbound” series is a set of novels by Nicoli Gonnela the bestselling LitRpg novelist. The author has said that he spent his earlier years on top of a mountain expelling impurities from his ould and breathing the energy of the world.
He would then head to college and study before graduating and starting a career of odds and ends. However, he has always been a writer and after a few years in the corporate world, he left everything behind to become a full-time author.
Nicoli Gonnela published “Dissonance” his debut novel and the first of the “Unbound” series of novels in 2022. The series of novels now have at least half a dozen titles and the author has shown no signs of slowing down.

For Nicoli Gonnela, his LitRPG novels usually incorporate levels, stats, and game imagery to make a literary framework. Most of the novels in the “Unbound” series are fantasy stories in which the lead is thrust into worlds that work on game-like rules.
He has said that the gets the spirit bomb style and strength from his readers. He currently lives with his wife and children and Cornelius his corgi.

Nicoli Gonnella loves to hear from his fans and he usually takes into account the views of his readers. He also allows his readers to follow the drafting of his novels on Patreon, even though his very early drafts and notes are usually reserved by his closest friends and family.

Readers and fans can stay updated about upcoming novels in the “Unbound” series in his newsletter. Lastly, Gonnela is also very active on social media channels such as Facebook, Discord, Instagram, and Twitter, where he usually chats about upcoming books, storylines, and other related and sometimes non-related tidbits.

The “Unbound” series by Nicoli Gonnella introduces Felix the lead character of the series. The protagonist’s life on Earth had not been the best as he had to deal with ruined relationships, a series of dead-end jobs, and living in tiny postage-stamp-sized apartments.
He was a coward who was too afraid to take risks and move forward but when he is given the choice between walking away and risking his life in a deadly encounter, he does not hesitate.

Before he died, he did one good thing as he helped his younger sibling and her friend that found themselves in a very sticky situation. Struck by lightning he found himself in another world, and for the first six hours, it is all about trying to survive in a terrible spot.
Since this is a LitRPG novel, Felix the lead continues to level his skills and stats. He also ends up making friends with a chimera. Things get very interesting when he starts meeting people from the new world.

While he is an enigma to most of the inhabitants of the world, he is both clueless and powerful all at the same time. Nonetheless, he still has to contend with marauders, voidbeasts, and the creeping dark influence of the Maw.
These are dangers that may take everything he has and he will need to do a lot to escape rather than merely survive.

“Dissonance” is the first novel of the “Unbound” series of novels by Nicoli Gonnela. This is an interesting LitRPG work that opens with the lead Felix finding himself in a hostile world.

His race was already picked out for him and he will need to use skills he does not understand. He instinctively bites at a tentacle that had been squeezing him, which earns him an effective Gourmand skill as he can now eat monsters to level up his skills.

In the first part of the novel, Felix finds himself in a world in which everything including the insects is more powerful than him. He is lucky that he is an inveterate gamer as he power levels his skills such as dodging, jumping, running hitting things with sticks.
Over time, he develops a range of survival skills and starts going on occasional system-bestowed quests following fortuitous finds. At some point, he meets with residents of the new world who are puzzled that he is so clueless yet so powerful.

Despite his many skills, he still has a lot to learn if he is to survive in this new world full of danger. It makes for an interesting story with twists and turns that will have its readers on the edge of their seats from the first page to the last.

The second novel of the “Unbound” series is Silence which still continues to follow the adventures of Felix.

Following some harrowing adventures, Felix had some success with his new friends. In this novel, he works with his friend Pit and together they head to the Void and the realm of the spirit of the Maw.

Since a quest had been bestowed on him, he believes that he can escape the Void even though most people believe he will not survive. But he is facing seemingly impossible odds but he has heard of ways one could take back to civilization, even though he believes just one is feasible.
However, the big question is if he will survive and level up his skills so that he can complete the quest. But if he can make it back to the continent, it would be easier to develop skills and level up as things and systems worked more predictably there.
Things turn interesting when he crosses swords with pirates, which means he has to fight to get out and flee while they are in hot pursuit. He is lucky that they manage to find a quaint and tranquil town where alongside Pit, he can enjoy some days of recovery and rest. But the danger is not yet over.

“Hunger” is the third novel of the “Unbound” series of novels by Nicoli Gonnella.

In this outing, Felix finds himself in another sticky situation and the only thing keeping him alive as he fights titanic battles is his Unbound nature. He struggles against the dark Maw and finally defeats what had remained of it or maybe he had just sent it to a new host.
While he has leveled up significantly, he cannot prevent his own changes and when his bloodline begins to build inside him, he develops a hunger for power that will act as fuel for his advancement.

It is another fantastic novel that reveals Felix’s growing skills and powers making for an interesting story.

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