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Under the Never Sky Books In Order

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Publication Order of Under the Never Sky Books

Roar and Liv (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under the Never Sky (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Through the Ever Night (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brooke (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Into the Still Blue (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Roar of the Tides (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Under the Never Sky Books

Roar and Liv(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under the Never Sky(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brooke(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Through the Ever Night(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Into the Still Blue(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Roar of the Tides(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The first of the trilogy, Under the Never Sky was released in January of 2012 as a young adult debut novel by Veronica Rossi. The book follows through the points of view of two teenagers trying to survive in a protected dome untouched by the outside world, a girl named Aria and a boy named Perry. Throughout the chapters, Rossi brilliantly alternated between writing for Aria’s and Perry’s own points of view, allowing the reader to capture each character as they evolved not only throughout the book, but the entire series as well. Aria being a dweller and Perry as a savage, not only is their common ground uncanny, but so is the blossoming relationship that captures the reader’s hearts. Under the Never Sky opens a beautiful world full of cruelty and unwanted circumstance to the reader’s, bringing them along for the ride of redemption for young Perry and Aria as the two destructive, battle-worn worlds collide.

The Power

With Aria and Perry both originating from separate bloodlines, their story is epic and heroic. Aria is a girl trapped in a protected city called Reverie, stationed away from the outside world where people like Perry are “savages” as Aria and her people remain “dwellers”. When certain outside savages are found within the city of Reverie, Aria is blamed and kicked to the cruel world outside the dome to survive. It is not a typical story, as Aria is found by a boy in search of his nephew taken by the dwellers. That boy is later introduced as Perry, and their telling relationship soon began to grow into something so powerful, it needed to be destroyed.


Under the Never Sky holds a post-apocalyptic/survivalist style to run-in-tow with the budding romance that makes this a valuable novel. Each turn of a page is met with unfathomable intrigue as Aria and Perry discover more about themselves and their surreal identities along the way.

The Trilogy Continues

Living in a world where love is defied and hardships go unnoticed when survival is a must, the second book in the Under the Never Sky trilogy is called Through the Ever Night, continuing the story of Aria and Perry. Veronica Rossi created a plot rich with romance and trying times, making their relationship as treacherous as it is heart-warming. In the last book Under the Never Sky, Aria and Perry were sent on different paths to fulfill different obligations apart from each other. Although reunions are meant to be joyous and relieving, that’s not the case with Aria and Perry. When reunited and facing treachery together, characters struggled to grasp the betrayal, loss and temptation. However, the love story between Aria and Perry isn’t like any other, bringing a natural and intense voltage of romance throughout the chapters.

Meet the Characters


A seventeen year old girl who was banished from her dome city— upon an accidental disaster, causing her to be the Dweller that allowed the outside Savages into their restricted city. Later in the story, she and the Savage boy, Perry aided each other in rough circumstances. Aria learns of love, truth, and betrayal later on.

Perry (Peregrine)

A Scire and a Seer, Perry found what started out as a reluctance pairing with a Dweller, became a booming relationship that kept faith and trust. With the intent of finding his lost nephew in Reverie he found a Dweller, Aria who could aid him in surviving the tragedy that both worlds created.


Arias best friend in Reverie.

Olivia (Liv)

Perry’s sister, also a Scire. Her romantic partner of choice is Perry’s best friend, Roar—however Liv was married to a leader of another tribe in exchange for food for her own tribe, the Tides.


Roar is Perry’s best friend and one of the Tides’ strongest Auds. Roar’s capable of hearing thoughts by a single touch.


Cinder is a twelve year old that Roar found in the borderlands, and who Perry took under his “wing”. Cinder has the ability to control the Aether and its storms, becoming a harmful weapon.

The Future of Rossi’s Novels

Currently, there are no set in stone plans to create movies or a televised show based off of Rossi’s growing Trilogy, Under the Never Sky—however Rossi has mentioned the possibility of working on a short project to promote these fantastic books. Right now there is only a short trailer in regards to the first book of Rossi’s trilogy, and several other duplicates that are fan-made. The survival of these characters and their romance is tested throughout the entire series and makes for a very engaging tale. So far only three current books are out involving the beloved Aria and Perry, but Rossi supporters have been hoping for a continuing in the side characters stories.

Meet the Author

Veronica Rossi being a best -selling author of the post-apocalyptic young adult fiction Trilogy, only hopes to give her readers something to enjoy. She graduated from UCLA and studied fine arts at the California College of the Arts In San Francisco. Her career began with short fiction novellas for teens and later on received awards from the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, as well as Southwest Writers annual contests. Once her talent was known, she completed the Under the Never Sky series and continued to push on towards finishing the series. Currently, she lives with her husband in Northern California and has two sons. Her secondary specialties involve more fine-arts, like painting and working with certain oils. Aside from her current book projects, she has her own website and blog where she can keep you fully updated not only with feedback from older projects, but with information on the future of her fictional creations. Veronica Rossi has a unique talent to draw her readers in with the strong appeal of an epic heroine battle. Under the Never Sky is a must read series for all who adore the tragedies and uprisings in a fictional story of survival, temptation, and love. The potential impact of a novel is intense, and for Veronica Rossi – her readers are begging for more. The UTNS series may be coming to a close, but her promise to continue to delve straight back into a new game has kept the fans resting assured.

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