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Publication Order of Upside-Down Magic Books

By: Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, Emily Jenkins

Upside-Down Magic Series
Upside-Down Magic is a children’s fantasy series by Sarah Mlynowski. The series follows eight kids with upside-down magic as they navigate a world that looks down upon them. It is hard not to feel angry at the ill-treatment these kids have to endure. However, they learn to take back their power, silence the bullies, and put their unique skills into good use. This series covers common issues that kids deal with both at home and in school. Issues like bullying, special needs, and changing family dynamics are highlighted. There are also numerous moments where the kids are allowed to be as they discover who they are and the roles they need to play in their homes and society.

Upside-Down Magic
Upside-Down Magic is the first book in the Upside-Down Magic series. The book stars Nory Horace, a nine-year-old girl with magical powers. Nory is brave, resourceful, and a shapeshifter. The young girl can transform into different animals. However, her shape-shifting talent is not as refined, so she fails to pass the Big Test. This means that she cannot join the elite Sage Academy where her sixteen-year-old brother and her sister Dalia go to school. Their father, Dr. Horace, is the principal at the Sage Academy. All is not lost as Nory is sent to live with Aunt Margo, where she can attend Dunwiddle Magic School.
Dunwiddle is a public school that is just starting the Upside-Down Magic class. This class will help children whose magic is different to make better use of their superpower. At her magic class, Nory meets other kids like her. Unfortunately, this is not the place she wants to be in. Nory hopes that she can fix her magic quickly and go back to her life. Life is no fun in a school where this young girl and her classmates are regarded as misfits. The fact that Aunt Margo is like a stranger to her doesn’t help much. However, Ms. Starr, the magic class teacher, makes all the difference in these kids’ lives.
It is in Ms. Starr’s class that Nory and those like her learn how to manage their magic and emotions. When others in school look down upon them, they must rise above it and remain true to themselves. There have been a few mishaps since the class started, but Nory and her friends are among the good guys. Ms. Starr also teaches the kids how to trust and forgive. She hopes that by the time kids are out of her care; they will also have learned that their unique abilities were not anything to be ashamed of.

Join this exciting group in their adventures. In this magical world, you are going to interact with Flares, who engage in fire magic, Fuzzies, or the animal magicians and Flickers who make objects and themselves invisible. There is also the Flyers who fly themselves, special flyers who can take passengers like Aunt Margo, and the Fluxers who turn into animals. The book makes it clear that all learners’ needs are different. This makes the book a perfect read for kids who feel different, and like they do not fit in.

Upside-Down Magic is a feel-good story that is sure to make you smile. It is a story that emphasizes that being different is okay. Nory is likable, and so is the rest of the cast. If your child is having a hard time fitting in, this book comes highly recommended.

Sticks & Stones
Sticks & Stones is the second book in the Upside-Down Magic series. Once again, Nory and her friends are about to embark on another adventure. The kids have already accepted that while their magic is slightly off, there are not weird but human. Nory still cannot hold her kitten shape because of her upside-down magic, but she is no longer feeling pressured. When strange things start to happen in school barely a month after school started, the Upside-Down magic class gets blamed for it all.

These accusations are based on past events in this class. The school had been collecting pennies for charity only for them to turn into rocks. The next incidence happens when Marigold unintentionally shrinks Lacey, one of the school’s most feared bullies. Lacey starts a petition to eliminate the Upside-Down class and expel its members from the school. Nory knows it is up to her and her classmates to resolve the mystery and expose the truth about the strange things happening in school. As all this is going on, Nory is also working to join the kittenball club, and Elliot has a deep secret that he is keeping from everyone else. What will Nory and her friends find out? Could there be someone with magical powers who wants to sabotage this class and all of Ms. Starr’s hard work?

Follow this magical, brave girl and her friends as they work to clear their name and unravel the mystery behind the bizarre incidences. Nory will be teamed up with Bax, so we get to learn a lot about this health-conscious magical being. This story alternate between Bax and Nory’s perspective. It is fun getting to interact with Bax’s family, especially his father. There are many laugh-out moments thanks to the cast and their numerous mishaps. However, the story highlights some serious issues when the characters have to deal with self-doubt, divorce, and job loss, among other everyday life situations. The authors also highlight that making mistakes is normal, and life would be much easier if we all embraced our differences.

If you are looking for a well-written children’s book with many positive messages hidden in it, this book is perfect. It is admirable how Nory and her friends stand up for each other when attacked by bullies. Once things get messy, the kids team up to take their school on track before something more dangerous happened. Sticks & Stones is ideal for children between 9-15 years. There is a lot to learn and numerous adventures to keep the children glued to the pages.

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