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Publication Order of Unsainted Books

These Monstrous Ties (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pray for Scars (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cruelest Chaos (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Boy of Ruin (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Like Grim Death: Part One (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Order of Rain (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Like Grim Death: Part Two (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Unsainted” series is a set of romance works by K.V. Rose, a bestselling author of dark romance who has over the years professed her love for the profane. The first novel in the series was “These Monstrous Ties,” which she first published in 2019.
The “Unsainted” series has become one of her most popular and now has more than a dozen works added to it at about two books each year. Rose is now one of the most prolific authors in the romance genre.

As it stands, she has been producing works across the entire spectrum of collections of short stories, novellas, and single-standing novels.

The author has been married for more than ten years and currently lives with her husband and children in Chicago. Even though she has a reputation for loving the profane, she runs a small congregation alongside her husband.

Besides her writing endeavors, K.V. Rose loves fast cars be it driving fast cars, touching fast cars, or just looking at fast cars. She also loves traveling and getting tattooed.

She is also a huge lover of Latin and French music and usually listens to such music whenever she is writing. In fact, every book she has ever written was done with a soundtrack of sorts to provide some inspiration.

Other things that she loves to do include making road trips across North East United States, working out, wrestling, pools, the ocean, and swimming. She has also been found walking through graveyards, attending FAIRS, rain, the hot scent of leather in a car, and the mountains.

Overall, K.V. Rose has said that she just loves so many things and will often find ecstatic joy in things most other people would find just mundane. As an author who loves to engage with her fans, she can usually be found on social media from time to time.
She can usually be found either in her newsletter, her readers’ group, or her Instagram and Facebook profiles in addition to her profiles on Spotify and Pinterest.

“These Monstrous Ties” by K.V. Rose is the debut novel of the “Unsainted” series of novels. The work is set on Halloween Night just as Sid is found by Lucifer when their fates somehow smile upon the latter.

The two are soon gripped by consuming lust and instant attraction. For Sid, there is a weird sense of excitement at her chemistry with Lucifer but things will only get more interesting when she is lured into the depths of hell by her lover.

The two lovers then get engaged by taking “The Death Oath,” which is usually followed by the “Lover’s Death” ritual. The aftereffects of what they have done will soon reverberate into the future and result in some unexpected and catastrophic consequences.
Soon enough, Sid wakes up but she cannot remember anything except that she is now living with her brother who seems to be one of the cruelest people on Earth. Driven by her brother’s hate for the “Unsainted,” a plan is soon set in motion that will exact the ultimate vengeance.

Sid is written as a feisty, tough, and unapologetic woman who is dealing with some very difficult situations. It is a novel that comes with layered characters that can be gorgeous yet tragically flawed, full of toxicity and pain, and very multi-dimensional.
K.V. Rose writes some raw, passionate, and steamy scenes making for an intricate web of sex, deceit, blood, and ritual that is deliciously sinful.

The second novel of the “Unsainted” series is “Pray for Scars,” which picks up from where the debut left off. We are informed that Lucifer and Lilith are dealing with issues stemming from their upbringing.

Despite being quite a messed up woman, Sid is very strong and there is a feeling that she will always beat any challenge or anyone that takes her on.

It is not long before she finds herself battling the “Unsaints” and comes to learn of how deep their ties are and how dark are their sins. She also discovers that Lucifer may be far worse than she could have imagined.
While she is working through a convoluted series of twisted collections of the history of Alexandria and her brother, she comes to the realization that not all secrets deserved to be shared.

She also discovers that in some instances, one is better off running away rather than fighting back, which may result in some brutal consequences.

It makes for a dark tale that leaves people wondering who they could trust or even if there is a way out for Lucifer and Lillith.

The third novel of the “Unsainted series” by KV. Rose is “The Cruelest Chaos,” which has to be one of the author’s most thrilling.

The lead in the novel is a man named Maverick, who has to fight all manner of demons. Since he has to fight so many demons, he sometimes fails but he will always try to do the right thing, even if he gets into so many difficult situations.

His father had left him in some terrible circumstances but recently, much of the lies and truth of what he did are being discovered complicating Maverick’s life. The only positive thing in his life has been his recent meetup with Ella, even if all they have is a messed-up relationship.
Both characters have their weird ticks but they are determined to make things work which makes them so good together. They have a lot of love for each other and this may just be what makes it possible for them to find a way through.
Maverick has always been a very chaotic and intense fellow who has never divulged much about himself to his “Unsainted” colleagues.

Conversely, Ella is a lonely and broken woman on a quest for any emotional attention she can get. Both the characters have been numbed to most things and often seek pain in an effort to feel something.

It is a great read layered with chaotic love, violence, intense scenes, suspense, and darkness.

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