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About Ursa Dax

Ursa Dax is a Canadian paranormal and science-fiction romance author. She is highly regarded for her ability to craft characters and protagonists that draw readers in and keep them captivated. Ursa’s stories are entertaining and full of life, making her books irresistible to pick up.

Her gift for creating compelling stories with engaging narratives is what makes her work so popular. Ursa’s characters come to life on the page, allowing readers to connect with them and become immersed in the story. Her protagonists are dynamic and full of personality, making them stand out from the crowd.

As a talented author, she is known for her use of characters within her stories. She has a knack for creating believable, vibrant characters that leap off the page and make her stories come alive. Ursa’s protagonists are full of personality and her stories are filled with interesting supporting characters that help to make the story more dynamic.

She is also known for her unique and creative use of dialogue. Her characters’ conversations are full of wit and humor, adding depth and nuance to the story. Ursa’s dialogue is cleverly written and cleverly used, making it an essential part of her stories. Ursa’s use of character and dialogue is what makes her stories stand out and draw readers in.

Ursa is well-known for her entertaining approach to genre fiction. She is able to take familiar stories and tropes and make them fresh and exciting. Ursa’s stories have a unique and imaginative flair, making them stand out from the crowd. Her stories are full of unexpected twists and turns, making them unpredictable and exciting.

Her imaginative world-building is one of her greatest strengths. Ursa is able to create vivid and detailed fictional worlds that draw readers in and make them feel like they are a part of the story. She has an incredible gift for creating believable and immersive settings, allowing readers to escape into her stories.

Ursa’s stories are also full of creative ideas, making them exciting and original. Her stories are imaginative and inventive, pushing the boundaries of genre fiction, while still being grounded in reality. Ursa’s approach to genre fiction is what makes her books so entertaining and enjoyable to read.

Early and Personal Life

Ursa Dax has been a Canadian author since 2017. She grew up with a passion for reading and writing, and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Creative Writing in Toronto. Throughout her life, Ursa has found inspiration in the stories she reads and the people she meets. This has helped her grow as an author and develop her unique style of writing.

She loves to create characters and worlds that readers can escape into. She takes great care with her protagonists, always making sure they get a happy ending, even if they come from different planets. Ursa’s stories are always entertaining and full of life, making them irresistible to pick up.

Dax is currently living in Canada with her husband and two cats. She loves spending her days writing stories and creating characters that readers can connect with. Ursa’s writing is engaging and highly enjoyable to read, and her stories come from the heart. She loves to give readers an escape from the real world, and take them on a journey with every book she writes.

Writing Career

As a prolific science-fiction romance, Ursa Dax is writer who has been writing for nearly a decade. She has written a number of series and stand-alone novels, including her most popular series, Fated Mates of the Sea Sand Warlords. This series started in 2021, with the release of Alien Tyrant, and will be completed in 2023 with Alien Storm. In addition to this series, Ursa also wrote a series of holiday romances set in the Elora Station universe, with Chimera for Christmas being the first release, followed by Alien Orc for Christmas.

Ursa’s writing is known for its strong characters, imaginative storylines, and vivid world-building. Her stories take readers on a journey of discovery, adventure, and romance, creating a unique experience that readers can’t help but be drawn into. Her work has been met with critical acclaim, and she is widely considered one of the best science-fiction romance writers of her generation.

Alien Orphan

Ursa Dax’s ‘Alien Orphan’ was released on October 13, 2021 on the Kindle platform. It’s the third installment in the ‘Fated Mates of the Sea Sand Warlords’ series, although each book can be enjoyed independently of the other. This science-fiction romance offers a unique journey of self-discovery and journeys of the heart.

Melanie was left for dead on an alien planet by Earth’s leaders and must learn to survive in a new place. When she meets Gahn Taliok, the brooding, scarred alien warlord of the new tribe, she finds herself drawn to him despite her wariness of being hurt again. Gahn also feels a connection with Melanie and is determined to win her love. But Melanie keeps a distance from Gahn, and he begins to doubt his ability to win her heart.

Will they be able to overcome the obstacles between them, or will the alien orphan find herself alone again? What secrets will be revealed when they come together? What is the fate of the alien orphan?

Alien Orc for Christmas

On October 10, 2022, the science-fiction romance ‘Alien Orc for Christmas’ was released for the Kindle platform. This book is the third in the ‘Holiday Romances of Elora Station’ series, which features intertwining stories that take place in a shared science-fiction world. Each book stands alone, with its own characters and storyline, so readers do not need to have read the other titles to be able to enjoy the book.

Maggie had big plans for the holidays on Elora Station. She was ready to open her own bakery, and nothing was going to stand in her way. However, a giant, muscly, boisterous orc named Archibald had other ideas. He kept showing up in her shop, and she started to wonder if she was falling head over heels for him. Although it was distracting, Maggie was determined to stay focused and make her bakery a success.

But could she resist Archibald’s charms and find success, or would she end up with an alien orc for Christmas?

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