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Underwater Investigation Unit Books In Order

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Publication Order of Underwater Investigation Unit Books

Andrew Mayne is a best-selling author that has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and a creator.

His books include the Thriller Award finalist The Naturalist and Name of the Devil and the Edgar Award finalist Black Fall. The Naturalist was a best-seller on Amazon Charts and was number one for all books on the site for six weeks. He was one of the top ten best-selling indie authors of the year by Amazon before he received his first publishing deal.

He is the host of the Shark Week special on the Discovery Channel known as Andrew Mayne: Ghost Diver. There he was able to swim in the water with great white sharks near him all while utilizing an underwater invisibility suit he personally designed. Andrew has also been the focus of a magic television show called Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne that aired on A&E.

He has also come up with his own program to utilize magic in public schools to help teach critical thinking skills. He has done this thanks to the support of the Johnny Carson foundation and the James Randi Educational Foundation. He has recorded Wizard School segments where he teaches children science and magic that have aired all over the country on public television.

He has been a creative consultant as well, working for performers behind the scenes such as David Blaine, David Copperfield, and Penn & Teller. He has come up with his own unique and innovative magic effects that have gone all over the world. Andrew has also helped to develop an experiment that would be conducted on the ISS.

The author also works to develop creative applications. He is the science communicator for Open AI, an artificial intelligence research organization that helped to create GPT-3 and more. He has written and produced multiple books, DVDs, and manuscripts on magic.

The Girl Beneath the Sea is the first book in the Underwater Investigation Unit series by Andrew Mayne. If you are looking for something new to enjoy, check this book out!

For a police diver in Florida, it’s only a matter of time before danger comes up to the surface. Sloan McPherson hails from a family of treasure hunters but also drug smugglers, and her relatives were always plagued by scandal. Now she is trying to make a different life and destiny for not only herself, but her daughter too. She would love to get away from the shadow cast over her by her family.

Sloan works for Lauderdale Shores Police Department as an auxiliary officer and is the diver that they go to when they need evidence recovery. It’s a pretty good job, except for days like these where she finds bodies. Sloan discovers a freshly murdered victim, a woman floating in the canal. On top of that, she’s got a mysterious history that may be tied to Sloan’s own.

The ties between them are shaping up to make Sloan look less like a witness who found a body and more like a potential suspect. As a result, her coworkers are keeping an eye on everything she does. Unfortunately, the killer is too. Sloan is also being hunted by an assassin and is put against a cartel that is looking for a fortune.

The only person she has to turn to is her ally, the same DEA agent that was responsible for her uncle being sent to jail. He knows how the corruption runs deep, and the level of danger that Sloan is really in. If she wants to survive, this diver is going to have to figure out a way to stay ahead of her foes– those she knows about and those out there that have yet to reveal themselves. She feels like she’s in the middle of a conspiracy, which is true, but does it have the power to suck her in for good? Read this compelling suspense novel to find out!

Black Coral is the second book in the Underwater Investigation Unit series by Andrew Mayne. If you liked the first book in the series, check out the sequel too!

For a women who works as a police diver in the state of Florida, attempting to solve a cold-case mystery may end up flushing a serial killer from where they were hiding. Working with the Underwater Investigation Unit, Sloan McPherson has found a van at the bottom of a pond. What’s inside will shock them.

Inside this van are the bodies of four teens who went missing three decades ago after they attended a rock concert and departed. Authorities think that it just looks like an unfortunate incident. That’s one way to look at it. Sloan thinks it looks like stone-cold murder. Then there’s the evidence, where every piece is beginning to connect to different cold case disappearances that have happened in Florida.

As Sloan follows the clues, she also is stepping into the same waters that predators swim in. She knows that the killer is still out there, possibly even ready to strike. When another dead body is discovered in the Everglades, Sloan gets worried that her looking into these cases has woken up a monster.

She would love to catch the killer, but that also invites the question of how she would be able to when someone has not been able to do it for thirty years. Sloan is worried that she is dealing with someone who is very smart, which has been proven since they committed these horrible crimes and were able to get away with it for so long without anybody finding out who they were or getting caught.

The only question that remains is how does she catch a genius, someone who might be fantastic at simply hiding in plain sight? The answer is simple to her. Just act like prey. She attempts this and finds that the risk she has taken is paying off, but maybe a little too effectively. Sloan might be in the process of being pulled into the killer’s personal trap. Can she find a way to trick him into hers before it’s too late? Read this book to find out!

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