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Aurora Rose Reynolds is a published author of fiction. She has been featured in publications such as USA Today, New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal for her writing.

Reynolds first started her career in writing when she was attempting to be able to get some characters out of her head! She just couldn’t get the men out of her head– alpha males that were taking up all her thoughts. So she decided to put them on the page so that they could finally give her a rest. The result has been a fruitful career in romance writing and lots of readers all around the world that want to check her books out.

She is married to her husband, who serves in the Navy. Aurora Rose has lived everywhere over all parts of the United States. Along with her pet fish and her husband, she is proud to call New York City her home. Like the characters in her books, her husband is an alpha male. This fiction writer is happy to say that he loves her just as passionately as the men from the pages of her novels do their women.

He inspires her every single day. This author reads books by other writers in her spare time. When she isn’t writing or picking up a book to enjoy, she likes to go to the movies along with her husband. Aurora also likes to go on weekend vacations and see places that she has never been and didn’t plan to go. When she is not being spontaneous, she also enjoys spending some time hanging out at her home with family or friends.

Aurora Rose Reynolds is the creator and the author of the Until Her series. This series of fictional novels kicked off in 2015 with the release of the debut novel, Until July. The second novel in the series came out shortly after and is titled Until June. The third book came out in 2016 and is titled Until Ashlyn. The fourth book came out in 2018 and is titled Until Harmony.

Until July is the first book in the Until Her series. If you love interesting and intriguing romance stories, then check out this debut tale in the fictional series!

In this story, readers get to meet the main character of Wes Silver for the first time. He is a guy that never planned on finding love and wasn’t even really looking. That all changed the day that he met July. July Mayson suddenly runs into him one day and knocks him off of his feet.

It’s a classic situation where two people meet in a cute way. Their first meeting is so memorable that he can’t help but be intrigued by the beautiful blonde girl that he just met. All of a sudden, he cannot get her out of his head. It’s like his entire world has been turned totally upside down, and he needs to have more moments with her– as many as possible.

The truth is that July is more than just a pretty face. This blonde is as quirky and unique as they come, and Wes finds that he’s never been more attracted to a woman before. He can’t remember the last time that he felt so alive, and her presence truly does make him feel complete. Every second that they spend together, he finds his feelings deepening.

Wes knows how he feels about this girl, but how does she feel about him? For her part, July is confused about her attraction to Wes. The biker is definitely a bad boy, but there’s something more than just that to his appeal. She feels herself being pulled toward him and feels that deep down, being together is something that she has never felt before in her life

He’s never felt this way before and feels a strong need to do whatever he can in order to make sure that no harm comes to her. But when it comes to July, she does have a barrier in the form of her father. He’s very protective of his daughter, maybe to an extent that goes to far.

Can they be together or will the disapproval of outside forces mean that their relationship is over before it ever began? You’re going to have to pick up the first book in the Until Her series to find out for yourself!

Until June is the second book in Reynolds’ exciting Until Her series. If you could not get enough of the story the first time, get ready for a thrilling new installment with all-new characters.

June Mayson never counted on falling for someone so hard. Evan Barrister courted her in a whirlwind romance and nothing was ever the same again. Their marriage was a secret and happened just before he had to depart to go to boot camp.

Even though she cannot bear to be separated, she knows that it is for the best. For his part, Evan is devastated to be going. He wants so badly to build a fantastic life together, but has his doubts. What if he just is not good enough for her?

Even though he is worried, Evan just cannot stand the thought of living without her. June tells him that she will wait until he returns. She feels that the distance will never be able to sway her love for Evan. But when she unexpectedly receives papers asking for divorce while he is gone, she has to confront a reality that she never imagined.

Some time later, June decides to move. Back in the town that she grew up in, she unexpectedly runs into Evan. She’s still upset over what happened. Now she’s doing everything that she can to try and shut out what she’s feeling.

Every time she sees him, her heart skips a beat. She also feels a twinge of pain. Can she shut it out, or will she be unable to resist the attraction to the man that she once loved? June doesn’t know what to think. Can they get over the past and be together once more? Pick up this book to find out!

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