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Publication Order of Uncommon Heroes Books

True Devotion (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
True Valor (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
True Honor (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
True Courage / Kidnapped (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Uncommon Heroes” series by author Dee Henderson began publication in the year 2000, when “True Devotion” was released. The series is from the genre of military romance, and is the biggest series that Dee Henderson has written.

In these books, the loyalties run deep, and the friendships prove to be quite strong. These Uncommon heroes perform some of the toughest jobs on Earth. Time is spent showing what is demanded of these people, and time to show these characters loving someone.

The first book in the series was penned in an effort to show readers into the people that serve in the military. It shows the lives of their families, too, and the sacrifices and other things they have to do. The books do not just focus on the members of the military who serve, but their family members, too.

Author Dee Henderson did quite a bit of extensive research on the duties, jobs, and responsibilities of each of the characters so she can get it all down just right. All done in an effort to give the readers of her work a better comprehension of what each of the characters goes through.

Book four has an entirely new set of characters, while the first three novels feature characters that appear in the first three books. This fourth book was later republished as a stand alone and another title.

“True Devotion” is the first novel in the “Uncommon Heroes” series, which was released in the year 2000. Kelly Jacobs (who is a lifeguard) already paid the ultimate price of loving a warrior once before, and has the grateful thanks of one nation and a folded flag to prove it.

Kelly knows that a riptide can drown her any time it wants to. While she fights to hold onto her life, her entire life flashes before her eyes and she sees Nick, her husband. Nick was a Navy SEAL who died during a training accident, so they say.

Navy SEAL Joe “Bear” Baker is unable to ask her to take that risk again, despite loving her. The guy responsible for her husband dying has returned and is closer than either of them actually realize. Kelly finds herself in danger, and Joe just might not get there in time.

This has a great plot and some lovable characters in it, Kelly just to name one. Fans of the novel found this captured them right from the start, putting them right on the edge of their seat once they started reading it and is a highly recommended page turner. Some enjoyed the nice balance between the romance and suspense between the main characters, Joe and Kelly. They face some struggles that feel pretty real and true to life.

“True Valor” is the second novel in the “Uncommon Heroes” series, which was released in the year 2002. Hero is a term that goes to another level when you take a look into their lives. Gracie Yates is a pilot in the Navy, and Major Bruce Stanton (also called Striker) works in Pararescue for the Air Force. Bruce pulls Special Forces soldiers and pilots who are trapped behind the enemy’s lines.

Grace is one of the best pilots the Navy has at the moment. Due to the hard work and determination, she is handed a tough assignment. It is one of the toughest in the Navy’s history.

With their dangerous jobs, usually away from home, they write letters to each other. Gracie gets shot down behind enemy lines, and Bruce decides to get her out alive, due to the hard worker he is and holds in high regard the job he performs.

Fans of the novel liked how real the romance in the novel was, and the SEAL work and flying blew some people over. This book pulls you right into this and holds your attention all the way through it. You will have a hard time simply putting the book down to accomplish other simple tasks from your daily life. Four main characters demonstrate such things as friendship, love, respect, and appreciation. It is because of these things that they embody sacrifice and patriotism in a way that warms the heart.

“True Honor” is the third novel in the “Uncommon Heroes” series, which was released in the year 2002. Darcy St. James (a CIA officer) is looking for a guy that knew September eleventh was going to happen, a guy that decided to profit off of the information. The intelligence that Darcy generates off of this has Navy SEAL Sam “Cougar” Houston’s team deploying all over the world.

Under the pressure of a war, their romance is able to flourish. It might just be a short romance, though. The terrorists have their next targets lined up. Darcy’s name is high up on the list.

The interactions that Sam and Darcy have are excellent, and are worth picking up the book just for them. Fans of the novel found that once more, the book hooks your attention from the start and never lets go. For some, this is their favorite this series has to offer. It has a fast pace with plenty of romance and intrigue to it that many read pretty quickly.

“True Courage” (also known under the name of “Kidnapped”) is the third novel in the “Uncommon Heroes” series, which was released in the year 2004. Someone kidnapped his cousin’s wife and kid. FBI agent Luke Falcon is hunting a kidnapper and figuring the crime out. He is worried the crime is a stalker’s work. Falcon is worried they are both already dead. He is going to do anything that it takes to get them returned alive. He just did not plan on falling in love with the crime’s only witness.

Those that enjoy reading Dee Henderson’s work found this to be yet another enjoyable story. Fans of the novel found this to be a hard to put down book that kept up the feel of the previous books. This is a tense page turner with sweet moments of romance that is an offering of vintage Henderson. Some cannot wait to read more by this author and cannot recommend her work enough. Readers are glad that these are clean romances, without too many sexual parts to them.

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