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Uncertain Saints MC Books In Order

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Publication Order of Uncertain Saints MC Books

Lani Lynn Vale is an American author of fiction. She is known for writing many fictional series, including the Kilgore Fire series, Heroes of the Dixie Wardens, and the Freebirds series, among others.

In addition to being a writer, she is a full time mother to three children. She is married to her high school sweetheart, who is the love of her life. Interestingly enough, she was first attracted to him because of the baseball pants that he was wearing.

Nearly a decade later, the two of them have three crazy children together as well as a cat that they named Demon. The cat too lives up to the crazy as it likes to wake Lani Lynn Vale up at random times during the middle of the night.

Lani Lynn Vale resides with her husband and children in what she considers to be the greatest state, Texas. She enjoys writing novels and all types of stories that deal in the genres of romantic and contemporary suspense and just generally loves all things romantic, fictional and nonfictional. She can usually be found located in front of the computer, typing and trying to manifest the fictional world of her characters onto the page. That is, until her family want her to feed them.

She is the author of the Uncertain Saints series. The series kicked off in 2016 with the release of the debut novel in the series, titled Whiskey Neat. The second novel in the series came out shortly after, and it is titled after another cocktail too– Jack & Coke. Vodka on the Rocks is the third book in the series, and there are more books in the series too– Bad Apple, Dirty Mother, and the sixth book, Rusty Nail.

Whiskey Neat is the first book in the Uncertain Saints series by Lani Lynn Vale. The main character in this novel is Griffin Storm. He isn’t usually someone that gives in to violence, but anyone can be pushed over the line even if they are a good man.

Someone one day decides to take something that is very special to Griffin. With the thing that he loved gone, his world is now over. Now he is totally filled with emotions that he can’t control, and he is filled with the feeling of revenge and the urge to retaliate. He is now totally governed by rage.

Griffin has a club that is called the Uncertain Saints MC. They do what they can to try and offer their support to Griffin, but it is of no use. In order to succeed, his is going to do what he needs to do. If that means taking someone responsible for his pain out, that’s what it means.

He is honestly so incensed by the whole thing that he does not care if he dies on his quest as long as he gets what he wants in the end. This is all happening and it’s moving fast until he randomly makes a choice that may change everything. He walks into a shop to get batteries and it’s there that he finds a woman that he may thinks he could change his life for.

Just the concept of Lenore is enough for him to start thinking beyond the current moment and planning for the future again. Or at the very least, wanting to see what happens in the future. Even though this is possible, at the moment his life is totally centered around things like anger and suffering. It is going to be extremely difficult for someone like him to change.

Griffin wants his life to be different, but he won’t give up what’s done until he’s made good on his promise to himself. He’s willing to risk that Lenore will not be there when everything clears up in the end. If that’s what it takes, so be it. However, this may just be the one special lady that has his back no matter what.

Does Lenore have Griffin’s back or is she going to play him like so many women do? Griffin’s about to find out, and so are you! Take the wild ride that Vale is bringing to the table by reading Whiskey Neat!

Jack & Coke is the second novel in Lani Lynn Vale’s Uncertain Saints series. When it comes to relationships, things can sometimes get tough. Mig has a wife, and she’s not the most pleasant person. She’s someone that is willing to steal, cheat, and lie to get whatever she desires. No one would want to be with someone like that.

Mig wanted nothing to do with the marriage, but she trapped him into it. That’s what happens when you get pregnant and the guy feels like he has to stick around for the sake of the kid. Certainly that child deserved better parents than what he got, but he can’t help that now.

Mig is doing a good job at trying to keep his head up and also tuning out his true reality. He just focuses on his job as a DEA officer. He also belongs to the Uncertain Saints MC. But everything that he thought was true about his life gets blown up when his neighbor comes and knocks on his door.

Mig is trying to learn to trust again. When he meets Annie, he thinks that she seems really nice. She’s about to try and show him through her love that not all women are going to try and hurt him. Annie is truly in love with Mig.

Now they are in a situation where they care for each other very much. They’re trying to say goodbye, but can Mig let this woman leave? Rumors are starting to spread, and no one wants to cheat. Mig isn’t used to feeling this strongly for a woman, and Annie’s starting to get her heart broken.

Annie is really in love with him and cannot just be friends anymore. Can Mig realize that he’s in love with her too and risk it all to go to her? Read the second book in the Uncertain Saints series by Lani Lynn Vale to find out for yourself!

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