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‘Until’ is a series of romance novels written by Aurora Rose Reynolds. The books tell the stories of the Mayson brothers and the women who keep stealing their hearts.

+The Story
Asher Mayson met November in a strip club and she completely took his breath away. But Asher made some false assumptions and his attitude ruined any shot he might have had with the beautiful young woman.

However, Asher wouldn’t be deterred. He had a way with women and nothing would keep him from dominating November.

November had a rough childhood. Her mother was cruel and self-absorbed and she kept November from ever knowing her father. The young woman was 25-years-old when she finally broke away from the poisonous influences in New York that had oppressed her for so long.

She moved to Tennessee where her long-lost father awaited with open arms. Unlike her mother, the man was everything November wanted in a parent. And his side of the family gave their new daughter a warm and sincere welcome, availing her the sense of belonging she had sought for so long.

Determined to start over, November joined her father at his strip club. She only ever came around in the day to do his books. Her father did not want to expose her to the sleaze and the grime that came with night time.

And November was happy to oblige. She had a home and a job, and for the time being, she did not really want anything else. So her encounter with Asher was unexpected. And even after he so thoroughly mistreated her, she couldn’t get him out of her mind.

And so began a tale of love, lust, and desire that would consume not only November and Asher but their immediate family.

Asher and November’s story is told in ‘Until November’, the first novel in the Until series. The book is a perfect starting point for readers that might be unaware of Aurora Rose Reynolds’ work because it paints an accurate picture of the Until series as a whole.

Each book has a distinct couple at its center. The hero is always an alpha male. You might say that he is strong and handsome but also a bit of a brute. He has a way with the ladies and his physical attributes have always empowered him to bed any woman that caught his attention.

The hero has no real interest in settling down. However, his determination to keep playing the field for as long as possible is tested when he meets the one woman he simply cannot forget.

The heroines typically vary in character. Some of them are wounded souls just looking for a fresh start. They don’t quite know what they want or how to go about getting it. Others are strong and confident, and they waste no time in pursuing the hero.

You also have a few meek and shy women who must be coerced for their true feelings to manifest.

As is often the case with the romance genre, the protagonists always fall for one another from the moment their eyes meet. But one or two obstacles arise to keep them from finding their happy endings.

Sometimes those obstacles are external. More often than not, though, they are internal, stemming from a personal weakness or a past failure. Like her colleagues in the genre, Aurora Rose Reynolds uses miscommunications and misunderstandings to draw out the conflicts keeping her protagonists apart.

But eventually, sanity prevails and the hero and the heroine find happiness in one another’s arms.

The connecting thread between all the novels in this series is the presence of the Maysons. Every novel in the Until series has a Mayson brother at its center. Asher kicks things off in the first novel.

Trevor Mayson takes over in the sequel, then Cash Mayson in Book 3, and Nico Mayson in Book 4.

The Mayson brothers are cut from a similar cloth. They are all strong and attractive. They are also very protective of the women for whom they fall. But they are not always willing to give in to their emotions and desires.

While each of the ‘Until’ novels follows a distinct couple, there is enough connective tissue between the different stories to make it necessary to read these books in the order they were published.

All the Mayson brothers are introduced in the first novel along with some of the women they will fall for down the line. Each book tries to build upon the development each Mayson brother received in the previous book. As such, people who choose to read this series out of order are unlikely to enjoy it to the extent that the author intended.

+The Author
Aurora Rose Reynolds is a bestselling author of romance. She was compelled to start writing when she realized that she had too many alpha males running around in her head. Writing fiction gave her imagination an appropriate outlet.

+Until November
November’s mother failed as a parent. And when the young woman finally left New York for Tennessee, she was hoping to find a place where she belonged. Her new town gave November everything she could ever want, this including a father who loved her, a family that wanted her in their lives, and a job.

Asher Mayson was a surprise, one that November didn’t know she wanted until she ran into him at her father’s strip club.

+Until Trevor
Trevor knew he would settle down eventually. But he was certain that family life was a long way off. For the moment, he was content to simply play the field. But then he met Liz Hayes and everything changed.

Liz was perfect. Her shy, meek personality only made her beauty stand out. And Trevor knew he wanted her. But he couldn’t deny the fact that she did not fit into his plans.

So he summarily rejected her. That should have been the end of their courtship. But then Liz began to move on and Trevor realized that he couldn’t let her go, not just yet. The thought of seeing her with other men kept driving him crazy.

But Trevor wasn’t so sure that Liz would willingly give him another chance.

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