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Publication Order of Uplift Saga Books

Sundiver (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
Startide Rising (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Uplift War (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brightness Reef (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Infinity's Shore (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven's Reach (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gorilla, My Dreams (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A story from this is in the anthology The Space Opera Renaissance

Publication Order of Uplift Non-Fiction Books

Contacting Aliens (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Uplift is a best selling science fiction series created by writer David Brin. It is about a fictional universe whose central feature is the process of biological uplift. The series is among the most popular and inspiring works of science fiction. This series has won and has also been nominated for a number of Awards. It won the Nebula Award in 1983, and the Hugo and Locus Award in 1984, for the second novel Startide Rising published in 1983. It also won the Hugo and Locus Award in 1988, for the third novel Uplift War. It was also nominated for the Nebula Award in 1987, and the fourth novel, Brightness Reef, was nominated for the Hugo and Locus Award in 1996.

This best selling epic interweaves several viewpoints, both alien and human, with solid science and complex story lines. Every story in the series concerns some issue of good and evil or the grey realm in between. It portrays humanity’s desperate fight for survival in a hostile universe and how man can succeed by having wise partners with him on this journey. Among themost popular characteristics of the Uplift universe series are the unhuman characters like the neo chimpanzees and neo dolphins, whose reactions, psychological stresses and thoughts are put in ways that are moving and transfixing.

In the Uplift series an intergalactic civilization known as the Five Galaxies made up of a multitude of sentient races has existed for billions of years. It is perpetuated by the process of Uplift where by a Patron or Guardian species genetically modifies a pre sapient species into a sapient. For this act, the client species is indentured to its Guardian species for 100 000 years. A Guardian species gains considerable status, and the Guardian and client species frequently unite into powerful clans. The Guardian status can be lost because of gross crimes against the galactic civilization or extermination.

In the Uplift the process of biological uplift was initiated about 1 billion years ago by a species called the progenitors. In this universe, humanity is an anomaly as it is a species without a Guardian race. It is not clear whether humanity evolved independently or was criminally abandoned by an unknown Guardian early in the uplift. Most of the humanity is convinced it is the wolfing species that emerged into sapiency solely through natural evolution and without genetic manipulation by a Guardian species. This belief made most of the galactic powers enemies of humans or the Earth clan. Humanity gained Guardians status when it encountered the galactic civilization due to the fact that it had already uplifted two species, Chimpanzees and Dolphins .

This is among of the few lucky turns humanity has had in its difficult position as a pariah in the galactic civilization. It saves humanity from the likely fate of being exterminated for environmental damage on earth and its native species or becoming client to another race through forced adoption. Humanity and its client species are collectively called the Earth Clan. In the Uplift, humanity is not a technologically advanced or dominant species. In fact, humanity is many centuries, even millennia behind the great galactic powers and there are several enemies capable of exterminating it. Despite the odds over time humanity claws upwards into a leading role in the five galaxies.

The first novel of the Uplift series by David Brian is the Sundriver. In the book no species, perhaps with the exception of mankind, ever reached for the stars unsupported or unaided by a Guardian or patron. This humanity belief is considered ridiculous and heresy by most of the galactic civilizations and makes most of the galactic powers enemies of humans and their client species collectively known as the EarthClan. This issue becomes a topic of fierce debate. Serious questions are raised. Did some unknown race initiate the uplift of mankind aeons ago?

Expedition Sundriver prepares for the most difficult voyage in history of mankind, a journey into the burning inferno of the sun. The book opens as Jacob prepares to begin his training work with a dolphin called Makakai. He is training the dolphin to use a machine. After some few checks of his mechanical whale, Jacob asks Makakai if she is ready for the training session. After asking her several times, the dolphin finally answers that it’s ready. Jacob reminds Makakai that to operate the machine effectively, the dolphin must give the commands in English. They swim into the sea and conduct their training.

After finishing the session, his train team is impressed with the progress the dolphin is making. However, Jacob reminds them that the confederacy don’t want to rely on music and poetry forever, they want dolphins that are intelligent. The confederacy wants a race of dolphins that can use analytical tools, and giving code words to activate a machine isn’t enough to qualify. As Jacob winds down with a cup of coffee after the training, Gloria informs him that Kanten, an alien, called. Jacob considers whether to return the alien’s call. After a moments hesitation he punches out a code on the face of the teli and settles back to compose himself. Reflecting on it, Jacob realizes he can’t resist an opportunity to talk with an Extraterrestrial or alien anytime, anywhere!

Sride Rising is the the second novel of the Uplift Universe series by David Brin. In this book, the space exploration vessel Streaker carrying one of the most crucial discoveries in the galactic history crashes in the unknown waters of Kithrup. Below some of her human and dolphin crew fought armed rebellion and a hostile planet to protect her secret, which is the fate of progenitors. The progenitors are the very first race who planted wisdom among the stars. The space ship Streaker has mechanical issues and it is also being chased by enemies called Galactics. Most of the ships crew is composed of doplhins and they need water to repair the ship so the ships captain elects to land in the waters of Kithrup. He also hopes being a dangerous and a seldom visited place the Galactics won’t think of looking for them there.

The book opens with Toshio and Keepiru the dolphin working on repairing the ship in the waters of Kithrup. Streaker is a small exploratory vessel of unique design. It was the first dolphin crewed ship so it was different. It was designed using a principle that had guided mankind for two centuries: Keep it as simple as possible and avoid using the science of the galactics when one doesn’t understand it. Two and half centuries after contact with galactic civilization humans were still struggling to catch up. Streaker had seemed incredibly archaic to the aliens who had check it just before the launch. But to the Earths neo dolphin communities it was an object of pride.

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