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Unicorns of Balinor Books In Order

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Publication Order of Unicorns Of Balinor Books

The Road to Balinor (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sunchaser's Quest (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Valley of Fear (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
By Fire, By Moonlight (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Search for the Star (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secrets of the Scepter (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night of the Shifter's Moon (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadows Over Balinor (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unicorns of Balinor (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Unicorns of Balinor is a series by a renowned novelist, Mary Stanton for the young readers. The story in this series begins with Ari, a young girl who is recovering in one hospital. The girl is suffering from memory loss after she had a mysterious accident. Her only familiar and prominent memory is the strong connection to Chase; this is one of the horses living at the Glacier River Farm where the girl lives with Ann and Frank, her foster parents. However, Frank and Ann realize that they can’t afford Ari’s medical bills and they decide to lease Chase, the horse for riding lessons to the spoiled and obnoxious Lori Carmichael. After being heartbroken to see her much loved horse being treated badly, the girl decided to run away with Chase and Lincoln, her faithful collie. They don’t get far before the group. Together with Lori, fall through a mysterious Gap, the pathway between worlds.

The group finally lands in Balinor; this is a magical land of the unicorns, plagued by an intangible and evil entity called the Shifter. Ari is then revealed to become the missing Princess Arianna, the heir to throne of Balinor and Chase becomes the unicorn known as Sunchaser, the Lord of all the Animals. With the help from Atalanta, the Celestial Valley Unicorn that’s known as the Tobiano and Dreamspeaker, the obnoxious pinto unicorn, they have to first recover Sunchaser’s broken horn along with the Royal Scepter so as to defeat the Shifter and finally restore balance of magic in the land of Balinor.

The Road to Balinor

The Road to Balinor introduces a fantasy series about a certain girl, her unicorn coupled with her quest to restoring peace in Balinor. After the terrible riding accident, Ari can’t remember anything about her past and she is sent to live on a farm with her foster parents. What the girl doesn’t know is the fact that she isn’t from our world but from the land of Balinor; a land of unicorns and sorcerers. Her parents, the Queen and King sent her to the Earth so as to protect her from the raging war just before they were expelled from their homeland. Now the girl–Princess Arianna has managed to find the road back to the land of Balinor. As Ari struggles to remember her own heritage, she has to face the challenges of restoring peace to the land of Balinor.

In case you love reading children/tween books, then this will certainly suit you. This is a fantasy adventure with a very good story line. The writing in the book is age level appropriate and it flows extremely well. You will never get hung up on punctuation, grammar, sentence or paragraph structures. Nothing has been repeated which makes the reader to feel like Mrs. Stanton believes that all her readers are intelligent and they can grasp all things on the first go.

The characters in the book are very individual and well developed. They have a very unique voice which you can distinguish without having to be told who’s speaking at that particular the time. The characters also strike direct emotions as it’s the case with Lori whom you will love to hate, not because she’s truly bad she’s just one spoiled brat. As the title indicates, Mary Stanton hasn’t limited herself to the human characters alone. Furthermore, her furry friends are just as delightful. The book is average to the strong readers and good for tweens.

Sunchaser’s Quest

Returning to Balinor, Ari, Princess Arianna finds out that a very dark presence has already invaded the land. As a result, she has to search her failing memory for knowledge on how to heal Sunchaser, her unicorn after its horn had been broken in the battle.

The book is easy to read and much easier to understand even to the beginning readers thus making it a much better choice for the younger crowds whom they’re more directed to. In addition, Mary Stanton, the author does have a very beautiful way with her words when she describes Celestial Valley while her own imagination has done a good job with forming of her unicorns in the story.

This book isn’t repetitive just as the first book in the series and you will continually get interested in the pages. You will also enjoy the Celestial Valley scenes far more than the real story even though some the actions by the unicorns or a few of their habits do not make any sense at all. Also, it might irk you that the author, Mary Stanton uses the herd term rather than the term glory. However, it’s only because the book it mainly meant for the young people.

There’s more action in this story as compared to the first book. However, you will still use the book as the stepping story so as to get more into this series. The Sunchaser’s Quest can be viewed as a read-alone novel since it covers the majority of the events that are already in the original novel within this series while there’s a nice little surprise ending.

If you loved this book as a kid, it would be great for you to reread it if you could. Sunchaser is every kid’s dream – a very strong and shiny unicorn with amazing powers. Chase and Arianna have made a great pair in the novel and you will also be given more of the glimpse into the land of Balinor than in the first novel.

Mary Stanton has actually done an amazing job on Sunchasers Quest book in the Unicorns of Balinor series. This is an amazing fiction novel. It’s really entertaining. You will certainly love it keeps on putting in suspense which makes the reader to want more. Even though the ending of this book seems a bit incomplete, the book is highly recommended in case you love books with lots of suspense.

What we see usually makes us want to know more you will certainly wait anxiously to lay hands on the third installment in this series so that you can find out how the adventure continues in the series.

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