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Undying Mercenaries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Undying Mercenaries Books

As an author of science-fiction, fantasy and romance novels, the American writer Brian Larson, or B.V. Larson, is unparalleled within his particular, knowing exactly how to carry the action and tension forwards, all whilst building his characters and setting up his highly imaginative and involving worlds. Immersing his readers into the deep and intricate story-lines, he really knows how to expertly craft his narratives with skill and precision, allowing him to provide an engaging and compelling experience. Showing a clear passion for his craft too, he tailors each and every page with love and care, showing attention to detail at every level throughout. Translated into several different languages too, he’s had his work published worldwide too, reaching audiences from far across the globe on an almost unprecedented scale. A practitioner of computer science too, he has a strong academic background too, all of which has lead to the writing career that he currently has today. This has allowed him to become far more knowledgeable on his specific subject matter, as he also writes non-fiction textbooks as well. Creating a style that is all his own, he manages to use a voice that is completely different from everything else that’s currently on the market, putting him all into a class of his very own. Largely focusing on science-fiction though, he has really managed to set himself apart in this particular genre too, using the format, transforming it into something entirely new in the process. Creating strong leading protagonists with highly distinctive voices, he really manages to make his characters come alive off of the page, letting them really speak for themselves. This is something that has definitely resonated with his readers too, as they have found something of themselves in his various texts. Over the years he has also created a number of long-running series too, many of them resonating with readers globally too, letting his audience fully invest themselves in the overall franchise. A great example of this is that of his much loved ‘Undying Mercenaries’ series of books, which is a collection that he has been building for quite some time now. Set in the not too distant future, this follows the scenario of humanity being enslaved by an alien race who, after receiving a distant transmission from Earth, then turned up there in order to take charge. This then sees humanity being harvested as a fighting force of soldiers, as they must pledge themselves to these alien rulers if they ever hope to survive.

Running for a total of nine books so far and counting, these are titles that begun back in 2013 and have been continuing steadily ever since, with titles being released in fairly quick succession. This has seen the series taking in a whole range of different ideas and concepts since the very beginning, as they’ve managed to maintain their quality since the start. Following James McGill as their leading protagonist, they’ve really come a long way, evolving greatly as time has gone on, allowing it to become a deeply intricate series.

Steel World

Initially published in 2013 on the 21st of September, this would be the first book in the soon to be much loved ‘Undying Mercenaries’ series of novels. Establishing many of the core ideas of the series, it really manages to set the scene, whilst also creating the world that it will take place within. The characters are also firmly established here too, allowing them to come alive for the first time effectively for the many books to follow.

Sending probes and transmissions deep into the stars, humanity find their welcoming messages returned in the form of a galactic invasion in 2052. They don’t aim to destroy humanity though, as Earth subsequently pledges their allegiance in the face of this technologically superior alien race in order to survive. Immediately utilizing humanity, the aliens take to using people as a soldier force, an environment that James McGill finds himself propelled into after being born in 2099 upon the edges of the galaxy. Thrown from the Hegemony Financial University for failing a loan application, he then finds himself heading into space in order to attack a mineral-rich planet called Cancri-9, also known as Steel World. What happens when the attack fails though? Can Earth survive this new struggle they’re now faced with? Who will come out alive from Steel World?

Dust World

Originally coming out in 2014, this was first published on the 28th of March for the Kindle once again, thus marking the second title in the now much anticipated ‘Undying Mercenaries’ series. Continuing on from where the last left off, it manages to progress much of the action too, allowing it to develop and evolve in the process. This is the same of the characters too, especially in regards to its leading protagonist of James McGill who carries the action forwards once again.

With humanity still now being a part of the vast and expansive alien Empire that spans the entirety of the Milky Way, as Earth trades its survival for legions of its human mercenaries. Then, in 2122, Earth receives contact from a lost colony expedition, something which is highly illegal, as colonization has been strictly prohibited under Galactic Law. With Legion Varus sent to deal with the situation, they are over 35 light-years away, which is where James McGill comes in once again, as he’s never been too good at following orders. Will they find the expedition? How will McGill cope now he has been promoted to the position of specialist? What will they discover in the far off Dust World?

The Undying Mercenaries Series

As science-fiction franchises go, this is definitely one of the better ones, as it provides all the staples that fans of the genre have come to love, whilst also bringing some extra flourishes of its own to the table. This has lead to it becoming lauded worldwide, with many relating to the story of an oppressed humanity fighting in the face of a singular enemy. Dealing with a whole range of different subjects too, it really manages to deliver, something which it will do for many years to come, as it really has plenty of life left in it yet.

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