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Publication Order of Underground Kings Books

Underground Kings is a series of romance novels by American romance, contemporary and suspense author Aurora Rose Reynolds. She is a New York, Wall Street, and USA Today bestselling author. She currently resides in Tennessee together with her husband from where she writes.

Aurora Reynolds began her Underground Kings series in 2014 Assumption the first book in the series was published. The books are intense romantic, suspenseful, and fun.


Assumption is the first book in the Underground Kings Series. Sometimes one makes assumptions about someone only to find out that the assumptions were way far off the real person or situation. The book gives a story of an alpha male who makes assumptions about a lady only to find out that they are all wrong.
Kenton Mayson made his assumptions about Autumn Freeman not knowing that this is the same lady that may turn out to be the dream lady he has been looking for all along. When they meet, he has his thoughts about Autumn and of which are entirely off from who she really is and this she proves perfectly. Autumn never had a perfect life that every girl would like. This came from being raised by an uncaring mother who frequently pressed for perfection for the outward appearance.

Meeting her at first instance, every person would negatively judge her though she never bothered. A horrific incidence brings, her and Kenton together but little do they know what would become of their love life. At first, Kenton has a contrary notion of who autumn is even though he is emotionally addicted towards the lady. Later on, he discovers that she is an entirely different person from what he thought and just like any other Mayson whatever he sets out to get he must get. But this is not an easy task as his first thoughts about her were wrong which implies that he has got to work extra hard to win her heart. As they move along, they slowly fall for each other, something they never thought could happen.

The book will take you into a blissful romance land as you learn the of the events and the description of scenes and happenings. Love slowly finds its way, and one can almost feel as though they are part of the story. It is incredible how the book is set in an easy and attractive plot. You can almost take sides as each of the characters try proving to the other their true selves.


The next book in the Underground Kings Series is Obligation. Love is sometimes unpredictable and may come from situations that seem very simple to the eyes of people. This is the same case that happens in this story as one character tries to save the other and unconsciously, they deeply fall into love.
Myla was taken away into a family that her biological family saw fit when they discovered that they were on the verge of dying. However, it turned into a living hell for her though her father thought it would be the best place for her, she had no alternative. Kai runs the family business and for a long duration has been watching over Myla. Myla’s life becomes hectic as she faces more immense challenges and Kai has to act to save her from this situation before it gets beyond her control. The only option that is there for him is to marry the lady.

He intended to protect her and also his assets which were being compromised. Matters take a different turn when they end up having emotions towards each other something that no one thought could come about.

At some time, she fears that her painful past would bring injuries what they have with Kai, but it is already too deep. He is there for her and has always been there from when they were young. Kai can feel the urge in Myla to make the fake arrangement become a real one, and this further deepens their love.
The story becomes sweet, funny and intense as it progresses. The book has an exceptional setting with events flowing perfectly which will turn the readers’ emotions. It is one of those that you won’t put down the moment you start reading.


Distraction comes as the third book in the Underground Kings Series. This romance book focuses on the story of love for two characters who view it differently. Their coming together is going to change how they take the same, but things will not be easy for the two.

Sven is that alpha guy who has set his life to flow is a specific and focused direction. In the eyes of people, he is a perfect alpha male, and of whom every woman would fall on first sight. But from past hurt, he has trained his heart not to love. Sven considers being in love as a weakness and is not ready to have a weakness spoil his life. Maggie, on the other hand, is that lady who is willing to love but not forever. Most of her relationships have been short and primarily because she never chooses the right man and also never has a relationship that will go for long. She is that girl who will walk aware the moment she realizes things are getting too intimate.

Maggie wakes up in Sven’s bed one morning, and this marks a new chapter in her life. The two have to crash their barriers, face their worst fears and learn to love again truly. But nothing ever comes easy when it comes to love as they have to set some things straight before they can have a perfect happily ever after life together.

This is a real distraction from each of their former lives as they embrace what they never thought would come about for they have lived fearing the same. They both have to drop their shells and fight to establish a life together.

Aurora Rose Reynolds has crafted a book that will make you sink into the story from the beginning to the end.

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