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Publication Order of Until the End of the World Books

Until the End of the World (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
So Long, Lollipops (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
And After (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Stars in the Sky (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Until the End of the World Series
Until the End of the World is a horror series by Sarah Lyons Fleming. The world is ending thanks to a virus that is turning people into zombies. Carrie has been detached from all that is happening around her until it is clear that her chances of survival are minimal. However, thanks to her late parents, who were survivalists, Carrie has a home to run to. With her five friends in town, Carrie makes the long journey from New York to Vermont, where Carrie’s parents had built a home with everything one would need in case of an apocalypse. While the group gets to its destination, that is just the beginning. Things get tougher by the day, and everyone has to learn to adjust to a new life before they all turn into zombies.

Until the End of the World
Until the End of the World comes first in the Until the End of the World series. Carrie Forrest has decided to finally get her life in order. Ever since her parents died, her life had taken a downward spiral. Carrie had broken off her engagement, stopped painting, and even dated a jerk with who she is still entangled because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. She is not surprised to know that the world ends on the day she decides to start rebuilding her life. After all, she had been on a losing streak, so things could only continue getting worse before they get better. Rebuilding a new life and rectifying past mistakes have to take a back seat now as Cassie needs to leave Brooklyn fast before Bornavirus LX turns her and everyone else into zombies.

As if things are not challenging enough, Cassie tags her nasty boyfriend and friend’s sister to her parents’ beach house. Just the two people she needs to make the apocalypse even more unpleasant. Fortunately, Carrie’s parents had prepared adequately for disasters, and while they were no more, the house was well stocked. This is not to mean that things will be easy for this small group of friends. When they attract something as deadly as the zombies to their haven, they are all tested beyond their limits. How far will Cassie and her friends go to protect their loved ones?

This is more than a story about zombies. It is the story of family, love, friends, breakups and everything in between. The cast is quite large, but the author has done a great job with character development, making each memorable. Cassie is such a wonderful character, and you can’t help but cheer her on and hope that she will survive the apocalypse. This story also comes with some romance, wisecracking humour, and a strong female protagonist. A few sad moments may make you cry, but it is refreshing that this story mostly comes with good people and only a small fraction of evil.

Until the End of the World is an apocalyptic novel with lovely characters you will keep on cheering on to the end. While the atmosphere spells gloom and doom, this novel will have you grinning to the last page. Cassie is tried and tested, but she has leather armour to protect her and enough beer to keep everyone merry. You will love meeting every member of this group of six and seeing how they react to the impending doom. The story flows well, and there is never a dull moment to the last page.

And After
And After comes second in the Until the End of the World series. Cassie and her friends live in Kingdom Come, a community of survivors who have learnt to accept their reality and make the best out of what they have. It is a new world all around, and every survivor has learnt to enjoy the imperfect life.
For Cassie, Kingdom Come Farm is perfect. She has her friends around her, and Adrian is hers again. What more could a girl ask for? Things start to change when the Safe Zones in the country start to disappear. With the coming of spring, zombies are thawing, which can only mean disaster to the survivors.
Cassie hopes that all the people she loves will survive these difficult times. However, she is not blind to the fact that in this imperfect world, and zombies will never die or get satisfied. For the time being, those inside the community are growing food, canning it, and doing everything to support the population. There is even a school where the kids go to, and the adults know what they have to do to keep it and other facilities running. When something goes terribly wrong, Cassie has to take action and move forward. While she doesn’t want to, her hands are tied, and hard choices have to be made.

This captivating story will put you through the wringer time and again. You will be there with the characters watching helplessly as things go wrong and crush your heart again. There are moments when you will celebrate with the characters, cry with them, and even feel nervous on their behalf. Cassie and her group of friends grow more likable, and by this instalment, they are so well developed you feel like you have met them in real life. It is incredible how these people work together. While the world all around them is falling apart, Cassie and her community still find ways to be kind, resourceful, and be there for each other.

And After is another intriguing instalment in this series. This book, narrated from Cassie’s POV, will have you glued and all tensed as the events unfold. The author had done an outstanding job of showing Cassie’s emotions and how she handles them. You will love how cooperative the community is and how people have adjusted to a simple life in challenging circumstances. Amazingly, Cassie is not carrying all the guilt around. She is slowly learning to live again and forget all about the past. What happens when the biggest pod of zombies starts coming to Vermont? Read this tale for this and much more.

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