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Publication Order of Unwind Dystology Books

Unwind series is a fictional series based on ascertaining the worth and value of human life and subjective choices that need to be made in this regard. It raises questions about personal rights, such as the extent to which the government should be allowed to control individual choices. More specifically, the story concerns the issue of abortion, although in an indirect way. The soundness of life flows through the readers mind when they progress through the story. The novel is a dystopian thriller that follows three teens on the run from the government because the government believes that the best way to get rid of unwanted teens is by either “unwinding” or body harvesting, instead of abortion at conception. The choice of unwinding is also rife for extremely religious families who want to tithe one of their children.

The story is set in America in a fictional futuristic period. A brief description of the theme goes as follows:

After the end of America’s Second Civil War, also called the Heartland War, between the pro-life and pro-choice parties, a compromise is reached after severe disagreements on abortion to sign a Bill of Life. This bill is signed by the parents and acts as an alternative to abortion. Under this bill, children between the ages 13 to 18 who are trouble makers, a tithe or a ward of the state could be “unwound”. The organs and bodies are then either preserved for reconstruction later or used for transplants in patients depending on the details of the agreement. The unwinding is done at special camps where the children are sent once the decision of unwinding has been made. In addition to unwinding, there is also a practice called ‘storking’ which has been legalized by the government. Under this practice, parents can leave unwanted children on another family’s doorstep. If the parents do not get caught in the act of abandoning their babies, the host family then has to accept the abandoned child as their own. The third option for parents is to send their children to a State Ward, where the children become property of the government.

The Characters from The Unwind Dystology

Levi Jedediah Calder “Lev”

Lev is 13 years old boy, the youngest of the ten children in his family, and unfortunately a tithe. He has all the honorable qualities to be described as angelic. His prominent facial features are his blue eyes and blond hair. His relationship with his family is very good and upright. Lev’s family is very religious. Being a tithe he is to be unwound as a religious sacrifice. Lev is willing to go through unwinding as he understands his purpose of life. His family gives almost 10% of everything as a sacrifice to the church, including their children. At the beginning of the novel, Lee is assured of his purpose of life and his unwinding. However, after being abducted by Connor, he recognizes various aspects of his life and feels that his parents love for God is more than they love him, which brings hatred for his once beloved family.

Connor Lassiter

Connor who is a sixteen-year old troubled teen whose parents, Clarie Lassiter and Kirk Lassiter have signed an unwind order. Connor was very ill-disciplined and was constantly involved in fist-fights at school. His unruly behavior coupled with his short-temper, resulted in his parents signing the order. Connor has also had a very complicated relation with his family. He reacts with anger when he discovers about his unwinding order, but tries to keep his true feelings to himself. A few brazen acts of misconduct by Connor create a rumor of a supposed rogue individual, popularly known as Akron AWOL. Connor tries to hide the fact that he is the Akron AWOL. However, a boy called Roland discovers that it was Connor who was behind the rogue activities, and spreads the news. Over the course of the story, Connor transforms from a short-tempered individual to someone who keeps their emotions under control. He eventually learns to keep his mind calm enough to evaluate situations more clearly instead of flying into blind rage.

Risa Megan Ward

Risa is a sweet fifteen year old appealing girl who has been living in a State Home Orphanage in Ohio. Risa parents had “storked” her soon after she was born. Like all other children handed over to the state, she has Ward as her surname. In order to prove herself better than other students at the ward, she takes music as her field. She is a wonderful pianist is well-known for her skill and talent in music. During her time at the orphanage, Risa was assigned to various nurseries in the state home and took good care of young babies and children. However, her life at the orphanage has diminished her trust in other humans, and despite her soft and caring nature, she is wary of the true intentions of other people. Her worst fears come true when she’s informed of the home’s decision to sign an unwinding order for her. The feeling of being controlled takes a severe emotional toll on her. The author brings her true personality forward as the story progresses and Risa turns out to be a very wise and caring individual. During her escape with Connor and Lev, she is often the one to get them out of sticky situations. As she finds her confidence, she becomes more vocal about her opposition to the unjust Bill of Life.

Profile of the Author Unwind series is a science fiction novel by Neal Shusterman, a young adult niche writer. Unwind was released in 2007, followed by UnWholly in August 2012. The third book is UnSouled which was released on 15 October, 2013. The final book of Unwind series is Undivided which is scheduled to be released on 14 October, 2014. Neal Shusterman has been writing novels and screen plays for almost 25 years and is an award-winning writer. The book is recommended for age 13+. The film adaptation is currently in process and in 2010 the rights to Unwind were sold to Contagion Films and Tasty Films. The film is currently in the early process of production. The screen play of the movie is drafted by the author himself. The cast of the film is anticipated to be chosen soon as mentioned by the Film’s website.

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