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Publication Order of Unfinished Hero Books

The Unfinished Heroes book series is a wonderful series of contemporary romance, adult fiction, romance, and erotica stories. It is written by a popular American writer named Kristen Ashley. The series began in 2012 and comprised of 5 books up to 2016. Each book in this series revolves around the lives of a different cast of main characters. During the release of the first book, Kristen Ashley said that the experience of writing this kind of series is quite new for her and she is not sure how many books she is going to include in it in the future. Initially, she had planned to write just 3 books, but later, added two because of the increasing popularity of the previous novels. Some books contain interweaving stories that feature common characters. Kristen Ashley claims that the stories described in this series are not ordinary steamy romances, but erotica.

The sex scenes mentioned in the books are quite explicit. They tend to explore the intricacies of trust and love in a relationship. Kristen Ashley says that the series will explore the themes of erotica and steamy romance, however, they arise out of the characters created by her. The heroes created by Kristen are actually anti-heroes. They are shown doing bad things and have their definite reasons for them. The heroes follow their own codes and seek redemption. Some of the essential characters created in this series by Kristen Ashley include Knight Sebring, Anya Gage, Tucker Creed, Sylvie Bissenette, Hanna Boudreaux, Raiden Miller, Cassidy Swallow, Deacon, Nick Sebring, Olivia Shade, and several others.

The debut book of the Unfinished Heroes series written by author Kristen Ashley is entitled ‘Knight’. It was self-published by the author in 2012. Kristen has set this novel in Colorado, United States, and has depicted the lead characters in the roles of Anya Gage and Knight Sebring. The book opens by introducing Anya Gage as a woman who understands that hard work is the key to achieve good things in life. She doesn’t have high expectations or dreams. Later, she engages in a chance meeting with Knight Sebring at a party where she was not supposed to be. Knight has always been a man of his words. He gets what he wants, especially women. But, when he meets Anya Gage, he feels that he had never seen anyone as sweet as her.

Knight does not want to do it to her what he has done with other women in his life. Instead, he intends to leave her for a deserving life and wants her to find a man with whom she would lead a normal, clean, and a good life. A few days later, Knight sees Anya walking into his nightclub asking for him. He learns that she has landed herself in a difficult situation and wants his help to get out of it. Knight Sebring is more than willing to look after Anya and realizes that if someone is going to be around her all the time to protect her, it is going to be him. As the days pass by, Knight and Anya get closer and start understanding each other better. He teaches her to expect good things to happen in life, just like the bad ones. Knight makes sure that nothing bad comes to her from here on and tries to keep her happy all the time. There is a dark past that Knight has kept hidden others and fears that he would lose Anya if she ever finds out about it. The attachment and love that Knight has developed for Anya are something that he wants to cherish all his life and does not want Anya to leave him.

The second volume of the series is known as ‘Creed’. It was also self-published by Kristen Ashley in 2012. Initially, it is depicted that Tucker Creed and Sylvie Bissenette discovered that they have something in common when they were too young. She was six and he was eleven at that time. With this discovery, Creed makes up his mind to do everything in his capacity to keep Sylvie safe all the time. And as he succeeds in doing so, Sylvie and Creed end up forming a strong bond that continues to grow stronger as they grow older. Later, the two plan to leave the past lives and their town behind, thinking that they are not going to prosper if they don’t break free. However, Creed does not show up at the place where they had decided to meet and they don’t see each other until it is too late.

After Creed is gone, Sylvie endures a nightmare that she never thought she would endure. Also, she is forced to do all sorts of things to end the nightmare. Over the years, Sylvie becomes so tough from the outside that she doesn’t intend to let anyone break the hard protective cover. Later, Creed comes across Sylvie again and realizes that she is not the girl anymore who he once knew. When the feeling of getting back with her arises in his heart, he begins looking for ways to rediscover his place in Sylvie’s heart. But, he also fears to lose her forever in the process.

Kristen Ashley is a famous American writer of humor and romance novels. She was born in Gary, Indiana and was brought up in Brownsburg. Kristen has lived in other places such as the West Country and Denver, Colorado. As a result, she claims that she has friends and relatives all over the world. While growing up, she was surrounded by a large family that lived on a farm located in a small town. However, she felt happy to be brought up in a house where there was always music, love, and clothes. As she grew older, Kristen began developing an interest in writing romantic stories. Eventually, she went on to write several mind-blowing book series such as the Colorado Mountain series, Chaos series, Rock Chick series, Unfinished Hero series, Dream Man series, etc. Her cause was helped by gaining inspiration from some of the most prominent authors such as Judith McNaught, Carl Hiaasen, Janet Evanovich, and JK Rowling. Thus, it can be said about Kristen Ashley that she has had a prosperous writing career. Kristen continues to write even today and is in the process of coming up with a new book soon. She likes being successful and hopes to achieve more success in the times to come.

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