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Uncharted series refers majorly to Christopher Golden’s adaptation of the “Uncharted” series of action-adventure video games by Naughty Dog, and PlayStation. The official novel of the uncharted franchise the novel follows the adventures of Nathan Drake, a modern-day Indiana Jones. He is on a quest to find Daedalus’s Labyrinth, a maze believed to be the hiding place of the monster from Greek lore, the Minotaur. “Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth” is meant to be a standalone adventure novel for the video game series, though it is not necessarily a prequel or a sequel, neither does it impact the continuity of the video games. The series itself has had a lot of impact and been syndicated in many different media. In addition to the novel, Uncharted has had 5 main video game editions, a six issue DC comic, and a 4 episode motion comic, all of which focus on the adventures of the lead character Nathan Drake. The series, which is some kind of modern adventure novel takes a lot of inspiration from the Indiana Jones film franchise even though its beginnings had more to do with Toby Gard’s “Tomb Raider” series. Christopher Golden who is one of the best world builders out there does a great job of capturing the adventurous and pulpy spirit of those films, which he incorporates in the novel. Nonetheless, even as the aspects of ancient secrets, the humor, and action of the games have been a great inspiration for Golden, the novel comes up with brand new adventures for the character, which makes it even more interesting.

Nathan “Nate” Drake the lead protagonist in the series is your modern Indiana Jones. He is an action professional and deep-sea salvage expert that loves to think of himself as a professional treasure hunter. Ever since he was a child, he has been of the belief that he is one of the direct descendants of Francis Drake, the famous English explorer. Even as he starts out single, over the course of the novel he gets married to Elena Fisher and the two get a daughter named Cassie. One of the most proficient of treasure hunters, Drake will from time to time get in over his head even with his extensive knowledge of the devil’s own luck and history. Nathan Drake is an adrenaline junkie, and this is one of the driving forces that makes treasure hunting so enjoyable for him. He loves artifacts and will often be found doing research on ancient civilizations even as he is yet to find any actual treasures. He was born to Cassandra Morgan and unidentified father in either 1975 or 1976, and spent most of his childhood playing with Samuel his elder brother. At a very young age, he lost his mother to suicide and from the time he was five, he and his brother were taken care of by the state, which placed them in the Saint Francis Boys Home. At the orphanage, Nathan frequently got into brawls with his playmates, as they would often hurl insults at him and his family. Nevertheless, the orphanage offered a chance at learning as the nuns taught the boys Latin among several other languages and a variety of other disciplines.

Unlike in Naughty Dog’s video games franchise, Christopher Golden dials down the action a little bit in the official tie in novel. Instead of having the lead character continuously climbing and shooting, Golden writes a tale that is more adventure rather than action filled. The author perfectly captures the real friendship and authentic banter between the lead characters Nate and Sully. The introduction of Jada Hzujack in the place of Elena Fisher is genius as Jada more than makes up for Fishers absence, delivering a powerful performance. Golden effortlessly manages to achieve a three-way stream of wisecracks, putdowns, and banter by wisely portraying the relationship between Nathan and Jada as that of siblings, and Sully as Jada’s old and grumpy godfather. Living up to the popular and critically acclaimed series, Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth taps into many aspects of the “Uncharted” franchise that makes it just as good if not better. Some of the elements that have made the novel so enjoyable include its breathless action, exotic locations, and great dialogue between the characters. Unlike its predecessors in the video games franchise, the novel comes up with a more believable protagonist – a kind of John McLane though his secrecy gives him that much of an aura of menace. Nathan Drake offers that much more of suspense and this combined with his wicked sense of humor and witty dialogue is what makes the novel such an enjoyable read. Golden combines the two elements in a perfect mish mash of clever situational comedy style dialogue and giddy anticipation that often gives the novel the experience of unraveling the mystery of a scary movie, with the subtitles provided by a humorous friend.

“Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth” the official novel for one of the most colorful of video game franchises is a delightful novel inspired by Naughty Dog award-winning “Uncharted” Franchise. Set in the modern world, the novel sets out to unravel the mystery of three myths – a hellish labyrinth, a long-lost treasure, and a king. Nathan Drake an adventurer, historian, and treasure hunter has gotten a call from his mentor in the antiquities acquisition business, Victor Sullivan. Sullivan who taught Drake everything there is to know about the business now calls him to New York City, where he needs his unparalleled skills for a bizarre situation. One of Sullivan’s oldest friends and a world-famous archeologist was discovered killed in his Manhattan apartment. Picking up the old man’s daughter Jada Hzujack, the three protagonists now race and evade their pursuers from the bustling streets of New York to the dusty serpentine labyrinths of excavations in Greece and Egypt. They are looking to uncover the mysterious reasons for the murder of Jada’s father even as they look for a series of long-lost labyrinths and try to unravel the ancient mysteries of alchemy. They learn that they may have to find another labyrinth apart from the three they had prior knowledge of. They soon discover that they fourth labyrinth is located in a mysterious culture and land, and that whoever discovers it would find unmatched power and wealth. Quickly finding the underground maze, they are confronted with a monster and a vast army of the most vicious of lost warriors that would do anything to guard the labyrinth and its treasures.

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